VPAATP V4 Chapter 119

Artificial Respiration

I didn’t dare delay and hastily recalled what the coach had taught us.

First, I laid Wu YingYing flat on the ground and removed the grass and dirt from her mouth and nose. Then I pinched her nose and mouth. Looking at Wu YingYing’s red cheeks that I just pinched, I couldn’t give more thoughts to the matter.

Right, according to the first aid method that the coach taught us, I need to untie her button next! The goal of doing that was to make sure the drowned person’s respiratory tract won’t be burdened by the clothing!

Ahem, since you wanted to make fun of me, then don’t blame me for being discourteous towards you! Also, I am only doing all this to save you! Thinking till here, I slowly reached my hand towards Wu YingYing’s chest and untied her coat fast!

Because it was summer, Wu YingYing was only wearing a bra. I thought that the bra might also create pressure on her chest, so I unbuckled it as well!

What a perfect chest! My lower body immediately responded! Of course, it would, I believe that any normal man will have that reaction {as he got an erection}! But I didn’t do anything more as it wasn’t time for anything like that, and I was sure that I wasn’t interested in Necrophilia! If I did that to Wu YingYing, I will become a rapist! {TL Note: Not like you weren’t already.}

After doing this, I held Wu YingYing’s waist and turned her body around, making her face the ground. Letting her head droop, I squeezed her abdomen and forced out as much water as I could. When Wu YingYing’s abdomen turned a lot flatter, I put her back down on the ground.

The last step was artificial respiration! Don’t say that I am doing that just to take advantage of you! If you hadn’t done all that, you wouldn’t have drowned, right?

I leaned over, pinched Wu YingYing’s jade white nose, and sealed her cherry lips, while my hands climbed onto her chest. Naturally, that was to help her exhale! Hehe, my hand might just get addicted! Who told you to scare me while I stood at the edge of the cliff!

I messaged Wu YingYing’s chest and blew air into her mouth. Even after doing it for more than 10 minutes, Wu YingYing still didn’t have any reaction!

Was she going to die? A bad thought rose in my heart. Just when I was about to give up, a cold and slippery thing got into my mouth!

Loach? No, it couldn’t be that. After being stunned for a moment, I finally reacted. It turned out to be Wu YingYing’s little tongue! I don’t know when, but this chick had already woke up!

Both surprised and delighted, I was a little bit confused as well. What was the meaning of this?

In fact, Wu YingYing had already woken up when I turned her over and helped squeeze the water out of her belly! Wu YingYing wanted to speak but my movements were too savage and violent, and since Wu YingYing just woke up, she was too weak and couldn’t speak anything.

At first, Wu YingYing thought that she had met some sort of perverted f***, so she didn’t dare speak again. Later, after I put her on the ground, Wu YingYing slightly narrowed her eyes and saw that the man before her was me! Wu YingYing was both happy and shocked! So she thought of pretending to be dead just to scare me! She didn’t expect that I would start giving her artificial respiration and even grasp her b00bs and fondle them like that!

Wu YingYing wanted to immediately speak out, but the moment my lips interlocked with hers, she had the feeling of being shocked with electricity!

Was this a kiss? Wu YingYing immediately turned stupid by the subtle feeling of numbness! How is it done? What should I do? Should I push him away immediately?

She thought about how she had already given me so many hints about her feelings but I had always been indifferent to her, this made Wu YingYing sullen! Kissing him, Wu YingYing didn’t even know how many times she had dreamed of this over the past few years! But now that it actually happened, Wu YingYing wasn’t able to adapt to it!

She knew that it wasn’t very appropriate, but Wu YingYing just couldn’t refuse the temptation and let me “kiss” her!

He is just giving me artificial respiration! Wu YingYing comforted herself with these words! However, Wu YingYing soon realized that I was simply giving her artificial respiration and nothing more, so she couldn’t help but feel disappointed! Do I have no attraction for me, am I really worse than his girlfriends? He can accept so many women, so why can’t he accept me!

Wu YingYing was getting more mad and indignant. At this time, Wu YingYing realized that my hands weren’t just helping her exhale but they were also taking the chance of pinching and playing with her cherries!

Even if it the movements were minute, Wu YingYing could still feel it. What a joke, that was one of the most sensitive spots on her body!

Feeling my little movements, not only was Wu YingYing not angry, she was instead delighted! Yes, I am still attractive to him!

In addition to the delightedness, Wu YingYing couldn’t help but feel confused. Success and failure were often separated by a thin line. He was doing this to me, so it proves that he has some feelings for me, so why not fight for it!

Thinking till here, Wu YingYing boldly put her fragrant tongue into my mouth! After he had kissed me and fondled my body like that, he will certainly take responsibility for me!

Woke up and didn’t even tell me? And here I was, struggling and getting anxious, giving you a CPR! Don’t you know how tiring that is? This lass, trying to feign death and scaring me, right! I must give you some punishment! Thinking till here, I grabbed Wu YingYing’s jade rabbits and slammed them together, followed by pinching her nipples with some force!

“Ah!” Wu YingYing tenderly screamed. I don’t know whether it was due to her chest being pinched and feeling hurt, or just because she was excited, the chick actually went all out and started to suck harder with her small mouth!

I wasn’t a monk who wasn’t going to do anything when a woman teased me. If I didn’t respond back, I wouldn’t be a man! Also, I have had feelings for Wu YingYing… it’s just that Fatty Wu always described her as evil and all that, so I kept a respectful distance from her.

At this moment, I couldn’t think of anything much and took the initiative to entangle with her soft and fragrant tongue!

Compared to the electric shock a moment ago, the feeling of getting violently kissed and fondled was much more exciting, exciting Wu YingYing even more! It turned out that the one before wasn’t a kiss at all, the real kiss was now!

“Cough… cough…” Wu YingYing suddenly started to cough fiercely.

I was shocked and quickly held up her body, lifting her up. Wu YingYing coughed out water. It turned out that the water in her chest wasn’t all cleared. The strong breathing due to the kiss just now helped clear all the water!

When Wu YingYing coughed, I also woke up! Oh God, what have I done? I came here to hunt yet ended up almost killing Fatty Wu’s sister!