VPAATP V4 Chapter 121

I Am A Samaritan

Be good Samaritans? Save the sick and wounded? Listening to these words from her, I couldn’t help but laugh! Like sister like brother!

Fatty Wu complied to be a Samaritan under his father’s guidance, ended up being a Samaritan who beat a foreigner!

Wu YingYing wanted to save the sick and wounded but ended up actually almost killing herself and the wounded! If I hadn’t used my ability, who knows what would have happened. After all, Wei’er and I were quite lucky at that time. It can’t be that I will be lucky every time?

Wy YingYing stood up and her entire front was exposed before me. Since Wu YingYing was standing at this time while I was squatting, Wu YingYing’s entire lower valley was completely discernible before me! As I looked up, I could see the twin peaks with two cherries standing erect at the summit of the tall mountains!

I wondered if this girl was stupid or her guts were too big, but she was putting her entire self on display before me! Such a fragrant and hot scene made the fire in my body burn up again!

However, this girl was walking on the verge of violence at this moment. I don’t know what the heck she would do if I tried to do anything lascivious at this time! May God protect me!

“Well YingYing, don’t be angry. Alright, this matter was all my fault for not being careful! I have made a mistake and acknowledge my wrongs!” I consoled her, “Look, you are a girl, so if you stand like this before me, and someone else found out, it won’t be very good!”

“Not good?” It would have been good if I hadn’t said it, but now that I said it, it stung right where it hurt, and her face started to grow pink, “Do you think I am afraid of anything? I have already been kissed by you! Whatever there was to be touched, you have already touched everything! Not like you are going to take any responsibility for me, so I don’t care even if you see. Go ahead, look all you want, I don’t care anymore!” Saying that Wu YingYing especially threw out her chest!

Her throwing out her boobs wasn’t the big deal, but when she moved, her lower abdomen also forward, plastering her valley into my face!

Ah? Is this the riding the face from the legends? It was very hard to hold back my lustful and wretched side! I could even smell the virgin scent from Wu YingYing, which was undoubtedly the best fragrance to stimulate male hormones!

I really wanted to lick and suck but reason told me not to do that unless I wanted to die! Now wasn’t the time to get pleasure! The female Tyrannosaurus was just waiting to blow up and if I licked right now, it will become the catalyst for her to go crazy!

At first, Wu YingYing didn’t realize that her unintentional move just turned into one of those erotic actions from AV’s! Only when my hot breath burned Wu YingYing down there did the girl finally realize where I was and how stupid she was!

Wu YingYing had been angry and people in anger don’t really give a damn about what they do, but now she was much calmer! Her little face turned red and she quickly squatted down, pressing her chest to her knees!

However, her current posture was even more beautiful!

If I said that kissing and fondling Wu YingYing was getting revenge for what happened before, then all that remained now was guilt! It turned out that things weren’t as I imagined, Wu YingYing was actually trying to save me out of kindness! I had been the one unfair to her!

Now, Wu YingYing not only let me kiss her, she even let me play with her chest. It was enough to prove her regard for me! Looking at Wu YingYing showing temperament like a little girl before me, I couldn’t help but think that she was very cute! At least, she wasn’t an arrogant and violent gorilla-like Fatty Wu said!

But what I didn’t know is that Wu YingYing only acts like a little girl before me. If you change me to another man today, let alone touch her chest, if he dared try to give her a CPR, she would have kicked that man into impotence!

“Alright, YingYing, calm down a bit, okay! You see, I wasn’t kissing you, I was actually giving you artificial respiration! As for touching your chest, it was to help you breathe smoothly!” I patiently explained.

“Humph, Liu Lei, are you trying to say that I kissed you and teased you?” Wu YingYing sneered after listening.

“You can say that…” I replied carefully.

“Bullshit!” WHu YingYing had nothing to hold back before me. Even though she was still naked, she still maintained the image of a virtuous woman, “It’s you who rubbed and pinched my mew mew before! You excited me with that feeling!”

… I was shocked! I didn’t expect it to be discovered by her! I did… Ah! I looked at Wu YingYing who was furious and couldn’t help but laugh, “I have had a good impression of you, so it is inevitable that I will have some stray thoughts about you…”

“Really?” As I said that I had a good impression of her, Wu YingYing was surprised and happy, “You like me, do you really like me?”

“Yeah! Actually, when I first saw you in that seafood place, I already had a good impression of you!” I said what was the truth and didn’t try to deceive her, also making her happy, “But later, I discovered your background, and you know that I have more than one girlfriends… your father is also an army official, so how will he allow you to be my concubine or mistress?”

“My dad? What does he have to do with what I do? If he dared say a word, I will pull his beard out!” Wu YingYing immediately revealed her true colors.

“See, this is why I don’t dare approach you!” I shook my head, “Fatty Wu said that you are a very unreasonable girl!”

“Fatty Wu? That dead brother! I will deal with him when I see him next time!” Wu YingYing heard that her younger brother spoke malicious stuff about her before me, she got angry. However, thinking about how she must be appearing unruly before me now, she immediately said, “I am just joking! You know what kind of girl I am! We have known each other for such a long time, have I been bad to you even once? It’s just me getting bullied by you all the time! Even just now, not only did you look at everything, kiss me and violate my chest, you didn’t even want to accept… I just couldn’t accept that!”

Couldn’t accept that? I would rather you scold or beat me then commit suicide! However, when I carefully thought about it, it was indeed as Wu YingYing said, she had never been violent before me! Was this the legendary “submissive before your love”?

“Alright, I understand!” I walked to Wu YingYing’s side and squatted down next to her. Gently hugging her shoulders, I said to her gently, “We have shared hardships today, moreover, we also understand each other’s feeling much better now! I will obviously take responsibility and accept this relationship! In two days, I will come and discuss marriage with your father! I believe that with my current status and achievements, your father will certainly not create obstacles for us!”

“Really?” Wu YingYing’s heart was bursting with joy, “Humph, how dare he won’t agree! As long as I agree, there’s nothing to worry!”

“So… do you agree?” I asked with a smile.

“I… Um… No, I won’t agree temporarily as you never pursued me, so how can I accept you so cheaply?” This is how the girls were. When they can’t get the love of their crush, they will wish for it all the time. If their sweetheart agrees then they get happy and follow his heels, but once he takes the initiative in love, they will play temper and show their temperament!