VPAATP V4 Chapter 101

Revealing Your True Colors

“XiaoXiao, what happened to you?” I was scared of her reaction and immediately asked.

Ye XiaoXiao didn’t even look at me, nor did she answer me. She just simply stared at Little Ye Zi and asked him, “Little Ye Zi, is mother really good to you usually?”

I was somewhat bewildered after I listened to her words. Even Little Ye Zi couldn’t understand why his mother would suddenly ask such a question, but he still obediently nodded and said, “Mama, is very good to me!”

“Then tell me, do you not want to be with mother and leave me?” Ye XiaoXiao continued to ask.

“Of course, I won’t! I want to be with mother forever!” Little Ye Zi shook his head.

Ye XiaoXiao nodded with satisfaction as she listened to his reply. After that, she looked at me coldly and said to me, “Did you hear that? Little Ye Zi will not leave me. I won’t deny that Little Ye Zi is your son, but you have nothing to do with him when looked at from legal terms! You want to take him away, that’s impossible!”

I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. What was she talking about now?

“Little Ye Zi, let’s go home!” Ye XiaoXiao said and started to pull Little Ye Zi along.

“Mama, what about daddy……” Little Ye Zi couldn’t understand why his mother was acting like this all of a sudden! He didn’t want to leave like this as he was afraid he will never be able to see his father again! He had finally met his father, how could he leave now!

“Do you want your father or mother?” Ye XiaoXiao questioned Little Ye Zi.

“I…I…” Little Ye Zi had the expression of being wronged as he could not say anything. How come he had to choose like that! He had never seen any other child who had to make such a choice! {TL Note: It’s cause you haven’t seen the world, little child.} {ED: But can you claim that you’ve seen the world?} {TL Note: I haven’t but I can say that since I have.}

“XiaoXiao, what are you doing?” I looked at the pitiful expression of Little Ye Zi as anger welled up inside me! The child wasn’t just yours alone. Even if he was, you can’t just treat children like this!

As Ye XiaoXiao saw that I was angry, she was more certain of the thoughts inside her mind, “What, are you getting angry and anxious now? You are finally going to reveal your real colors and ideas!”

“I am angry and anxious?” I couldn’t help but laugh at Ye XiaoXiao’s words, “I am anxious for my own son? What true colors and ideas am I revealing? Even if I have any ideas, they won’t be any bad ones, so how can you talk about it all like this?!”

There was a major reason for Ye XiaoXiao being so angry right now! She knew a friend who had something big happen to her. It was because of that incident that she wasn’t trusting of me!

Ye XiaoXiao was currently studying a Graduate Course where she had a best friend name Wang Xindie. Last year, Wang Xindie got a boyfriend who was from a good family that even had a company listed in the top records of Hong Kong. That man was also very considerate of Wang Xindie.

Ye XiaoXiao was naturally pleased that her best friend found a good man. While she blessed her best friend, she also privately persuaded her to always be “careful”, as Ye XiaoXiao herself wasn’t careful and ended up giving birth to a child. As Wang Xindie was aware of Ye XiaoXiao’s situation, she assured Ye XiaoXiao that she will be careful.

Afterward, she can’t understand just what sort of love potion that man from Hong Kong used on Wang Xindie, that caused Wang Xindie to be easily fooled by his every word. Later, he said to her that since the gap between their background was too large, his family might oppose them being together.

Wang Xindie was naturally very hurt when she heard that, but she still asked her lover if there was a way to solve this issue. At this time, the man from Hong Kong finally started to show his true colors and persuaded Wang Xindie that they must have a child. As long as they had a child, it would be much easier to get the acceptance of his family. {ED Note: That sounds like the best way to get your “in-laws” to hate you.}

Wang Xindie naturally believed his words. Even though Ye XiaoXiao advised her to not be impulsive, but Wang Xindie didn’t believe that her lover would ever lie to her… she didn’t even think about that!

Seeing Wang Xindie insisting on doing this, Ye XiaoXiao had no other way.

As there were no constraints on the lives of Graduate students whether they got married or had a child, the institute obviously didn’t care. Therefore, Wang Xindie quickly bore the child of that man from Hong Kong. When Wang Xindie was pregnant, that Hong Kong guy looked after her very meticulously, making Ye XiaoXiao also feel relieved that her friend will have a good future, as well as envious of Wang Xindie.

At the beginning of this year, Wang Xindie successfully gave birth to a baby boy! Just when Wang Xindie was immersed in happiness, the hospital told of her a news that drowned away all her happiness! The child’s father had taken him!

In the beginning, Wang Xindie didn’t take it seriously, but she soon felt that something was wrong as she couldn’t call that Hong Kong man no matter how many times she tried.

A month later, Wang Xindie, who had already grown weak both physically and mentally, received a letter from that Hong Kong man. There was a check of 10 million Yuan attached to the letter.

In his letter, the Hong Kong man told her the truth of the matter! It turned out that that guy was already married and even had a daughter. But since that Hong Kong man was one of those typical people who believed that a son was more capable than a daughter and also believed in the patriarchal system, he felt that he had no face to show before his ancestors. However, because his wife had to undergo C-section during her delivery due to obstructed labor, she couldn’t give birth again. But since his wife was the daughter of another business tycoon in Hong Kong, he couldn’t possibly divorce her either so he thought of tricking a woman and getting a child from her! In Hong Kong, there were a lot of people who knew him, and if another child was born there, there would be a lot of trouble, so he chose to come to the mainland! {TL Note: How low can one go? Also, I am pretty sure a woman can give birth after a C-Section.} {ED Note: Or maybe it was all lies and his wife just didn’t want to have another child?}


The man from Hong Kong frankly said that, though he had feelings for Wang Xindie, he was already married and didn’t have a choice but to abandon her. Relatively speaking, the child was more important to him!

After this incident, Wang Xindie dropped out of the Graduate Institute. The last time Ye XiaoXiao heard anything about her was that Wang Xindie moved back to her hometown. There was no further news about her.

When Ye XiaoXiao thought back on the matter, she had started to have these doubts the moment she returned and heard Little Ye Zi call me father. She suspected that since I had already established myself and had such a high status, and how I didn’t talk to her about old days and instead started to entice Little Ye Zi into accepting me as his father, she became vigilant. And listening to me say that I must bring back Little Ye Zi with me, Ye XiaoXiao finally couldn’t bear it any longer!

Ye XiaoXiao thought that I didn’t have any feelings for her, since the relation we had happened so long ago, and she was my teacher, and the disparity in our ages was too big, and she had only treated me like her student at that time. Now, although I was in college, but since the two of us hadn’t met for a long time and I hadn’t looked for her, she naturally thought that I forgot about her!

Actually, it’s not that I didn’t look for her, instead, it’s that I couldn’t find her! Moreover, the reason I didn’t go all out in my search was that I had to give face to Uncle Ye!

And now that she saw that I was very enthusiastic and warm to my son, Little Ye Zi, Ye XiaoXiao naturally looked at me as the same sort of man like that dude from Hong Kong, thinking that I was here to take Little Ye Zi away from her!

But how would Ye XiaoXiao know that, by Heaven and Earth and my conscience, I was afraid she would hate me, so I wanted to use Little Ye Zi as a means to get her back to me. How would I know that this would cause such a big misunderstanding!