VPAATP V4 Chapter 124

Meaningful Collection

“I am not sure, perhaps, I remembered incorrectly. Tomorrow, when you come over to my family, I will let you look at the map. It might be different?” Wu YingYing folded the sheepskin and gave it back to me.

“That’s all we can do!” I put away the sheepskin and stood up, “Let’s put on our clothes and then I will take you out of this place!”

“Alright, but I don’t have any pants?” Wu YingYing said.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t wear any clothes. Just encircle my top around your waist!” I gave Wu YingYing my coat, “I will lead you directly to my home, even if you don’t have any clothes it will be all right!”

“Really? Can you directly go to your home from here? Do you have the legendary teleportation gate?” Wu YingYing asked in surprise.

“I don’t have any random gate!” In fact, it was similar to the principles of spatial transfer. If Sun Sukong is allowed to research, he might even be able to make it, “Nature is similar but didn’t I just tell you, I have abilities!”

“Right, I just wanted to ask you but you interrupted me… could it be that what you mean is that you have the instantaneous teleportation ability?” Wu YingYing asked curiously. Something like that only appeared in mythological stories, she never thought she will actually see it in reality.

“Well, it’s almost like that! But it’s not an instantaneous movement. It takes a lot of physical effort to move instantaneously, and the starting point and destination distance must be covered on foot! If there is a barrier in the middle, it will not work. To put it bluntly, it is to reach the destination with a speed much faster than the people. However, the spatial transfer is different. For example, if we stand here, we can reach the specific destination immediately. In other words, we disappear here and appear at the destination!” I explained how movement and transfer were two different things.

“I understand! So… according to what you said, you can take me anywhere you want?” Wu YingYing asked excitedly.

“Yeah, as long as the actual location is known, we can go anywhere!” I said.

“Oh? That’s how it is. Then why don’t you use this ability of yours to teleport to the location of your treasure?” Wu YingYing suddenly thought of a very important question.

I smiled a bit, “Do you think I didn’t think of that? I just said that I need the clear destination! The key issue now is that the location marked on this map is just a rough estimate, and because of the changes to the terrain, this might even be completely inaccurate! There is no specific concept of this place in my mind, so how can I go!”

In fact, I had already considered this question and even tried it! Of course, it ended in failure. The last time I went to the British Jake’s company, I had the specific address from the minds of their people.

“It turned out to be like this!” Wu YingYing was disappointed after listening but didn’t say anything. After all, this ability was already good enough! Something was better than nothing, “Well, then let’s leave this place!”

“You want to leave like this?” I was surprised and asked Wu YingYing who was only wearing a pair of underwear.

“Well, yeah. Didn’t you say you can instantly take me anywhere, so why do I need clothes?” Wy YingYing rightfully said, “First, take me to a room as I want to have a good sleep!”

“Then wouldn’t it be better to go back to your home?” I didn’t understand Wu YingYing’s intentions.

“Better, how is that better?” Wu YingYing frowned and pointed towards her lower part of the body, “You made me hurt so awfully that I can’t even walk normally. If I went home now and was seen by my father, it will be so embarrassing!”

After I listened to her, I couldn’t help but laugh. So this was the reason! It made me feel interesting as even Wu YingYing had times when she was too shy!

“Good, I will bring you to my room directly. You can rest there until you feel better while I go out to take care of some matters. When the time comes, you will be better off locking the door. It wouldn’t be good if my parents saw this appearance of yours. There are a washroom and refrigerator in my room, so if you feel hungry, you can eat something!” I said, “After I deal with some matters, I will bring you to see my parents!”

Hearing that I was going to bring her to see my parents, Wu YingYing felt really happy. It was proof that I officially admitted her, moreover, I was even regarding her as my family!

Four years, Wu YingYing had been looking forward to this day every day and in her every dream. But when I went to B City and became less and less connected to her, Wu YingYing couldn’t help but fall into despair thinking how her wish might never be realized in this life! Looking at her peers who were the same age as her already in a relationship, Wu YingYing was very lost!

Just like today, Wu YingYing actually came to the mountain to see if there was anyone suitable for her here. She never thought that she will accidentally see a person trying to “commit suicide”.

But Wu YingYing had never in her dreams thought that because of her temporary good intention, she almost got killed after falling down the cliff! However, along with the bitterness came happiness. Not only was she well and dandy, she even obtained the love of her life.

Wu YingYing felt that this day was like a dream. She was afraid that happiness came to fast and it might end. So she had the fear that she might wake up!

But now, Wu YingYing was relieved because not only did I tell her my secret, I even gave her my promise!

Wy YingYing simply folded our clothes together. She wasn’t wearing any clothes and I didn’t plan to wear any either. Although my clothes were washed, since they hadn’t been ironed, they looked crumpled. I will go home and change into a new dress.

I looked at the place where Wu YingYing had just been lying and couldn’t help but have the thought of teasing this little vixen. So I squatted to the ground and “concentrated” to study the place.

When Wu YingYing got everything, she looked up and found that I was there looking like I was studying something. She couldn’t help but wonder, “Husband, what are you studying? Have you found a new clue about the treasure?”

“I am studying how I am going to bring this piece of land back with us!” I pointed to the ground before me.

“Bring this piece of land?” Wu YingYing looked at me indifferently, “Is there anything weird about this place? Why should we bring it back?”

“Because it is very meaningful and I want to collect it!” I grinned and said seriously.

“Meaningful? Collect?” Wu YingYing became more and more confused as she listened to my words!