VPAATP V4 Chapter 113

On The Airplane

“What happened? Husband, if it will be awkward for you then there’s no need!” Ye XiaoXiao saw my surprised expression and thought that I didn’t want to go!

“It’s nothing like that. I was just surprised that you actually made such a request, hehe, I have no other meaning!” I quickly explained.

“Actually, although I told them that Little Ye Zi was adopted, Little Ye Zi is very similar to me and the degree of love I have for him isn’t something anyone who adopted a child will have! My parents also come over every now and then, and I am sure they realized that as well. In fact, they probably already know that Little Ye Zi is my child, but they still left me some face so as to not make things difficult for me!” Ye XiaoXiao said helplessly, “I don’t want them to keep on suspecting, after all, Little Ye Zi is their biological grandson. I want to bring you back and openly explain this matter, otherwise, this knot in my heart will keep on bothering me!”

“That’s not a big matter! This is very easy to accomplish. What’s wrong? Were you afraid that I won’t be willing to go back with you?” I said as I stroked Ye XiaoXiao’s beautiful hair.

“I was afraid that you would feel embarrassed!” Ye XiaoXiao sighed, “My father and YanYan’s grandfather are old friends, and their relationship isn’t just ordinary friends! I was afraid that when the time came, the two families might not be able to accept it, and you will be stuck in the middle in a dilemma!”

“Oh, you underestimate my ability. Don’t worry, I will certainly persuade Uncle Ye to be my father-in-law!” What I thought was: We already have a child, is there even a need to fear that he won’t agree! From the usual contact I have had with Uncle Ye, his family is one that pays attention to one’s ability and not some trifling things. As long as they are satisfied by me, there won’t be an issue.

“What father-in-law, Dad hasn’t yet agreed!” Ye XiaoXiao said this but her heart was overflowing with happiness.

Hasn’t agreed? Don’t you know, if he really didn’t agree, how would he allow me into your room back then? The reason we have Little Ye Zi now is them! If they got anyone to blame they can only blame themselves!

However, this was something I couldn’t say that. But looking at my confident appearance made Ye XiaoXiao very relaxed.

The night passed without any other incident. The next morning, I prepared to go home. Even if Ye XiaoXiao didn’t say it, I still had to bring Little Ye Zi back home to see my parents.

In addition, I also had a special reason to go back to Songjiang City this time, and that was to find the treasure pointed out on the sheepskin that I obtained from the six major families. Although I am the richest man on the planet, the temptation for treasure hunting was a new feeling. Unknown things have always been quite interesting!

On the journey back home, only Ye XiaoXiao, Little Ye Zi, and I went. Others didn’t come along with us. Zhao YanYan was a more obedient student and didn’t want to miss lectures all the time. The other girls also had their academic or career matters…

Ye XiaoXiao had already called back home telling her parents that she will bring her boyfriend along when she returns, but she hadn’t said that the boyfriend was me. After Ye XiaoXiao’s parents listened, they were very happy. Ye XiaoXiao had once told them that she wasn’t going to look for a partner in the future and will only spend her life with Little Ye Zi! Though Ye XiaoXiao’s parents were angry, they couldn’t do anything to change her mind! They were very clear on how stubborn their daughter was, so now that they heard she was bringing her boyfriend along, they were obviously very happy.

It was the first time Little Ye Zi was going to be sitting on a plane. The last time Ye XiaoXiao brought him home was on the train. As children are quite interested in new things, as soon as he got on the plane, Little Ye Zi started to run here and there. Look here, touch there, he was quite enthusiastic. His actions made me and Ye XiaoXiao frown.

Although we were sitting in the first class and there were very few guests, there was a couple sitting in front of us. The man looked behind and frowned.

“Little Ye Zi, don’t make so much noise, you are disturbing others!” It was a public place after all, so I didn’t want the child to cause trouble to others.

Children will always be children, he stayed quiet for a while, but after the plane took off, Little Ye Zi again started to get excited! He looked out the window and screamed.

At this moment, the man sitting ahead of us couldn’t stand it anymore and turned his head back, “The brat is so noisy! You are affecting other people!”

Although this man’s expression and words weren’t very kind, it was true that we were the ones causing trouble for the others, therefore, I didn’t care and said with a smile, “Pardon us, it’s the first time the child is on a plane!”

As the man saw that I met rudeness with a smile and thought that I was a person who feared to get in trouble, so he immediately got arrogant and said, “F***er, what does it matter to me if he or you haven’t seen the world? Riding on the plane for the first time yet you get first class! I will give you a thousand Yuan, bring your child to the economy class!”

My face immediately got cloudy. We disturbed you and I apologized, now you want to take a mile when given an inch!

“What are you looking at like that! Think that it’s too little? Let me tell you, this father is very rich, just say the number and you will get it!” The man said boastfully.

“Da Gang, forget it. Why do you have such a temper? If you do this again, I will ignore you in the future!” The woman sitting next to the man pulled him slightly and said with some anger.

“Ah!” As Da Gang saw his girlfriend pull him back and get angry, he couldn’t help but indignantly turn around even though he wasn’t feeling too well.

“Please excuse us, that’s just how my boyfriend is. Please don’t take it to heart!” The woman turned over and apologized to us.

Since it was all said and done, I couldn’t be petty just like that man, so I smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, the child is just like this!”

Little Ye Zi didn’t realize how high the smell of gunpowder was in the air, and he still had that naive look on his face. I was really puzzled how Little Ye Zi could be so stupid sometimes while so smart the other!

I don’t know if he did it intentionally or not, but when the plane passed over a mountain range, Little Ye Zi couldn’t help but yell in alarm!

“You motherf***er, can’t you shut the f*** up already! Have you not had enough!” The man in the front finally exploded as well.

Some people had the temperament of a nouveau rich b!*ch, I have seen many people like this. If not for the fact that the plane was flying, I would have really kicked him out!

“Da Gang, can you not just let them be?” Da Gang’s girlfriend thought that they were losing a lot of face today, “Do you hate children?”

“Yeah, is there any issue?” Da Gang replied.

“Oh, that’s good then! Don’t ask me to give birth to your son in the future then!” Da Gang’s girlfriend sneered.

“This… that’s not the same thing!” Da Gang immediately got anxious after he heard this. That was a matter of his lineage continuing in the future!

“How is it different? You are already getting annoyed by a child so young, so when I have a child, won’t you die of bothersome! I must reconsider whether I want to be in a relationship with you anymore or not!” Da Gang’s girlfriend said lightly.

“I… It’s all my fault!” Da Gang painstakingly turned his head back and said to Little Ye Zi, “Child, you can continue. Hehe, keep on doing what you were doing a while ago! Wow! Look, it’s so beautiful……”