VPAATP V4 Chapter 129

Ye XiaoXiao’s Analysis

Seeing us finish our food and getting out to the parking lot, the man followed us, planning to write down our car number plate numbers so as to retaliate against us. But when he saw the cars that actually left, he felt fortunate that he didn’t dare retaliate against us back then!

Not to mention the Mercedes Benz and BMW, just the police car and the license numbers of the Mercedes and BMW let his back be filled with cold sweat! One was the legendary boss of Songjiang Province, while the other belonged to the Three Rock Entertainment! The license plates of Three Rock Entertainment were all based on S. This was a number Ding Baosan specially applied for to show the difference and superiority.

The man felt very afraid now. If he had said just one wrong word some time ago, he might have been finished already!

Of course, none of us would pay any attention to an insignificant person like him, the guy was overthinking!

On the way home, I told Ye XiaoXiao about Wu YingYing and my matter. And coincidentally, the place Wu YingYing and I met was also the Royal Seafood!

Ye XiaoXiao quietly listened to me as she drove. She didn’t ask any question, nor show any dissatisfaction.

“XiaoXiao, why don’t you say anything? Why are you so quiet?” I looked at Ye XiaoXiao’s expressionless face and asked with a smile.

“Humph!” Ye XiaoXiao said unhappily, “You do know to think about my feelings! I thought that you didn’t care anymore!”

“Although I am a great man, I care about my wife’s opinion a lot! Aren’t you being unfair towards me!” I said with a pained expression.

“Hehe, you can say that I am very happy, but what I am thinking is that you should get her to greet Zhao YanYan!” Ye XiaoXiao said in a gentle voice, “After all, I also joined afterward, so I don’t have a lot of rights to speak!”

I hadn’t thought that the first thought Ye XiaoXiao would have was asking Zhao YanYan’s opinion, not her own!

“I will talk to YanYan and the others. XiaoXiao, you need to remember that since you have now become part of our family your opinion is also very important here!” I said solemnly.

“Thank you, husband!” Listening to my words, Ye XiaoXiao’s entire body shook. My words were an indication that I had placed her at the same level as Zhao YanYan and the others. What more proof was there that I would never discriminate against one and favor the others!

“I should have said this to you already, and what I said is the truth! XiaoXiao, not only have you given me a son, but your tolerance is also so great!” I put my hand on Ye XiaoXiao’s thigh.

“I am driving, do you want us to crash!” Ye XiaoXiao looked at me with dissatisfaction.

“Oh,” Although I did something like that, it was unlikely that Ye XiaoXiao would have an accident, but I still took my hand away. I won’t do anything for a while, but at night, you will have to be part of my threesome plan!

“Look at how bad you are, you do know that something like this isn’t a good thing!” Ye XiaoXiao said.

After going home, I found out that Wu YingYing had left! My mother said that Wu YingYing was worried that it was getting too late and I hadn’t come back, so she was worried that her family might get worried if she didn’t get home in time.

Why didn’t YingYing call me? I shook my head. It seems that my plan for having a threesome was now gone in the wind!

I simply freshened up and went to my bedroom and then dialed Wu YingYing’s phone number.

After the call started, there was no answer for a while until the sound prompt turned said: “The number you dialed can’t be reached temporarily, please try later!”

Why was she not answering my call, I was getting angry! I tried to dial the call again, but the phone was unexpectedly busy this time! It seems that YingYing was angry. I somewhat blamed it on me as I had not informed her at all and went out to drink. No one will be happy with treatment like that, and there was also the fact that she became my woman today!

Just after I hung up the phone, YingYing’s call came. I hastily clicked on the attend button.

“Husband, were you calling me? I was in the washroom a moment ago. The phone wasn’t ringing too loudly. I immediately dialed your number but it was busy! So I dialed a few times and finally got through!” Wu YingYing was still so cute even though she was annoyed.

I couldn’t help but feel dumb. It seems that I was thinking too much into it. Wu YingYing’s phone was busy because she was calling me! But the result was that neither of us got through to the other party!

“How are you? How is your body?” As I realized that Wu YingYing wasn’t angry, I was relieved.

“Body? I am not sick… ah, you mean…” Wu YingYing immediately understood what I mean and said with some embarrassment, “You are so hateful!! It hurts when I walk, hurts when I sit and hurts when I go to the toilet! What’s the matter, why am I so sore? If my father saw me like this, he will definitely find out!”

Wu YingYing was really pure and didn’t even understand this kind of problem. I quickly said, “Of course not, I estimate that you will be fine by tomorrow! Right, YingYing, why did you leave? You could have rested here in the evening!”

“I was afraid that my father will ask where I was, so I came home! That map I told you about before, it’s mainly because of that that I wanted to come home. I will look for the copy I made long ago, it will be useful for you!” Wu YingYing explained.

“It turned out to be like that! You are so kind to me, still thinking of my good even in your current situation!” My heart was very moved, “I am not busy, so I will come to your house tomorrow. It won’t be late to look for it at that time!”

“So you know that I am good to you! I have found it, and I will let you see it tomorrow!” Wu YingYing said.

“Good, you should take rest now!” I said that and hung up the phone. Turning my head, I discovered that Ye XiaoXiao was behind me, organizing the clothes that needed to be changed and washed.

“She wasn’t angry?” Ye XiaoXiao saw me hang up the phone and asked, “Is she Wu YingYing you were telling me about?”

“No, her voice was very normal!”I said.

“That’s what you don’t understand!” Ye XiaoXiao said, “You have so many wives yet don’t understand a woman! Actually, you see, she’s just not angry on the surface, but there was still some obstruction in her heart. If you hadn’t called her today, she would have probably been angry tomorrow! But when you called her, she felt relieved at her heart! I am also a woman so I understand how women think! I am older and don’t care about these matters, but your younger wives can’t do the same! You should sometimes put away your richness and status… you know… a woman doesn’t care about how much money, enjoyment, or material things you can get her. As long you cared for her and protect her, that will be enough for her!”

Listening to Ye XiaoXiao’s words, I discovered that I didn’t even understand my women as much as I should!

“So… Teacher Ye, do you need to be protected?” I asked with a bad smile.

“I? Ahem, that depends on if you can take care of me?” Ye XiaoXiao asked with a flirtatious tone.

“Well, it seems I can, for now!” I said and hugged Ye XiaoXiao, putting her on the bed!