VPAATP V4 Chapter 10


Xu Er was very clear about my manners and appreciated me very much. But it now involved his sister’s lifelong happiness, so he was worried. After all, I already had 6 wives (at home), so who would be willing to marry their sister to me, letting her be a concubine? Xu Er was afraid the other women will bully his sister and leave her out! But on the other hand, he also felt that his sister being able to find a man like me was her blessing …. ..Such were the matters of the world. Sometimes, they would always be contradictory!

In fact, Xu Er was only overthinking and worrying over nothing. I only feared that when we attend the party, Xu Xueyun might be ridiculed due to her attire, making her face embarrassment. The both of us never thought Xu Er would take the meaning of our words so complexly, making ten thousand guesses out of nothing.

“Yeah, didn’t we already have an agreement!” I didn’t notice Xu Er’s expression and said to Xu Xueyun with a nod.

“Ah, that, alright……” Xu Xueyun didn’t reject again. She feared if she rejected, her brother might start to make more guesses again, so she nodded.

If she had refused, Xu Er actually wouldn’t have thought anything of the matter. But now that he saw his younger sister agree joyfully (in his perspective), Xu Er had already put their relationship at a high rank in his heart.

“Understood,” although Xu Xueyun was sitting in the car, Xu Er hadn’t forgotten his status. He was still my full-time driver, so carrying out my order was his duty.

Even though Xu Xueyun had arrived at City B for a long time, she had never come to Wangfujing to buy clothes. Wangfujing was a famous commercial street in B City. It had large-scale Malls with exclusive agencies of international brands concentrated here, so the price was naturally higher! Xu Xueyun was just a University student without any income, and her family wasn’t rich either, so she usually went shopping with her friends, and only went to some local shops or the Zoo. For her, just clothes that cost over a hundred Yuan were already luxurious, let alone these brands that cost over a thousand, and sometimes can go over tens of thousands of Yuan!

Wangfujing was a pedestrian street and didn’t allow cars or other vehicles, so Xu Er parked the car in a nearby parking lot. Although Xu Er was a gruff guy, he was very astute this time and waited for our return in the car.

I knew that Xu Xueyun wasn’t a corrupted female student who loved to satisfy her vanity. If I bought her clothes that were too expensive, she won’t be able to accept them. Therefore, I didn’t bring her to those expensive clothing stores. But the cheap small brands that sold leisure attires weren’t too good for the reunion either, so after considering for some time, I finally decided to bring her to the Chanel Store and select a few sets of dresses for her.

Chanel was one of the well-known brand names, standing proudly with over 80 years of experience. Chanel clothing was considered fashionable, lofty, elegant, simple, and exquisite. They have been good at breaking through the traditional market, just like they successfully did in the 40’s with their simple, and comfortable dresses. Those were perhaps one of the earliest modern casual wear. Chanel knew women best and had a wide variety of products tailored to them. There would always be something suitable in the world of Chanel for every woman. There’s even a saying in the elite class of American and European women, “When you find nothing suitable to wear, go for a Chanel dress!”

Some people say: Having “Chanel” is the most beautiful dream come true for the women of this century. Some people said: At the end of the century, which brand can bring together three generations of a family, only Chanel. It is for the grandmother, mother, and the granddaughter alike!

Although Chanel is a very classic and famous brand, it was both expensive and inexpensive, making it cherished by a lot of white-collar workers.

When I lead Xu Xueyun to enter the Chanel Exclusive agency shop, the young clerk at the entrance greeted us warmly, “Welcome to Chanel……”

When we entered a moment ago, Xu Xueyun hadn’t paid attention to the store name. She had never bought clothes in Wangfujing, so she simply followed after me. However, just because she never came here, doesn’t mean she hasn’t heard about Chanel, the international brand almost every girl has heard about. Xu Xueyun was no exception. Chanel was one of the international brands she heard about from her dormmates when they talked before bedtime.

A while ago, Xu Xueyun had heard from one of her dormmates that she liked a spring clothing set from Chanel, and if her boyfriend could buy that for her, she would even be willing to sleep with him……Natura|ly, her dream hadn’t been realized. Don’t think that only the rich people in China go to a University. Many people rely on their relationship with the rich second generations, their rich relatives, and others to enter. Some young masters, celebrities, and children of many rich families who haven’t even attended high school can directly go to a Universtiy. On the premise that there was enough money, everything was possible. But most of the students still entered University through their hard work and perseverance in their studies.

Many people don’t have a very good background or family condition. Dresses that cost thousands or even tens of thousands are only what they can dream of! Xu Xueyun remembered her dormmates words, “willing to sleep with him,” and her face turned hot!

Does he want to buy these expensive clothes for me? Xu Xueyun’s heart inside her chest jumped like a little white rabbit. {TL Note: Here, Xu Xueyun is actually thinking about whether Liu Lei is buying clothes for her (body). In case some people didn’t get it.}

“Try whichever one you like,” I said to Xu Xueyun.

“Ah, oh?!” Xu Xueyun’s thoughts were going down hundreds of roads. As she heard me speak, she was stunned and lightly shouted and agreed.

But when she saw the price tags on the clothes, she became timid! God, were they really selling clothes? Can cotton clothes like these really be so valuable? Looking at the four-digit labels, Xu Xueyun couldn’t help but gulp as she swore in her heart.

However, the clothes here were really beautiful, much better than the ordinary morning market! Xu Xueyun thought to herself.

“These clothes…….they are too expensive?” Xu Xueyun whispered to me.

“It doesn’t matter, just try the ones you like. If you don’t like them, there isn’t a need to buy!” I persuaded Xu Xueyun.

Xu Xueyun heard my words and her heart relaxed. All girls were born with the natural instincts of loving beauty, and trying on new and beautiful clothes was one of the greatest pleasures for them. Xu Xueyun was also like this. She thought she would never have the chance to wear such expensive dresses in the future, so it would be better to try one or two, having at least a beautiful memory.

Therefore, Xu Xueyun boldly tried the clothes on. Unfortunately, our conversation had been heard by the nearby sales clerk who now thought we were two poor people who had come here to satisfy our vanity.

However, she couldn’t say anything to the customers due to shop regulations. She was only calm on the face, but it was visible that she wasn’t enthusiastic as she mechanically handed over clothes to Xu Xueyun, or hung them on display.

I only looked at her once and didn’t think too much about the matter. After all, she hadn’t said anything bad, so it wasn’t a matter even if she wasn’t enthusiastic when dealing with us. I knew that the salary of the sales clerks in these stores was linked to their sales performance. Since she thought we weren’t going to buy anything, she certainly won’t be too willing to deal with us!

Xu Xueyun’s figure was just perfect, immensely attractive. No matter what clothing she wore, there was an indescribable charm to her. Pure and sexy, both were present on her.

In the beginning, Xu Xueyun was a bit coy when trying on new clothes, but as she tried a few dresses, she seemed infatuated. She happily went to the changing room, putting on dresses as she shuttled back and forth to the mirror and the changing room.

“Liu Lei, do I look charming in these clothes?” Although Xu Xueyun thought that her relationship with me could be described as only being good friends, she couldn’t help but ask me as there wasn’t anyone familiar around here!