VPAATP V4 Chapter 106

I Am A Labor

“Mom, what are you saying. He’s my biological son, your biological grandson! He will be four this year. What, are you not happy? Ha!” I shook my head and just laughed.

“What!? Four years old? Biological grandson? What massive joke are you playing? You were still in high school at that time? Are you trying to tell me that he is the child you and YanYan had and hid him?!” My mother was shocked. Though she said this, it was clear from her tone that she didn’t believe me.

“Mom, you shouldn’t get your emotions so excited. Listen to me, I will explain it to you!” I knew that my mother had misunderstood the matter! Only I could be blamed for being too happy and forgetting to explain.

“Good, then tell me what is going on! Don’t lie to me!” my mother said.

“Where do I begin! How could I make a joke about something so big!” I explained, “Mom, do you know Ye XiaoXiao?”

“Ye XiaoXiao? I don’t know her. Is she the girlfriend you just got?” My mom suddenly remembered and said, “Oh, right! Your teacher in high school was called Ye XiaoXiao, right? Are you talking about her?”

My mother’s memory was still good and she was able to remember that Ye XiaoXiao was my class teacher! It must be known that Ye XiaoXiao had only been a teacher for less than half a year!

“Yes, that’s who she is. She’s the daughter-in-law I brought home this time. The child is her’s!” I said.

“The child is her’s?” My mom said, “What happened? Did she get divorced?”

“Mom, what do you want! The child is mine! It happened when we were in high school… Ah, this matter, I can’t explain it to you on the phone too clearly, so I will explain it to you in person! In short, the child is your grandson!” I couldn’t explain the matter over the phone so I had to give a vague response…

“So that’s what the case is! You brat! I can guess it with certainty that Ye XiaoXiao resigned at that time because of you, right?” My mother said in a deep voice.

I smiled awkwardly and said, “Mother, why are you trying to scold me. Shouldn’t you be happy right now!”

“Happy, I am certainly happy! I just don’t know how I got a son like you! Making XiaoXiao and my grandson fend for themselves all these years. Who knows what the mother and son had to go through as they drifted in a life of destitute……” My mother said emotionally.

As I listened to my mother’s words, the picture of a beautiful Ye XiaoXiao hugging a baby and trembling in the cold wind appeared in my mind! My mother certainly was thinking of something like that! I bitterly smiled, “Mother, it’s true that she had been wronged but don’t think that she was so miserable. It’s not the old society! For good or for bad, XiaoXiao’s father is also a senior cadre!”

“I don’t know that! When are you going to bring the mother and son for me to look at? They better not be hurt!” My mother commanded.

“Understood, I will bring them back as soon as possible,” I promised.

The next day, instead of letting Xu Er pick Ye XiaoXiao up, I personally drove to her apartment building. I opened the door of the Rolls Royce Silver Angel that, even if in the capital, was something quite big in the year 1999.

There were a lot of women who came to the University of Foreign Languages and many of them were mistresses supported by rich men! Therefore, it wasn’t a big deal to see expensive cars, but someone of my rank was not ordinary even here!

Ye XiaoXiao had just finished class at this time. After receiving my call, she rushed over to the University gate. Bored, I got out of the car as my body had gone a bit stiff sitting in there, driving.

“Handsome, can we have a meal together?”

I saw a female student dressed as a chicken. Looking at her, I felt disgusted and said to her, “Sorry, I don’t have time!”

“Hmph, knock off!” The female curled up her lips, snorted, and then walked away.

I couldn’t help but sigh thinking about these University students. When I went to University in my past life, I never had the opportunity to come in contact with this group of people. I had always thought that University students were very pure!

After a while, I saw Ye XiaoXiao coming towards me with a girl next to her, probably her classmate. The two of them were talking about something. Although I could use my ability to hear to eavesdrop, I didn’t want to spy on Ye XiaoXiao.

I waited until the two were close enough to me and I could naturally hear their conversation.

“XiaoXiao, I have been trying to make you understand for quite some time now… with your outstanding condition, what man can you not have! Just look at me, whatever I want to buy, I can get that. What’s the price, just sleeping in the same bed with a man. You aren’t the same once you have a boyfriend!” The girl next to Ye XiaoXiao said.

“Li’l Jiao, I have told you many times that I already have a husband, please don’t say these things to me in the future again!” Ye XiaoXiao frowned and refused.

“You have a husband? Heh, do you think I am not clear about your matter? Look at you, you have been living a hard life raising a child! Women have to be good using their assets and your assets are much better than mine, so you should utilize it better. Last time I went out with a boss who came to me, he asked me to help him build a relationship between the two of you. He will give you 100,000 a year and even buy a private house for you. How about it? Won’t you consider that?” Said the girl.

After I heard her words, I couldn’t help but loathe this woman Li’l Jiao, a typical sIut! It seems like, over the years that I hadn’t found Ye XiaoXiao, this Li’l Jiao was always bugging her to go down the path of degenerates like herself! What made me feel gratified is the fact that Ye XiaoXiao had morals and principals and still had feelings for me!

“Li’l Jiao, my husband already returned. Today, he even came to the University to pick me up. Hehe, so you need not say any more!” Although Ye XiaoXiao knew that Li’l Jiao didn’t have any good intentions, she still didn’t say any excessive words to reprimand her just because she was concerned about giving face.

“Your husband? Didn’t you say that he escaped after knocking you up?” Li’l Jiao had obviously heard rumors and slanders.

“Who said that! We have always been in love, it’s just that he… he went out to do business all these years……” Ye XiaoXiao hesitated and made up an excuse.

As Li’l Jiao heard Ye XiaoXiao’s words and how she hesitated, she naturally thought that I was just a labor who had left to work outside and started to despise me.

She wanted to keep on saying but knew that Ye XiaoXiao was just going to turn a deaf ear to her words! She felt indignant in her heart, that boss had promised her 10,000 in referral fees! Looking at her money fly away, Li’l Jiao obviously linked it to me and started hating me.

Seeing that Ye XiaoXiao and the woman had come over, a fatty came out of a BMW that was parked a distance away from me and rushed over to them.

“Darling!” Li’l Jiao greeted the fatty and then went closer to the fatty.

“Wife, you are free!” I naturally couldn’t leave Ye XiaoXiao to stand by herself, so I hurriedly went ahead to her.

“Husband…” Ye XiaoXiao’s face turned beet red as she was still not used to this name. She could confidently say that she had a husband before her friends, but the moment she saw me, it was inevitable that there would be some embarrassment!