VPAATP V4 Chapter 104

Teacher Zhao

Afraid? Of course, I am afraid!” I said in a natural way, “Because I love her, I am afraid of her. Similarly, I also care about you a lot. Zhao YanYan and my other women, though they get jealous of each other occasionally, they always take the greater picture into consideration and their relationship is also great. They also understand my situation, and as long as I give my love to them all equally without discriminating among them, they would have nothing to complain and they live quite harmoniously,” On the one hand, I wanted to make Ye XiaoXiao feel relieved, while on the other hand, I also wanted to give Ye XiaoXiao a vaccination in advance on the side, so that she won’t be jealous of them in the future.

“You think I will fight these little girls for your favor? You really don’t know how to feel ashamed! Do you think I don’t understand the meaning behind your words?” Ye XiaoXioa looked towards me and said, “I have Little Ye Zi, and I don’t really need you, humph!”

“Oh, how are you going to be without me! Have you never thought?” I said with a sly smile.

“Thought about what?” Ye XiaoXiao’s intuition told her that I was definitely not going to say anything good.

“Isn’t it obvious… don’t you think about being with your man in those long and endless nights!” I felt that Ye XiaoXiao and I had returned to the old times.

“Humph! You already have so many wives. Aren’t you afraid of dying from exhaustion!” Although Ye XiaoXiao had already given birth to my child, she still felt very shy now that I talked about this matter! After all, she and I had only gone to bed once, and that too, when we were drunk!

“Oh, it’s not that I, your husband, am bragging… you can even ask YanYan and the others… they aren’t my match even when together…”

“Ah, don’t say something like that in public. How can you talk about such matters here!” Ye XiaoXiao cut me off, “For good or for evil, I was your teacher! I have really lost all face, it seems that you had never thought of me as your teacher!”

“Who said something like that?” Though I said that, my heart was saying: I can’t say anything about this life, but you were certainly my teacher in my previous life! “Didn’t I write a self-criticism back then for you!”

It would be nothing if I didn’t mention it but the moment I mentioned it, Ye XiaoXiao got angry. What self-criticism? It was almost a love letter! I like you, you like me, we are friends…… Where did it even sound like a self-criticism!

“You call that a self-criticism? I thought it was a love letter!” Ye XiaoXiao’s mouth curled up into a grin.

“What would you know?” I bluntly said, “I have never written a love letter to anyone else, you are the only one!”

“So… are you trying to say that I should be happy and fawn over you?” Ye XiaoXiao looked at me and asked without any expression.

“Yeah, that’s right!” I nodded.

“Go, die!” Ye XiaoXiao shouted at me.

“Who is going to be Little Ye Zi’s father if I died?” I asked while rubbing Ye XiaoXiao’s small hands.

“……” Ye XiaoXiao glared at me angrily.


As Ye XiaoXiao saw that Little Ye Zi had completely opened up to Zhao YanYan and the others, she felt helpless. Though Little Ye Zi will have a lot of love later, it seemed that the amount of time she will get with him will be reduced! Listening to Little Ye Zi calling “Big mother” and “Three mothers”, Ye XiaoXiao knew that it wasn’t Little Ye Zi’s fault that she was feeling pain in her heart right now!

Thinking till here, she shook her head.

I looked at Ye XiaoXiao’s expression and guessed what she was thinking, so I said, “XiaoXiao, look, so many people love Little Ye Zi now, and you also have to attend classes in the future, so you can leave Little Ye Zi at home with everyone!”

Ye XiaoXiao pondered on my words and thought that what I said was reasonable, so she also felt relaxed.

After eating several things, we could no longer eat anything. After resolving the misunderstanding with Ye XiaoXiao, I bought a lot of ice creams and wondered why these were not called a sundae?

After eating the ice cream, everyone was too full. We couldn’t be too shameless and make other customers keep on waiting in line for the seat, so I discussed with the others and we left KFC.

“XiaoXiao, will you go back with us?” As I looked at Ye XiaoXiao’s massive chest, all sorts of thoughts started to well up in my mind as I indulged in my fantasy. I had not thought that Ye XiaoXiao’s chest will get even bigger than before during the time I hadn’t seen her.

To be honest, when I was still in school, I was very interested in Ye XiaoXiao and would have fantasies about her. Yet when we really had intercourse, it was when I was drunk and couldn’t remember anything afterward. So, in a sense, I hadn’t really touched her yet.

“Where are your eyes wandering at?” Ye XiaoXiao vigorously pinched me, “Don’t think I don’t know you were lecherously staring at me on the first day of school!”

I was stunned. Looking at the ridicule filled look of Zhao YanYan, I felt even more awkward. However, the awkwardness disappeared instantly as the thickness of my skin wasn’t common now, and I said, “I knew that you knew! I have never done something shameless like peeping!”

It was now Ye XiaoXiao’s turn to be stunned. Hearing my words “I knew that you knew” made her wonder just what was she going to do with me in the future.

“Although I don’t live at the dormitory, I had rented a house near the University. If I move out now, it will be inconvenient for me to go to classes!” Ye XiaoXiao said.

“That’s no big issue. I can get someone to drive you to University every day, how does that sound? Right, XiaoXiao, can you drive?” I suddenly thought that Ye XiaoXiao was also from a government officials house, so perhaps, she knew how to drive!

And it was as I thought, Ye XiaoXiao nodded, but then suddenly shook her head, “Though I have a driving license, I got it when I first came here. Later, as I didn’t have a car, so I think I might have already forgotten how to drive!”

“No big deal, once you have a car, you will be skilled in just two days!” I said with a smile. After my rebirth, I hadn’t driven a car for a long time either but I was still alright afterward. {TL Note: I don’t even remember how many times he smashed into that race-car girl’s car.}

“Yeah, Teacher Ye, I will teach you. You will be able to drive quickly!” How could Zhao YanYan let this opportunity of being able to go from a student to the teacher go?

“Hehe, good, with this you will be my teacher, hmm… how about I call you Teacher Little Zhao?” Ye XiaoXiao nodded. She also thought that since she had decided to be with me, then it was certainly a necessity to get along with my women. And since Zhao YanYan was her former student, it would be easier to get along with her first. Moreover, Ye XiaoXiao’s female intuition told her that my sentiments for Zhao YanYan were different from the others.

“Do not call me teacher, it sounds so irritable! Teacher Ye, you can call me YanYan!” Zhao YanYan said with a smile.

“Good! You don’t need to call me teacher either, just call me Elder Sister Ye…” saying till here, Ye XiaoXiao paused. She suddenly thought that Zhao YanYan was my first girlfriend and according to the custom of the ancient people with three wives and four concubines, the order would make Zhao YanYan would be the elder sister! Thinking till here, Ye XiaoXiao hastily said, “You can directly call me XiaoXiao. Since we are all a family after all!”

“I will call you Sister Ye, hehe!” Zhao YanYan didn’t think too much about it, just like she called Chen Wei’er as Sister Wei’er.

“It’s decided then. XiaoXiao, tell me the address and I will have the driver pick you up later and bring everything along!” I couldn’t help but say.

“That…” Ye XiaoXiao hesitated, “I can’t do that today. I still have a lot of things to sort out and if I am going to leave the house, I have to let the landlord know about it since I am renting the place! I will move out tomorrow!”