VPAATP V4 Chapter 103

The Misunderstanding Disappears

After listening to my words, Ye XiaoXiao stayed silent for a while. In her subconsciousness, she had really hoped that I was not lying to her just for Little Ye Zi, and now that she saw me express my real feelings, she also gradually lowered the defenses in her heart, “What about them?”

I finally breathed a sigh of relief when I heard Ye XiaoXiao finally opening up to me! Although she didn’t answer me directly, her questioning was proof that she had indirectly agreed to me. As for what she asked, I knew she was talking about Zhao YanYan and the others.

“XiaoXiao, since you asked, then I can’t hide the truth from you either. Besides four of them, I have five more women. But you can rest assured that their relationship with each other is very good, moreover, you are Zhao YanYan’s teacher so I am sure they will quickly accept you!” I pointed towards Little Ye Zi, who was being happily teased by Zhao YanYan and Chen Wei’er, and said with a smile, “Look, they have already accepted Little Ye Zi!”

“Do you know not any consideration! Did you ask me, whether I will be able to accept them or not?” XiaoXiao whispered in a low voice. However, her expression said that she wasn’t disappointed or against it.

“What did you say?” I pretended to not have heard.

“Nothing!” Ye XiaoXiao said, “Since you didn’t hear then forget it!”

Hehe, it’s not that I didn’t hear. It’s just that I don’t know how to answer! However, I still asked with a serious expression, “XiaoXiao, does Uncle Ye know about Little Ye Zi’s matter?”

Ye XiaoXiao sighed and shook her head, “After I discovered that I was pregnant, I came here! I was really confused at that time and it’s also the main reason I left you!”

“You were still a student at that time and I was afraid that after you found out about my pregnancy, you will not be able to accept it! I was afraid that you will ask me to abort our child! I didn’t want to bring any trouble to you nor did I want to abort our child, after all, the child is innocent……”

“I considered the matter for a long time and finally decided to have the child, so I came to B City under the pretext of studying for Graduate, taking advantage of the matter to hide the truth of giving birth to Little Ye Zi from my family members. I just told my family members that Little Ye Zi was a child I adopted…… I didn’t dare to say that he was actually my son as I didn’t have any boyfriend or got into any relationship, so if I had just brought back a child out of nowhere, I was afraid that my family members won’t be able to accept it……” Ye XiaoXiao said faintly.

I smiled bitterly. If I had known that Ye XiaoXiao was pregnant at that time, I would have never told Ye XiaoXiao to go and abort the child! After all, my mental age was that of a 30-years old.

“XiaoXiao, you have suffered a lot,” I said with a sigh filled with emotion, “If I had known about all this earlier, I would have certainly not made you suffer so much with our child alone! I am really discontented now, you have seen that Zhao YanYan and the others are too young… I had already wanted a child for quite some time!”

“Humph!! What are you trying to say, are you trying to say that I am old?” Ye XiaoXiao glared at me with anger all over her face.

Looking at her appearance and actions, I was immediately elated and fascinated.

Zhao YanYan and Chen Wei’er had already known about the matter between Ye XiaoXiao and me, while Xia Jing, Yu Ting, and Xu Ruoyun didn’t know anything. It wasn’t a big deal for Xia Jing and Yu Tin as they didn’t know Ye XiaoXiao in the past, but Xu Ruoyun was completely shocked. Ye XiaoXiao was her teacher when in school so she knew her. She never thought that I would actually… with a teacher… She couldn’t help but sigh as she wondered: I don’t know just how many beautiful and ignorant women are going to fall under my claws.

“Auntie, what is your relationship with daddy?” Little Ye Zi was a genius ghost and now that he saw that his father was here with so many beautiful women, he knew they couldn’t have some ordinary relationship.

Having to talk about this issue made Zhao YanYan feel really depressed! It was the type of feeling one would have when they have to look after someone else’s children and the children try to screw you with all they got! I am obviously the main wife! Your mother is the third party here! However, Zhao YanYan couldn’t just haggle over something like this with a child, and she wasn’t a narrow-minded woman either, so she explained, “What is the relationship between your mother and your father, we have the same relationship with your daddy!”

As Chen Wei’er and the others heard Zhao YanYan’s explanation, they couldn’t help themselves but smile. Her explanation was too funny!

“Ah?” Little Ye Zi had obviously not understood her meaning yet, “Father, mother, and I are a family. Aunties, you are also our family?”

“You can think of it like that……” Zhao YanYan nodded. She didn’t know how to explain something like this to a child. Was she supposed to say that they were all his wives?

“That’s not right. I call my mama as mama, then what am I supposed to call you all?” Little Ye Zi scratched his head as he couldn’t figure out how it worked.

“Well, we are also your mothers. In the future, you must call me Eldest mother!” Zhao YanYan said as she was grinning.

“Eldest mother?” Before Little Ye Zi could fully react to what was happening, Chen Wei’er rushed forward and added her words.

“Little Ye Zi, I am your third mama!” Chen Wei’er said.

“Sister Wei’er, it seems that I would be the third mother!” Xia Jing didn’t want to be left out.

“The order is decided by the order we went to bed with him!” Chen Wei’er said.

“Did we do that before?” Xia Jing said in an ambiguous way.

“Alright, the two of you… there is a child here, can you not make everything so complex and start going into details!” As Zhao YanYan saw them steering away from the topic more and more, she quickly stopped them.

Chen Wei’er and Xia Jing had only been cracking a joke with each other, after all, their private relations were quite good.

“I am your…… Um, three, four, five, six, seven……” Xia Jing spent half a day counting on her fingers and then said dejectedly, “I am your eighth mother!” This was after the fact that the other two celebrities just joined the harem, otherwise, she would be the last.

“?” Little Ye Zi felt completely inexplicable. How did he end up getting so many mothers all of a sudden! After thinking for a long time and making sense of what was going on, he weakly asked, “Auntie… No, that Eldest mother and the three mothers… Are you all daddy’s wives?”

Zhao YanYan nodded. Hiding something like that from a child was useless as he will know sooner or later. She was afraid that he might have hostility towards them if he found out about the matter later!

“Is daddy an Emperor?” Little Ye Zi was really prone to making exaggerated and sensationalistic statements.

Zhao Yan Yan and the others were stunned and couldn’t understand why Little Ye Zi would ask that.

“What relation does this have with an Emperor?” Yu Ting asked strangely.

“I have seen on TV that only the Emperors would have a lot of wives!” Little Ye Zi said naively.

Zhao YanYan and the others looked at each other with a blank expression as they didn’t know how to explain the matter. Still, Xia Jing was the one who quickly came up with a good response, “Your father is a commercial emperor, he’s also one of the emperors!”

Little Ye Zi could obviously not make sense of what a commercial emperor was so he simply nodded, appearing to have understood everything.

By this time, Ye XiaoXiao and I had also gotten rid of the misunderstanding between us! When Ye XiaoXiao and I talked about Wang Xindie’s matter, I finally understood why she had been so vigilant. It was all because of this.

While I was relieved, I couldn’t help but think how pitiful that guy from Hong Kong was. He took away the child and left the child’s mother behind, I couldn’t understand what he had been thinking! If the child couldn’t get maternal love in the future, how would he be happy?

“Maybe the tigress in his house is too powerful?” I shook my head with a smile.

“What do you mean? You aren’t afraid of Zhao YanYan?” Ye XiaoXiao looked at me with her face flushed red, after all, this matter concerned her future status in my family.