VPAATP V4 Chapter 135

Intelligent Wife

Although the roller coaster set off huge waves of dust as it entered the ground, there wasn’t the slightest noise, so our actions will remain unnoticed.

After the roller coaster shuttled through the ground and arrived above it, I could finally see the stone gate! I used the equipment attached to the roller coaster to clear the debris in front of the stone door. I was then able to clearly observe the surroundings of the stone door!

Wu YingYing also got off at this time. I used my abilities to create a protective layer around her body, but even then, I didn’t allow her to approach the stone gate. After all, before I could clarify just what the issue with this thing was, I was certainly not going to make my wife get close to any danger!

Even after observing everything around for quite a while, I didn’t discover anything suspicious! Hmm, it must be remembered that I also have X-Ray Vision, which made me have the ability to look through anything, let alone a stone gate!

But the result surprised me. When I used my X-Ray vision on the door, my vision actually bounced back! This was something that had never happened before!

I tried it a few times but the result remained the same. I couldn’t see anything behind this stone door! At this moment, I was convinced that there was something wrong with this stone door!

I will never believe that the bitches from that island country could make something so powerful, so it was obvious that there were no biochemical weapons! That was simply nonsense!

I thought of the scene that was described by Uncle Wu. All the people who died had one thing in common, they all tried to destroy the door. Those who didn’t try that lived well!

In other words, this stone door had the ability to feel when someone was trying to destroy it and then kill them! This brings us to the hypothesis that the stone gate was sentient!

Forget it, I still have a lot of confidence in my body. Instead of guessing, it’s better to try it myself! Thinking of this, I swung my fist towards the stone door and smashed it!

Right at this moment, I felt something change! A very special form of energy left the stone door and entered my body. There was immediately a feeling of something about to rampage inside my body! But that energy was similar to the spiritual energy in my body, but compared to my spiritual energy, that new energy was like a few drops of water before an ocean! Before I even did anything, my own spiritual energy already got rid of that invading energy!

I quickly tried it again and the result was the same. I finally knew why those people died! If this sort of blood-curling energy invaded any ordinary person’s body, they will start bleeding from all their orifices!

Hw could I now open the stone door? It was obviously not going to be done through a bomb, there wasn’t even a need to think of that. How could a bomb be effective against something so high level? Moreover, it was already bombed by the military before – only the cave collapsed, the stone door was still intact!

“Husband, what is that used for?” Just as I was wondering, Wu YingYing suddenly pointed to a small hole under the iron holding ring on the stone door.

I glanced at the place where Wu YingYing pointed and sure enough, there was a small inconspicuous circular groove there!

What was this small groove for? Although I didn’t know what it was for, my perception told me that it was certainly something useful! Anyone rational would think that there was no way the creator of something like this stone door would create a small groove like this for no reason!

“Could it be a keyhole? No, that’s not possible. It appears to be something only a ring could fit, there’s no way a key can be inserted in it!” Wu YingYing said to herself.

Wu YingYing’s words made me have a spark of inspiration! Key! Right, as long as it was a locked door, there must be a key! Could this groove really be for the key? I suddenly remembered a certain novel I had read before, it had a very classic theory! It wasn’t necessary for a key to be the regular long key that was inserted into a lock and then twisted, instead, it could also be a triangle, square, or a circle!

In that case, why couldn’t this key be circular?

Thinking till here, I was like that person in darkness who had just caught a glimmer of light, excited! It turned out to be like this! To open this door, one must have a special key!

I suddenly had a thought. What if I checked the exact size of the circle and create a key? Would that work? At this moment, Wu YingYing also seemed to have thought of something. She immediately took out a ruler, camera, and some other tools from the equipment.

Wu YingYing’s wisdom and serious display made me admire her even more! I even felt regret on not pursuing her early. If I had done that, she would have become a great assistance in my career and life!

Her intelligence and wisdom were inborn, there was no wonder she was this great!

Wu YingYing cooperated with me to record the size of the groove, and once we were done with that, our work for today was done.

So as to not waste time later, I didn’t use the roller coaster again, instead, I used spatial shift and instantly returned to Wu YingYing’s room. Since I had already remembered the location of that stone gate, there wasn’t a need for me to use that troublesome equipment.

After returning, I immediately handed over the collected information and data to Xu Qingwei and asked him to create a key that might fit in that stone door groove.

Since the photos were all taken with special equipment, there was no difficulty replicating it. Using intelligent systems, the things were soon in my hands.

Now, all that I didn’t know was if there would be any other defensive artifacts that could hurt the body after the stone door was opened, after all, the energy released from it was more than enough to kill any ordinary person horribly!

There was also something that made me feel even more strange. It was reasonable to say that in a society with a feudal rule that had no scientific advancement, it was impossible for something so advanced to be created! I believed that only Sun Sikong would be able to study something like this, there was no way anyone else in the entire world had that possibility with their current level of scientific advancement!

So, it was necessary for me to be very careful. Though I won’t have any problems, it wasn’t the same for Wu YingYing! As a last resort, I asked Xu Qingwei to make a temporary defensive armor for her. Due to the little amount of time, the production wasn’t perfect, but for the minor energy attack from the stone gate, it was perfect.

After everything was ready, I asked Wu YingYing to put on the defensive armor. The armor was very similar to space suits but it didn’t hinder any movements of the person wearing it.

The stone gate still stood there quietly, just like yesterday. I took the key that Xu Qingwei “copied”!

Wu YingYing and I were very excited at that moment! It was the same as the excitement one would have when playing games, one wanted to just dive right into it!

Now, all Wu YingYing and I cared about was opening the door, we didn’t care even if there was nothing inside there!

I lifted the circular key – Wu YingYing was looking towards my hand without blinking, seeming to be very excited for this moment!

I slowly put the key in my hand into the groove! Unexpectedly, it fits inside it perfectly! I rejoice and also sighed darkly, it seemed that the scientific level in my test base was of a very high level!