VPAATP V4 Chapter 137

The Structure Of The Ring

“Yeah, I am in the middle of an important board meeting in the company. It’s all right, is there something you need?” Meng QingQing answered.

“So that’s how it is! I am at home, when are you going to come back?” I nodded and asked.

“The meeting will take a long time and it just started. Is there something urgent?” Meng QingQing asked.

“It’s like this, are you wearing that ring?” I asked.

“Ring? Are you talking about that Heart of Love? After the previous matter, I now keep it at home and haven’t worn it again. What’s wrong, is there any issue with that?” Meng QingQing immediately understood what I meant.

“I had discovered something and that ring is related to the discovery. I just came back to study that ring, there won’t be an issue right!” I had already given the ring to Meng QingQing as a betrothal gift, so I obviously needed to have her permission.

“I obviously have no issue! What is mine is also yours!” Meng QingQing said with a smile, “You don’t need to ask me for anything, it’s in the cabinet inside my bedroom. It’s stored in the uppermost jewelry box. You can take it and that’s it!”

“Alright. Since you are busy right now, I will see you later!” I said.

“See me later? Don’t you have to leave to take care of some matter?” Meng QingQing asked strangely.

“Hehe, I miss you, so I will stay here for the night and then leave!” I laughed.

Meng QingQing also smiled and didn’t say anything. She knew very well what I was thinking. It wasn’t very convenient for her to say anything in the presence of the other board members of the company.

Hanging up the phone, I couldn’t wait anymore and went upstairs and found Meng QingQing’s ring. This made me both excited and confused.

The main part of the ring was exactly the same as I expected, and it matched the iron ring in my hand! But the jewel above was surrounded by a piece of metal! The extra metal was just like the rest of the ring. There was no difference or trace of any connection!

Was this just a coincidence, after all, how could welding have reached such a high level? It must be known that it was impossible to weld something so exquisitely at the beginning of the 20th century!

Seamless welding. It was something achieved only by a handful of dustless laboratories with specially made professional equipment.

However, I didn’t give too much thought to these matters. Since the stone gate could have such highly intelligent technology, and the ring was associated with it, what was impossible? I will bring this to Sun Sikong and the others and they will take a look at it. I am sure they will be able to find out what the matter is with their advanced technology!

Thinking of this, I put the ring in my pocket, then happily went downstairs to my wives to spend the night……

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The night passed in the complaints and moans of the women! This reminded me of a certain fictional novel I read in my previous life! It had the words: When a man has too many women, getting drained to death will be the only outcome!

I believed that if not for my special physique and prowess, I would have already gone off to another rebirth!

After pleasing my wives, I rushed over to the research base of Sun Sikong before the sky got bright.

It must be mentioned that Sun Sikong, this old man, was very abnormal. He unexpectedly stayed inside the laboratory day and night just to conduct research! To utilize as much time and resources in his possession, this guy developed a special drug that restored physical condition immediately, simulating the effects of sleep. After eating one tablet, it was equal to having slept for 12 hours — that too, without any side effects.

So when I saw Sun Sikong in the middle of the night, the old man was still as energetic and radiant as anyone who just woke up would be. There was no sign that the man hadn’t got any sleep! Xu Qingwei was also forced to take the drug. After seeing me arrive, he started to complain, “Boss, I haven’t had the opportunity to dream for a long time!”

I couldn’t help but laugh after listening to him. Taking pleasure in his misfortune, I said, “It’s better that you can’t dream anymore. At least, that will prevent you from having any lecherous thoughts about my YanYan in your dreams!”

“Hmph!” Xu Qingwei stretched out his middle finger towards me, saying in a malevolent voice, “After the previous time, I have already regarded YanYan as my sister-in-law! Boss, you wouldn’t be looking down on me, right!”

“I was just joking! When you get married, YanYan and I will act as your bridesmaid and best man respectively!” I said with a smile.

“The heck! Are you doing this deliberately?” Xu Qingwei shook his head and said, “If the two of you went there, wouldn’t everything be foiled! You will end up taking all the limelight!”

“Alright, I will give you face since you are my old subordinate and won’t bring all of my wives. Otherwise, you won’t have any face left!” I scared him.

“Damn! Boss!” Xu Qingwei shook his head and gave me a supercilious look, “Boss, the person you are now and the dull man from the past life, both are just too different! No wonder you can have so many women without any issue!”

“Yeah, I must do everything that I had regretted in my previous life!” I nodded.

“But it hurts me. I had worked myself to death for you in the previous life, and I am still working for you in this life!” Xu Qingwei helplessly shook his head and sighed.

Both of us smiled simultaneously, being proud of this precious feeling.

In my last life, I had read a web novel that described the story of a boss and his subordinate underwent rebirth at the same time. Because the subordinate wasn’t willing to toil for the same guy for two lifetimes, he revolted against the boss, driving him insane until the boss committed suicide.

I couldn’t imagine something like this happening with Xu Qingwei, otherwise, why would I still keep him with me? Something that hasn’t happened, it’s useless thinking over that. Instead, it’s better to be good and hope for good.

While the two of us were speaking, Sun Sikong came out of the laboratory. Both of us immediately stopped talking about the topic, after all, rebirth wasn’t something that could be revealed to others.

“Old Sun, help me take a look at this ring and see if there’s anything odd about it?” I handed the ring over to Sun Sikong.

Sun Sikong didn’t say anything and took the ring. Putting on his eyeglasses and looking at it for a while, he said, “Mr. Liu, which aspect do you mean when you ask about something being odd?”

“Hmm… consider it to be this gem that is attached to it?” I said.

“Boss, the gem was obviously inlaid later on. Is there even a need to ask for something of this level? Not like it will grow out of the ring?” Xu Qingwei interrupted.

“Can’t you wait a moment? I haven’t finished yet!” I glared at this brat Xu Qingwei, “What I want to ask is if it is possible that this ring was originally just the circular part, the gem was just added on afterward?”

“I understand what you are trying to say!” Sun Sikong put the ring on a microscope-like instrument, then started the machine. Immediately, the internal structure of the ring was clearly displayed on a big screen.

“Mr. Liu, what you said was correct. This ring is composed of two different parts!” Sun Sikong said as he pointed at the large screen.

“But why can’t we see any trace of that externally?” I felt somewhat strange. It was impossible for it to not be visible if it was welded.