VPAATP V4 Chapter 112

The Knot In Ye XiaoXiao’s Heart

Just as I was enjoying the incomparable time, Ye XiaoXiao looked at me and said with some sadness, “Could it be that, in your eyes, what really attracts you is my body?”

As I heard Ye XiaoXiao’s words, my heart was shocked and my hands stood still on their spot! Ye XiaoXiao’s words immediately made my mind delimited! However, I quickly determined my feelings for her, “XiaoXiao, I acknowledge that I am quite a lascivious man. When I first saw your proud stature and beauty, I had really wanted to conquer you! At that time, it was hard for me to resist the enticement of your body! However, you also know, after being in contact with you for some time, I started to love the feeling of bickering and joking with you! That was the enticement of the mind, it is on a completely different level compared to the enticement of the body! The passion on the body is merely for a while, but the mind is different. I used to think about you frequently! Later, when you left, I can promise you that I thought about you all the time, without thinking about the feeling of that time!”

I didn’t think of the time Ye XiaoXiao and I went to bed since I was drunk at that time. I didn’t remember anything, but I didn’t want to lie to her!

“Don’t say anymore… I believe…” Ye XiaoXiao whispered.

“No! I want you to understand that my feelings for you…” Before I could finish my words, my lips were sealed.

Ye XiaoXiao’s lips were already above mine! She actually kissed me! Surprised, I didn’t try to say anything and started to kiss Ye XiaoXiao.

Ye XiaoXiao obviously had no experience with kissing! If something like this was told to others, they will certainly make fun of her! She already had a child but had never tasted a kiss!

Feeling it all, I knew this was Ye XiaoXiao’s first french kiss, as for the other kiss, she probably gave it to Little Ye Zi. {TL Note: What if she kissed her father when she was young? Wouldn’t that mean Little Ye Zi didn’t get the first kiss.}

I guided Ye XiaoXiao, gently opening her teeth with my tongue and entwining with hers. Ye XiaoXiao cooperated completely and actively learned how to kiss.

It was summer, so there weren’t that many clothes someone would wear. Especially Ye XiaoXiao, she was wearing a one-piece dress that buckled on the back. I easily took it off, and Ye XiaoXiao’s bra had already been taken off by me a moment ago!

Everything was so natural, it seemed this was how it was meant to be! Although this wasn’t our first intimate contact, the last time and this time are essentially different!

The last time, both of us were drunk and everything happened without us being fully awake! Originally, I was afraid that it might have left a psychological shadow in Ye XiaoXiao’s mind, creating some conflicting emotions, but I never expected that she would open her heart to me already!

The moment Ye XiaoXiao had acknowledged that Little Ye Zi was my son, she had completely accepted me! In her subconscious, I was her husband, so having intercourse and an intimate relationship was normal……

“Would it hurt?” When I entered Ye XiaoXiao’s body, I didn’t feel the slightest sense of looseness. It was nothing like a woman who had given birth to a child. Although I knew that this wasn’t her first time, and after having given birth to a child, Ye XiaoXiao shouldn’t feel any pain, I still asked.

Ye XiaoXiao heard the care for her in my words and her heart overflowed with sweetness. She was more convinced that I wasn’t just obsessed with her body! Ye XiaoXiao smiled and shook her head, “It’s alright.”

I heard Ye XiaoXiao’s affirmative reply and slowly moved. And since Ye XiaoXiao had already determined that I wasn’t just obsessed with her body, she felt her heart relieved, but she wanted me to be obsessed with her body! So Ye XiaoXiao started to cooperate with me!

I didn’t expect Ye XiaoXiao to be so good at learning, and Ye XiaoXiao taking the initiative to pleasure me made me release it soon!

“How long have you been inside me, do you want to kill me!” Ye XiaoXiao gasped as she lazily laid on my shoulders. Looking at the wall clock, she said with some resentment, “It’s already been half an hour!”

“A long time?” It seems to be the fastest I released? I smiled with a little embarrassment.

When Ye XiaoXiao saw my appearance, she suddenly thought of something and her heart became dark, “Is it very loose down there?”

“Loose down there?” I sighed. That was loose? I almost got caught inside!

“Husband, I am sorry, I have tried my best… I have been trying very hard to hold my legs… But when I feel the urge strongly, I can’t control myself… I will try my best to control myself in the future…” Ye XiaoXiao said awkwardly.

“What? You were using force?” I finally figured out why I disarmed so quickly! It turned out that she was doing it deliberately! I couldn’t help but wonder, “How did you do it so hard?”

“I… I have heard people say that women who have given birth to children will get loose… I was afraid that you will feel bad and not like me in the future, so I… but it seems that it still has no effect. Online, they said that if I did it like this, the man shouldn’t last more than a minute… Are you done?” Ye XiaoXiao said in a hurry.

