VPAATP V4 Chapter 108

Auntie Zhang’s Misunderstanding

As I thought till here, my body started to get covered with cold sweat! In the recent years, everyone has been respectful to me, my women also tolerate everything I do, and I handled my personal enemies quite easily! This seems to have made me quite arrogant!

Ye XiaoXiao was worthily my teacher, she still retained her custom to preach before her students. However, I truly needed someone like her by my side who can help me see my shortcomings, making sure that I don’t turn into a madman who forces his will on everyone!

While I was lost in thought the sound of footsteps could be heard coming closer from inside the building. Ye XiaoXiao was startled and immediately shoved me away, getting away from my embrace!

This was the place she had been living at. The neighbors in this building were quite clear about her situation and if Ye XiaoXiao had any difficulty, they would certainly lend her a hand.

Ye XiaoXiao had been raising her child all alone and though she wasn’t a widow, everyone knew that she didn’t have a man. If people now suddenly saw her being hugged by a man in the corridor, who knows what they might think about her!

In fact, if it was an ordinary situation, Ye XiaoXiao wouldn’t be considering so many things. But since the neighbors in this building had been quite nice to her over the years, she didn’t want them to misunderstand.

Although Ye XiaoXiao responded quickly, the person whose footsteps were heard had already seen everything!

“Auntie Zhang……” Ye XiaoXiao was somewhat embarrassed and said with a ruddy face, “Auntie Zhang, what are you doing here?”

“I brought some food for you mother and son but there was no one at home, so I decided to come down. Where’s Little Ye Zi?” Auntie Zhang looked at me suspiciously and said, “Who is this?”

I didn’t know what relationship this Auntie Zhang might have with Ye XiaoXiao, so I didn’t dare answer her.

“Auntie Zhang, he’s… he’s my boyfriend…” Ye XiaoXiao explained with some embarrassment.

“Boyfriend?” Auntie Zhang was startled and then turned towards me and said with a serious expression, “Young man, looking at you, it’s obvious that you are someone from a rich family. Ye XiaoXiao already has a child, you should be clear about that, right?”

I subconsciously nodded without understanding what Auntie Zhang was trying to say.

“So, if you really love Ye XiaoXiao and want to be with her, you will also have to accept her child. If you accept him, only then will I not have any objection to your relationship!” After saying this, Auntie Zhang added, “But if you are just with her to play with her, you better leave her as soon as possible!”

“Ah?” As I heard Auntie Zhang’s words, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Just what kind of relationship did she have with Ye XiaoXiao, wasn’t these words something her parents would say?

“Liu Lei, Auntie Zhang is my landlord, she is very good to us mother and son!” As Ye XiaoXiao saw me feeling helpless, she explained.

“Auntie Zhang, hello, I am Liu Lei!” I said warmly, “I will thank you for continuously taking care of Ye XiaoXiao and Little Ye Zi!”

As Auntie Zhang listened to my words, she gawked and said, “What you mean is……”

“Auntie Zhang, I have to move out now… I was going to look for you in a while!” Ye XiaoXiao said.

“What! You are going to move out? Did you find a new house? Tell me, why? Is it because the rent here is too much? If that’s the case, you don’t have to pay rent anymore!” Auntie Zhang said quickly. {TL Note: Such a nice lady.}

“Auntie Zhang, you are misunderstanding, I am not leaving because of the rent, I am… I am going to be living with him from now on…” Ye XiaoXiao said shyly.

“You are going to live with him?” Auntie Zhang asked nervously, “XiaoXiao, you have to think about it carefully, what if he…”

“Auntie Zhang, please listen to me first!” I bitterly smiled, “I couldn’t say this before, but XiaoXiao and I have known each other since a long time ago. Moreover, Little Ye Zi is my son!”

“Ah?” Auntie Zhang had obviously not thought that the matter would turn out to be like this!

“Oh, excuse me! Hehe, I misunderstood you. Seeing you two, a young couple, reunite, I don’t have words to describe how happy I am!” Auntie Zhang said with a smile. But under that smile was a sadness that couldn’t be described.

Ye XiaoXiao looked into her eyes and comforted her, “Auntie Zhang, although I am moving out, I will still be living in this city. If you want, you can always come to see me and Little Ye Zi!”

“Hehe, what are you saying. I am just an old and forsaken woman, where would anyone have time for me?” Auntie Zhang was afraid that I will not be happy if she came over.

“How could that be! We won’t even have enough time to welcome you! Even if you don’t come to see us, XiaoXiao and I will bring our son to visit you often!” I nodded and said with a smile.

“I feel relieved then!” Auntie Zhang smiled with understanding.

“This isn’t a place to be talking about everything. Let’s go and sit inside the apartment!” Ye XiaoXiao reminded us. Only then did we realized that we were still in the corridor.

Auntie Zhang raised the food box in her hand and said to me, “Young man, I don’t know what happened between you and XiaoXiao before, but the fact that you actually returned for her shows that you are a good child. I can also feel relieved letting XiaoXiao go with you. To be honest, for all these years, I have considered XiaoXiao and Little Ye Zi as my biological unmarried daughter and my biological grandson! Right, this is the soup I made that Little Ye Zi always praises and loves to eat. When you leave in a while, bring this to him!”

I looked at Auntie Zhang as my heart was moved by her words. I set a firm resolve in my heart to visit her often in the future.

Ye XiaoXiao’s place was decorated quite simply. There was a single adult bed and a small sized children’s bed. The single bed was of quite an old style and it seemed that it had already been here when she rented the place. The small bed was obviously bought not long ago and it appeared to be very new. The rest of the things were just a desk with some books and a TV set.

It turned out that Ye XiaoXiao had been living in such a small place for all these years. Although it was a very simple place, it had a warmth to it. What was the feeling that I got from this place?

Auntie Zhang sat in the folding chair while XiaoXiao and I sat on her single bed, talking about the daily matters and life.

“XiaoXiao, Auntie Zhang will bless you, you have finally found your own happiness after waiting for such a long time! Auntie Zhang is very happy for you!” Auntie Zhang said as she looked at us.

Ye XiaoXiao was somewhat embarrassed as she replied, “It’s him who wants it badly. I didn’t want to leave this place, after all, I have gotten used to living with my son.”

“What nonsense are you talking about! I am also an old woman who has seen life and understand the hardships of a single mother raising a child! After my husband passed away early, I had to raise my son by myself, so I understand just how hard that is!” Auntie Zhang said as she shook her head.

“Auntie Zhang, is your son still not doing anything for you, does he still treat you badly?” Ye XiaoXiao was shocked. She hadn’t known that Auntie Zhang became a widow in her early years and had to raise a child by herself!

“Oh, just forget about it. It’s probably because that child didn’t get fatherly love since childhood, so I don’t blame him!” Auntie Zhang shook her head, “But I don’t want to see Little Ye Zi go the same route as my unfilial son!”

“XiaoXiao…” I looked at Ye XiaoXiao with some doubts as I couldn’t understand what Auntie Zhang was saying.