VPAATP V4 Chapter 114

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“Mama, why is that uncle acting so strangely?” Little Ye Zi looked at Da Gang and asked with some doubt. The underlying meaning behind his words was that that uncle seemed to have brain damage!

Ye XiaoXiao couldn’t help but grin after listening to his words. After the incident, Da Gang was quite honest and good. When snacks were distributed on the plane, Da Gang especially gave his share to Little Ye Zi as well!

Looking at Da Gang’s appearance, I also felt relaxed. This fellow was just a careless man, there was no need for me to stoop down to his level!

By the time the plane landed, we were already familiar with the people in the front. I only now knew that Da Gang’s father actually worked in the same factory as my father! And his father was the deputy director!

With this relationship, Da Gang felt very embarrassed and said, “I am just an uneducated man, please don’t take my actions to heart!”

I gave a calm smile and didn’t care about the matter. After getting off the plane, we went different ways from Da Gang and his girlfriend.

As the daughter-in-law of the Liu Family, Ye XiaoXiao obviously had to visit my home first. As for going to her home, we set it for tomorrow.

When the taxi passed by the Songjiang 4th Middle School, Ye XiaoXiao and I couldn’t help but look at the familiar campus and be filled with emotion! At that time, I was just a student who started high school and Ye XiaoXiao was a teacher who had just started working. Two people who seemed to have no intersection in their lives actually had a child and were now returning home years later!

My parents had already known the news that I was going to bring back their grandson today, so they had gotten up early and prepared everything. When Ye XiaoXiao and I went inside the house, they were already waiting for us in the living room.

“You must be XiaoXiao! Come, sit with us quickly” My mother immediately greeted Ye XiaoXiao with warmth.

“Mother, I am not tired. You should see Little Ye Zi first!” Ye XiaoXiao had already thought about everything before we arrive, so there was no shyness or concern and everything felt natural. Saying her words, she brought Little Ye Zi to the front and said, “Little Ye Zi, call Grandma!”

“Grandma!” Little Ye Zi shouted crisply.

“Yeah!” As soon as my mother heard Little Ye Zi call her grandma, she was beaming with joy and immediately took Little Ye Zi in her embrace, “Come here, Grandma loves you a lot!”

“Old Liu, look how adorable our grandson is. He’s just like LeiLei when he was young!” My mother said with happiness.

“Little Ye Zi, I am your grandfather. Come here, let grandfather hug you!” My father was also very happy. After all, men in their age had nothing more important than having a grandchild of their own, compared to having a business.

Little Ye Zi was already the favorite of his Eldest mother and the other mothers back home, now he became the most beloved here as well.

I smiled at Ye XiaoXiao as we looked at the scene. It seems that my mother really loved this grandson! It must be known that Ye XiaoXiao was quite worried before, thinking that my family might not believe that the child she brought was of their Liu Family. But now, it seems that all worries were unnecessary. My mother unexpectedly showed me a childhood picture of mine, from that we discovered that Little Ye Zi was a complete reprint of mine! No wonder my mother loved the child so much so easily!

I don’t know if it’s because older people spoil children more, or the children just have the tendency to depend on their elderly… in short, many children in this age were closer to their grandparents then they were to their parents.

This may be because there was a generation gap between parents and children, but it is easier to communicate with the older generation! Since ancient times, there has been this saying: Old children, which essentially means that the psychology of the elderly was closer to that of a child. The older they are, the more childlike they would be. So the children obviously didn’t feel that generation gap.


Little Ye Zi quickly integrated with my mother and turned into a follower of hers, sticking with her all the time. Only after Ye XiaoXiao and I got a bit angry did Little Ye Zi finally put on some clothes and follow us out of the villa.

Today was the day to meet my father-in-law, Ye XiaoXiao’s father. Uncle Ye and I have been old acquaintances, but I still felt a little nervous!

After all, it was no longer the same as how we were before. Before, I was just a good junior of their’s, but now, I was also the son-in-law of the Ye Family!

Ye XiaoXiao’s home wasn’t as luxurious as mine, just a duplex suite in an ordinary community. However, this was already a treatment at a much higher level compared to the average person. When I first came here, I was envious of this place!

It wasn’t my first time coming to the Ye Family, so I very easily and familiarly pressed on the doorbell. After a while, Auntie Ye’s voice sounded from the inside, “Who?”

“Mother, it’s me, XiaoXiao!” Ye XiaoXiao replied.

The burglar-proof door was immediately opened and Aunt Ye welcomed us with a wide smile, “You must be XiaoXiao’s boyfrien~……”

Before her words even left her mouth, Aunt Ye was stunned and stared, “Ah? Isn’t this Little Liu? Little Liu, how come you are here?”

Aunt Ye would obviously never link me with Ye XiaoXiao’s boyfriend! Seeing that I came together with Ye XiaoXiao, she felt strange and asked, “XiaoXiao, weren’t you going to bring your boyfriend along with you? Where is he?”

“Mother, where are you looking? Can’t you see such a big, living man standing before you!” Ye XiaoXiao said with a bitter smile.

“Living man standing before me?” Aunt Ye doubtfully looked at me and said, “You wouldn’t be talking about Little Liu, right?”

“Hello, aunt!” I also felt somewhat helpless. Explaining this matter was going to be a time-consuming matter!

“What play are you two acting in?” Autn Ye shook her head and said in a low voice, “Tell me the truth, what’s going on here?”

“Mother, let’s go inside and talk about it. You are stopping us at the gate and questioning, is this any kind of good hospitality?” Ye XiaoXiao hastily said.

“Alright, but you better not deceive me! Little Liu and your dad are quite familiar with each other. You wouldn’t have been watching too many TV shows, and brought Little Liu back as your boyfriend to deceive us?” Aunt Ye said as she invited us inside, “Come inside, Little Liu, come in. Take a seat, I will bring a glass of water for you!”

“Auntie, there’s no need for all this. This isn’t my first time here, so no need to be so polite!” I stopped Aunt Ye, “I am not thirsty either!”

“That’s right mom, there’s no need to care about him, he’s not an outsider!” Ye XiaoXiao also nodded.

“XiaoXiao, though we are quite familiar with Little Liu, that doesn’t mean we can cut out the basic etiquette. When the time comes, your father will manage you two well!” Aunt Ye scolded, “Little Liu isn’t your student anymore, so you can’t just make him do whatever you want. Don’t be rude to him!”

“Mother, who said I am not in charge of him. Later, he must listen to whatever I say!” Ye XiaoXiao blushed as she looked at me. I also looked at her and smiled, understanding what she meant by her words.

However, Aunt Ye obviously didn’t understand what she meant, “Stupid girl, do you really think this is the ancient time? A teacher for a day, father for a lifetime, no wait, you are a woman, so mother for a lifetime!”

“Ah? Mother?” Listening to Aunt Ye’s words, I was stunned! Wasn’t this messing everything up? Making my son and I call the same person “mother” wouldn’t be so right, right?!

I looked at Ye XiaoXiao with a big smile, giving her a supercilious look!