“It turned out to be like this!” I held the lovely Ye XiaoXiao in my arms, “Stupid girl! Everyone is different. How can you believe the inexplicable theories on the internet? I was just wondering why you were so tight? So it was actually a gimmick! Hais, next time, your husband will be able to go on for an hour or two when you are normal. You made me come so fast. If you do this again, do you want to be collectively crucified together with Zhao YanYan and the others!”

Listening to me say “collectively crucified”, Ye XiaoXiao didn’t understand what it meant. But after thinking for a while, she immediately understood what it meant! However, she was still a beauty and said, “Collective crucifixion, humph. Let’s see how you are going to satisfy them every time I do this!” {TL Note: Shouldn’t it be Crucification? God dammit English!}

“Ah! Don’t!” I was shocked. If she did that, wouldn’t it turn into a family fight?

Looking at my nervous expression, Ye XiaoXiao couldn’t help but laugh, “I was just kidding! If I really did that, I will feel guilty myself. On top of that, you are so strong, who can bear you alone! Just now, you made me come so many times. If I am forced to do what you want, I am sure I won’t have a good end!”

With that said……

“It’s already been two hours! Teacher Ye, you are amazing. Hehe, it seems that us sisters won’t have a chance tonight!”

As soon as she heard the sound, Ye XiaoXiao had a scare! Calming down, she looked up and saw Zhao YanYan standing in the stairway, looking at her while grinning!

“Ah!” Ye XiaoXiao screamed and quickly covered her chest with her hands! Just now, the two of us were very emotional and completed the greatest lovemaking in human history on the sofa. Even though Ye XiaoXiao reacted quickly, we were still in the living room!

“Well, YanYan, don’t tease your sister Ye. I wonder who it was who told me yesterday that after her sister Ye came here, she could rest for two days!” I shook my head and smiled at Zhao YanYan.

Zhao YanYan made funny faces towards us and then said, “Haha, husband, sister Ye, you can continue, I will now go to sleep!” Saying that she turned around and walked back upstairs.

Ye XiaoXiao was actually quite frightened. Although Zhao YanYan was her student, her current status was that of the family’s mistress, the Queen of the harem! Hearing Zhao YanYan’s complaint, Ye XiaoXiao didn’t dare speak anything just like a concubine won’t dare talk before the Queen. Only after Zhao YanYan walked away did Ye XiaoXiao felt relieved, “Husband, what do you think? What does YanYan think of me?”

“What do you think? YanYan is very good. Don’t you know her even though you had been her teacher? She was just joking with you! Otherwise, why else would she take Little Ye Zi to sleep with her and create an opportunity for us?” I laughed.

Ye XiaoXiao nodded. Thinking about it, that was indeed the case. It seems that she was concerned for nothing! But thinking about how she was still naked and her student saw her like that, she was still a little shy, “It’s all your fault, bringing me to this place and doing that. Now, what am I going to do if YanYan jokes about me!”

“XiaoXiao, you are thinking too much. Why will she joke about you? You are my wife, my lover. All of you are my family, there’s nothing taboo between you!” Looking at her shy appearance, I hastily tried to enlighten her.

“That is too embarrassing……” Ye XiaoXiao whispered in a low voice.

“Since it’s like this, I will tell you a secret!” Saying this, I bent down and whispered near Ye XiaoXiao’s ears, “……”

“Bed everyone together?” Ye XiaoXiao exclaimed, “How can you do something so dissolute?!”

“Hehe, it’s to strengthen the sentiments between everyone!” I laughed, “You will be the same in the future!”

“I will not accompany you in your ridiculousness!” Ye XiaoXiao glared at me and shook her head.

“That’s beyond your control. You want to be treated specially… the others won’t agree with it!” I said as I pinched Ye XiaoXiao’s nipples.

“Ah!” Ye XiaoXiao tenderly shouted, “Stop moving so heedlessly. I want to sleep in your embrace but we can’t sleep here!”

I smiled and held up Ye XiaoXiao like a princess and arrived inside a tidy guest room. Naturally, the guest rooms in my villa all had a double bed, so I directly laid down beside Ye XiaoXiao.

“Husband, can I talk to you about a matter?” Ye XiaoXiao hesitantly opened her mouth.

“What matter?” I smiled, “XiaoXiao, with our relationship, there’s nothing to be so reserved about. If you want to say anything, you don’t need to ask for my permission! Remember, you are my wife, not my subordinate, our relationship is equal!”

Ye XiaoXiao smiled and appeared to be very happy, “Actually, a while ago when I was about to say something but hesitated for a long time in the car, it’s that matter I wanna talk about.”

“XiaoXiao, if there’s something you want to say, just say it, don’t be afraid. If you act like this, I might really get angry!”

“It’s like this…” Ye XiaoXiao saw that I really cared about her, so she said, “I want to bring you and Little Ye Zi home to meet my parents…”

“What? You mean to see Uncle Ye?” I was stunned. I never expected that this was what Ye XiaoXiao wanted to say!


TL Note: Honestly, at this point, I only want Yang Mei to be in the Harem. That goddamned author puts a few Yang Mei chapters every now and then to tease my little heart.