VPAATP V4 Chapter 126


Feeling my mother’s loving caressing, and listening to my mother’s words, Wu YingYing knew that my mother didn’t blame her at all. But hearing my mother scolding me, she immediately tried to defend me, “In fact, aunt, it’s because Liu Lei is really excellent that I am willing to be with him!”

“Alright, alright, little girl, I don’t care what you wear at home, but you need to pay attention in the future, alright. It’s nothing since the one who saw it was me, but if it was LeiLei’s father, that would have been very awkward!” My mother shook her head.

“Auntie, I understand!” Wu YingYing nodded.

“LeiLei’s wives don’t call me aunt. Look at you, you are already together, so aren’t you going to change the way you call me?” My mother laughed.

“Mom…” Wu YingYing shouted.

“Well, the two of you can get along well now, this old lady won’t be the light bulb. It seems it won’t be good for me to come up and clean the room!” My mother shook her head and went out of the room.

After my mother walked out, Wu YingYing put on a long face and said to me, “Am I really not good? Since I wasn’t wearing any clothes, do you think mother-in-law will have some prejudice against me?”

Although my mother had comforted her, Wu YingYing still didn’t feel too relieved and thought that she must not be careless again.

“Don’t worry, my mother isn’t an old-fashioned woman, she will certainly understand us! Besides, my mother didn’t say anything against you, she has nothing to misunderstand about you! Don’t think too much into it!” I don’t know what my mother thought of this matter and Wu YingYing, but I am sure that my mother is more open-minded.

“But I am afraid… after all, we are still not married. Moreover, in her opinion, we just met, and… How could a conservative girl be so casual!” Wu YingYing didn’t feel relieved and asked.

“YingYing, you can feel relieved!” I prepared the bed for her and after I was done, I whispered in her ear, “My mother is really open-minded. If you don’t believe me, then I will tell you something. Before, when we used to live in a small house, I often had sex with Zhao YanYan and Chen Wei’er, a threesome……”

“Three people?” Wu YingYing had a scare, “That’s so absurd. Did your mother really agree to that?”

“Hehe, even then, my mother still loves Zhao YanYan and the others a lot, not looking down on them the slightest bit. Since my mother knows that you are my woman, so long as you are with me, no matter what we do, it’s all normal,” I gave her an example to comfort her.

“Then I can also feel relieved!” Wu YingYing removed the bedsheet from around her, then took off her underwear and got into the bed, “I will rest for a while. Today was really tiring, but also the most fulfilling day of my life!”

“Good, I will go out to handle some matters, you can rest in the meantime! Since my mother knows that you came back, they will not disturb you, so you can sleep without concern,” I put a quilt over Wu YingYing, then pointed towards the nearby remote control and said, “This is the remote of the air conditioner. If you feel hot, you can turn it on yourself. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep. The air conditioner is specially made by Su Electronics and is not the same as the ones sold on the market. There is no side effect on sleep!”

“Alright, I understand!” Wu YingYing knew my real background, so it wasn’t strange for her to see these high technology things. Shuguang was the world’s leading company, and all of Su Electronics technology was provided by Shuguang, “Right, when are you coming back?”

“I am going to be picking up one of your sisters, if there are no problems, I should be back pretty fast!” I looked at the watch and said.

“My sister?” Wu YingYing thought that I only have a younger brother, Fatty Wu, so where did this sister come from? But then she immediately understood what I meant, “Humph, hateful!”

“Oh, who do you hate? So you hate your sister? Then I will tell her that you hate her, so she won’t come here,” I laughed.

“Yeah! What, I didn’t say I hate her, don’t make things up!” Wu YingYing was shocked. She just got through the door and got an enemy already? She actually wanted to have a good relationship with my other women, but it seems that’s too late! But when she saw my smirk, she knew that I was teasing her. She frowned and said, “I mean that I hate you!”

“Haha, don’t delay time and quickly get rest. In the evening, we will also have a threesome!” I smiled and opened the closet to get clothes.

“Humph! Big bad wolf!” Wu YingYing said with a snort. But she also knew that women’s relationship deepened faster through these situations, so she had no objections as long as I was willing.

I changed into a casual outfit and then took Wu YingYing and my clothes and walked downstairs. I was preparing to call the dry cleaners to get them for a cleanup.

I just went downstairs and saw my mother waiting for me in the hall. I also knew that my mother must have some important matter to discuss, so I sat opposite to her on my own initiative.

“Son, what is going on here? There are some things that shouldn’t be done even if I don’t say anything! You just got XiaoXiao with you and went out to bring another woman now! With your speed, are you going to get yourself a palace and 72 concubines?” My mother looked at me with some helplessness. She was both proud and angry.

“Mom, it’s not what you think! YingYing and I have known each other for years!” I knew that my mother had a lot of expectations from me, so I had to explain, “Mom, we just got together today, or do you think that your son is a dissolute young master who takes a beauty where he sees her?”

“I don’t see any difference!” My mother said coldly, “Forget it, I will give you a quota today. You can add at most three more! No matter how many women you have outside, you can only have three more, or I won’t recognize those who come afterward!”

“Huh? Even something like this is going to have a quota now?” I exaggeratedly opened my mouth as I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I don’t care. I have said what I had to say! The rest depends on yourself!” My mom took the clothes from my hands and said, “Leave them here, I will ask someone to pick them up! If there’s nothing more, you can leave now!”

I sighed as I saw my mother’s serious appearance. There was nothing I could say anymore. Fortunately, there were still 3 more places. I believe that I will be tempted by flowers in the future again. After all, this is my most prominent trait after my rebirth!

What I had to do now was go to the foot of Xixing Mountain as my car was still parked there. Of course, I could teleport myself directly, but there would be so many people there. A person appearing out of nowhere would cause discord!

I don’t know why the f*** it is here, but here it is.

Author Note: First of all, I haven’t watched Anime\Cartoon with any spatial movements, I just put the words “instantaneous” and “transfer” together. The reference to the is explained in the Baidu Encyclopedia. As for the combination of the term “instant transfer\{Whatever the word was, I forgot}” I have not checked it. If the readers think it is wrong, as my profile says “If you don’t understand it, don’t use the real world view. You are reading a book, not chewing words, right. Fishman The Second doesn’t study liberal arts nor Physics, everyone reads the book and laughs!” {Yeah, yeah.}