VPAATP V4 Chapter 1

Luxurious Dinner

Regardless of the quality of the dishes or the achievements, Guobin Hotel was worthy of being a five-star hotel. After getting refurbished, Guobin Hotel had transformed into a symbol of status in the Songjiang Province.

Whether you were here to dine with friends, family or clients, it had become a way to show off your status. Every day, Guobin Hotel was full. Even if one was filthy rich, it was impossible to bribe their way and get a private room. It pushed Guobin Hotel to a prestigious pedestal.

It was already difficult to book a table in the main hall, let alone a private room. On the eighth floor of Guobin Hotel was a private room reserved internally. It wasn’t available no matter how rich one was, or how high the price someone paid!

Internal reservations were as the name suggested, reserved for those who had a very high status in Songjiang. Ordinary people couldn’t even think of seeing inside one, let alone booking one. Ding Baosan had reserved the most luxurious VIP room among all the VIP rooms in the hotel for me.

When Zhang Zhisong and my second uncle walked out of the elevator on the eight floor, they could see the luxurious and magnificent decorations and the room before them. The artistic design even made these two who dined in high-class hotels daily feel their hearts moved, making their countenance change. Even Yang Honghai couldn’t help but admire the place. The environment here was far too fabulous!

And once you enter the VIP room~ if the outside only moved one’s heart, then the inside gave one a massive shock! Where was it even a hotel? It was unmistakably a palace!

Hanging to the ceiling was a chandelier, tall yet pleasing to the eye, giving off a classical vibe. The fine table that could host eight people, and the golden bricks everywhere! It was enough to shock a person and make them drop their jaws in surprise!

Zhao Junsheng and I had come here several times, so we weren’t surprised like others and only sighed at the grandness. But my parents, Zhao YanYan, second uncle, second aunt, and Alice Yang were thoroughly dazed.

“Lei Lei, won’t this be very expensive?” My dad pulled me to the side and whispered. My father was also a factory owner now. Though he had never been to a place this flamboyant, he had been to other high-end hotels. Even then, the expense in those hotels wasn’t little, let alone a place like Guobin Hotel. It would unquestionably be quite expensive!

“Don’t worry, it’s not very expensive…” I casually replied. Here in the VIP rooms, there was a fixed price charged when the room was reserved. There was also no additional service charges. The reservation deposit was very high though. But the key point was I never had to spend money to eat here! Ding Baosan would rather die than take money from me!

“Uncle Liu, you can freely enjoy everything. It is my treat today!” Though my dad spoke faintly, Ding Baosan heard it as he was just behind me, following me like a security guard who worked 9 to 5 and immediately answered.

“Lei Lei, he is?” My dad had just seen Ding Baosan lead my car to the parking lot and helped them get out of the car. He had thought Ding Baosan was some security team leader. My dad never expected the man was actually treating us!

“Uncle Liu, my name is Ding Baosan. You can call me Li’l Ding. I am the general manager of Three-Rock Entertainment Group. The Guobin Hotel is one of our subsidiaries!” Ding Baosan respectfully said as he pulled out his wallet from his suit’s inner pocket. Taking out a business card, he handed it over to my dad and said, “Uncle Liu, if you have any matters to deal with in the future, you can directly call me. Your matter is my matter…… No, it’s even more important than my matter. You can directly give me any instructions!”

Ding Baosan’s wallet was filled with different business cards he used for different people on different occasions. The business card he usually gave to others only had the company’s phone number printed on it. If he had a little friendship with the other person, then the business card he handed out would contain his personal phone number and name. But the business card he gave to my dad had both his name, personal phone number, his residential address and his landline number. This type of business card was what he gave to only those he had a very close friendship with or were his relatives.

My father took the business card with surprise. My father could now be considered a veteran in the business field, and so, it was impossible for him not to what kind of background Three-Rock Entertainment Group had. This Ding Baosan was even more incredible. No matter who was in charge of what company. As long as they hung his handwritten calligraphy or painting, no one would dare come cause trouble for you. Everyone would stay at a respectable distance.

Such a person was unexpectedly his son’s subordinate? There were strange events every year, but this year, the events were too many to count! However, as he thought deeper, he remembered his son already had 3 wives and 4 concubines, and he was also the richest man in the world. What else was impossible?

“Dad, do you know Guo Qing?” I saw my dad’s surprise, so I wanted to explain to him.

“Guo Qing? Which Guo Qing?” My dad asked.

“How many are even there! Obviously, it’s my good buddy from high school! Guo Qing! The one who often came to our house to play!” I said.

“Oh! So you were talking about that Guo Qing!” My dad nodded.

“Which other Guo Qing is there?” It was now my turn to be puzzled.

“I have heard…” My dad said till here and paused. He took a glance towards Ding Baosan, and then whispered to me, “I have heard that the former manager in Li’l Ding’s company was also called Guo Qing!”

My dad implicitly said without talking about the other status related to the manager of Three-Rock Entertainment. But anyone could understand from his suggestive tone.

“Haha!” I couldn’t help but laugh. Ding Baosan also smiled. “Dad, that’s him! Both Guo Qing are the same people!”

“Both are one person?” My dad was surprised.

“Yeah. What else do you think?” I said with a laugh.

“So that’s how it is! No wonder! No wonder!” My father nodded as he felt enlightened.

Originally, we had decided at home to let Yang Honghai sit in the main seat of honor. But now that Zhao Junsheng was present, it wasn’t too good for him to sit there. Zhao Junsheng also refused to sit there. In his opinion, if they looked at the status of everyone present, the one who should sit in the main seat should be I. But he couldn’t actually say this as it would reveal a lot of information. As there were no other alternatives, Zhao Junsheng made my father sit in the seat of honor!

This move from him made Yang Honghai and my second uncle very shocked, while it made Zhang Zhisong feel it was necessary to have good relationships with my family!

Because of Zhao Junshengs relationships with everyone, the atmosphere during the dinner started to become harmonious. Alice Yang also didn’t continue to humiliate herself and went from a b i t c h to a flattering lass.

The same Alice Yang who was trying to humiliate Zhao YanYan by calling her dress rustic and bland was now eager to praise her beauty, cuteness, and dress to the Heavens.

I helplessly shook my head. In the eyes of relatives like these, money and authority were supreme. Zhao YanYan didn’t say a word and only looked towards them prancing around like clowns.

Actually, the one who gave me a good impression was Yang Honghai who wasn’t arrogant nor humble, and his speech and demeanor were also very polite. Afterward, I will talk to Zhao Shu about him. This kind of person could be entrusted with important responsibilities.

As for Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang. Though the two were repulsive, they were still my relatives. Shuguang Corporation hadn’t yet stooped so low that it couldn’t even support these two. Moreover, I had heard Zhang Zhisong had great technical capabilities.

The top floor of Guobin Hotel was an entertainment hub with a casino, billiards, bowling, gym and much more. But the casino was its most distinctive feature. The casino wasn’t patented like they do in Macao and Las Vegas though.

In some big cities in China, there were several large casinos! Of course, these casinos were illegal and were commonly under the control of local underworld gangs! These casinos were commonly known as Underworld Casinos!