VPAATP V4 Chapter 116

The Strange Is Terrifying

“Yeah, that’s true!” Uncle Ye lead me to his study room and took out two boxes from the bookshelf and placed them on the table, “What color do you want?”

“It doesn’t matter,” I smiled, “I heard that Uncle Ye has been studying chess for over a year now. Is that for me?”

“Don’t laugh at me, I was still thinking of asking you to come over some day for a game!” Uncle Ye quickly waved his hand, “I will take first and go first!”

In order to form an atmosphere for the impending talk, I didn’t go all out right from the start, instead, I used the soft tactics. The black and white pieces were tangled on the board and victory couldn’t be decided for a short time!

“Hmm? Did my level increase or did your skill decrease?” Uncle Ye looked at the chess pieces on the board and thought aloud.

“I haven’t played for a long time, it might be because of that,” I placed the piece casually.

“I was afraid that you had been intentionally holding back, so I was afraid to go all out. If I had known before, I would have defeated you directly already!” Uncle Ye said with regret, “Sigh, I took a wrong step!”

“Uncle Ye, what do you think of Little Ye Zi? Do you think he is XiaoXiao’s child?” I suddenly asked when Uncle Ye lost a bit of distraction.

Uncle Ye was just thinking about his next move when he was suddenly asked by me. Although he knew of the answer at heart and knew he wasn’t supposed to talk about it, he still subconsciously said, “I think that he is her child, but we are afraid to ask… Ah? Little Liu, why are you suddenly mentioning this matter?”

Listening to Uncle Ye’s words, I understood that it was just like Ye XiaoXiao had said, her parents did realize that Little Ye Zi was her child! However, this made things easier since he was already prepared and it won’t be hard for him to accept the truth!

“Uncle Ye, I want to show you a picture,” I took out a picture, that I had brought along with me, from my pocket.

Uncle Ye took the picture from my hands with some doubts and said after looking at it, “Little Ye Zi?”

I didn’t speak nor was there any change in my expression.

Uncle Ye shook his head and pointed at the picture as he said, “Where is this? Why have I not seen this place? It gives the feeling of the past…… This date…… How could it be 1984? What’s this? What picture are you showing me? Don’t tell me this is some sort of horrifying coincidence?”

Horrifying coincidence? Isn’t this thinking too colorful? I bitterly smiled and said, “This is a picture of mine when I was four.”

“You? Four years old? What is your meaning in showing this picture to me? Little Ye Zi……?” Uncle Ye was suddenly alarmed as he thought of something and came to a realization, “Are you trying to tell me that you and Little Ye Zi looked alike when you were young?”

“Yes! But this is only what is seen on the surface, there’s also a deeper meaning to this! I think that you should be able to guess it correctly, Uncle Ye?” I nodded and asked.

“What relationship do you and Little Ye Zi have? Why is he together with Ye XiaoXiao?” Uncle Ye asked anxiously.

“The two of us obviously can’t be brothers! As for why Little Ye Zi is always with Ye XiaoXiao, that’s obvious, it’s because he’s Ye XiaoXiao’s flesh and blood, your biological grandson!” I tried to keep myself calm and said the truth of the matter.

“What you mean is that… he is your and XiaoXiao’s… Oh God! How is this possible?” Uncle Ye also wanted to remain calm but he couldn’t. This news was simply too shocking for him!

“Uncle Ye, you may find it unbelievable, but facts are facts, they can’t be changed! Little Ye Zi’s full name is Liu Ye, he is my son!” I sighed, “Now you understand that I am not here to act as a fake boyfriend!”

“But how is that possible? Little Ye Zi is four years old this year. At the time he was born, you were only in high school together with that little girl from the Zhao family. Normally, it should be her giving birth to your child. Ah, how did it turn into XiaoXiao giving birth to your child?” Uncle Ye felt that the matter was too incredible, how could something like this happen? He still couldn’t believe this matter.

“Actually, it’s all your fault uncle. You got me in this!” I said with some helplessness, “This was all actually an accident. and I only found out that I had a child not long ago!”

“My fault?” Uncle Ye wondered. Even if you were the richest man in the world, you can’t just blame someone so casually. You impregnated my daughter who gave birth to your child, and now you are pushing the fault on my head?

“Uncle Ye, do you remember that time I came to your house to be a guest and got drunk. At that time, you went as far as getting me and XiaoXiao in the same room!” I thought: let’s see how long you are going to not accept the matter? Ahem, although it was my mistake, you aren’t going to get away without having a part in it either!

“Ah…… I remember that time…… It couldn’t be? You said that you two just slept through the night?” Uncle Ye’s eyes widened, “Did you really do it?”

“Please, Uncle Ye, you are also a man, you should understand my feelings! First, I was drunk on that day, and it’s said that alcohol is the root of evil! Second, and the most important point, after I got drunk and was in bed, I considered Ye XiaoXiao as my own girlfriend!” The person I was talking to right now was Uncle Ye, not Ye XiaoXiao, so there was no need to be worried talking about this.

“Did you think of her as YanYan?” Uncle Ye was surprised and asked, “Is that even possible? It seems that XiaoXiao and YanYan don’t have any similarities in their stature. Were you not able to tell the difference? Or, could it be that you took advantage of the situation to commit the deed!”

It’s indeed different but how was I going to consider so much at that time! It wasn’t easy pulling out of matters like this, and my next words were to give Uncle Ye a basic idea, “Not YanYan but my other girlfriend. Her stature is quite similar to XiaoXiao, and has big… um, you probably don’t know her!”

I just wanted to say big t i ts but I immediately realized that the guy before me was my father-in-law, so I immediately stopped talking.

“Your other girlfriend?” Uncle Ye immediately said, “Are you telling me that you had two girlfriends in high school?”

“Seems like that… Uncle Ye, you are also a man and you were also young. I am sure aunt wasn’t the only one you admired, you better admit that. If you don’t admit that, you definitely aren’t normal!” I saw Uncle Ye about to shake his head, so I cut off all his paths.

Uncle Ye felt helpless. How could he not be normal? If he wasn’t normal then where did XiaoXiao come from? There wouldn’t be Little Ye Zi if there wasn’t XiaoXiao! It was just like the song: Where would I be if there was no you? {TL Note: The “not normal” in the last paragraph is referring to Uncle Ye being gay (Homosexual). It’s like those internet posts where they say “Like this or you gay\lesbo” or “Angery react only unless you a big gay\lesbo” or bullshit like that posted by 8-year-old dipshits who want to get attention ’cause their family doesn’t give them any. What if the person reading was really gay\lesbo? Doesn’t that mean a like\angery react gone?}

Without giving him an opportunity to argue back, I said, “However, the difference between me and most men is that what I do is something they don’t dare to do as they don’t have the ability to do it. I believe that if everyone had the same conditions as me, they would also make the same choice!” {TL Note: Well, polygamy is allowed here so I think I should go and get drunk now.}

Uncle Ye listened to my shocking theory and helplessly shook his head, “Well, Little Liu, I understand what you are trying to say and I understand why you are telling me all this as well! Isn’t it all just to make me allow XiaoXiao and you to be together and not interfere in your personal matters! It’s as I said, right?”

“Hehe, your are worthily a scholar, uncle. You already understood everything without me needing to say anything!” I replied awkwardly as I didn’t expect my goal to be debunked so easily.