VPAATP V4 Chapter 138

Transmission Matrix

Sun Sikong smiled, took the ring and asked Xu Qingwei to bring an unknown equipment. With that equipment, he swept the surface of the thing. Very soon, a pinkish layer of paint fell off the surface of the ring. After that layer fell off, an obvious joint between the ring and the gem became apparent!

“Did someone use paint on the ring?” I asked doubtfully. It seems that whoever did this wasn’t some noob at the matter! Unexpectedly finding such an excellent method of concealment!

“It isn’t paint, it’s metal! Whoever made this thing was obviously very careful. It would be impossible to find this out with the naked eye!” Sun Sikong said.

“Boss, you wouldn’t have bought this from some appraisal scammer?” Xu Qingwei teased.

“You… just shut up! You think I am so bored!” I said ill-humouredly, “Can you not be so imaginative?”

“Haha, I was just kidding!” Xu Qingwei laughed.

“Old Sun, help me separate the ring from the metal that is docked on it. Remember, don’t break the ring!” I said to Sun Sikong.

“That’s simple!” Sun Sikong nodded and handed the ring to Xu Qingwei, “Put it in the metal separator! After that, start the separator for the metal above, alright!”

Metal separator? My laboratory even had something so advanced! It seems like I will have to understand the stuff in the laboratory carefully when I have time.

After a while, the ring had been separated from the other parts. It appeared as if there had never been any additional metal on it – the metal separator worked pretty well!

Xu Qingwei looked at the ring with a strange expression and asked, “Boss, isn’t this thing the same as that iron ring I produced for you last time?”

I nodded, “Right, this thing is the key to start some sort of equipment!”

“Since you already have this, why did you ask me to toil for you in vain?” Xu Qingwei didn’t understand and asked, “Did that imitation not work?”

“No!” I shook my head and said, “In fact, I also just thought of this ring and didn’t know that it might be the real key before!”

Now that the ring was turned into this, I naturally couldn’t give it back to Meng QingQing! I know that even if I told her I broke the ring she wouldn’t blame me!

But this ring, after all, held commemorative and sentimental significance for us. Even if Meng Qing Qing didn’t say anything, there will still be some regret in my heart.

Wait, the gem was still there! Thinking about that, I said to Sun Sikong hastily, “Old Sun, that gem you just separated from the ring, can you use that to make an exact copy of this ring! With the gem exactly on top of it!”

“There’s no issue in that! But what metal should I use?” Sun Sikong asked.

“It doesn’t matter which one. How about using purple gold and platinum. It will look closer to the original!” I said.

I didn’t say anything about the process of building the ring as I believed that Sun Sikong will do the work beautifully. Making a scientist make jewelry was already overkilling!

It was the third time we arrived at the stone gate! Wu YingYing and I understood that it might just be the last time we come here! If the ring didn’t work this time then we will really give up!

The success or failure will be decided at this moment. Wu YingYing and I were even more nervous this time. After all, the ring we had the last time was fake and even when it didn’t open the stone gate, we had the hope of finding the real key.

But now, if this ring didn’t open the gate, we will have no more hope of opening it.

Without speaking many words, I took out the ring under the tacit gaze of Wu YingYing. Taking out the ring, I carefully placed it into the circular groove in the stone gate!

It was an exact match, just like the last time! Just when I was thinking if there was a particular way that the ring needs to be put inside, a matter that surprised and excited us happened!

The stone gate transmitted the sound of stone scratching against each other. Though the stone gate was still closed, Wu YingYing and I knew that something had moved for sure!

Thinking of this, I quickly brought Wu YingYing back a few steps. Who knew if there would be something dangerous beyond the door!

The loud sounds continued for a while before they completely stopped! At this time, the stone door actually started to vibrate! Followed were the rumbling sounds of the stone door and the door then descended!

Wu YingYing and I had assumed that the door might open to the left or the right, neither of us had expected it to simply fall down into the ground!

No wonder those experts couldn’t open the door all that time. It turned out to be that everyone was going in the wrong direction! {TL: Yeah, how stupid. Not a single one of them came up with the thought that the door might go up or down?}

When the stone gate completely sunk into the ground, the scene behind the gate finally became completely unobstructed! However, what surprised us was that there were no rugged corridors, no treasure mountains, and no dragons from the Qing Dynasty!

It was just an ordinary stone house, about five meters up and down. On the ground in the middle of the stone house, there was a triangle with some Manchu script. {TL – Machu Script [https://bit.ly/2A4AyTo] }

I wasn’t very familiar with the Manchu script, and Wu YingYing didn’t even know about it!

In today’s society, there were fewer and fewer people who knew Manchu and even the people of Manchu no longer knew their ancestral scriptures! After hundreds of years of national integration, these Manchus had been completely sinicized. Let alone them, even if placed in the Qing Dynasty, only the people in the imperial court would learn Manchu!

But fortunately, I had modern communication equipment so this wasn’t a problem at all! Manchu? I had one around me. I wasn’t sure if he knew it or not?

“Qingwei, do you know Manchu?” I called Xu Qingwei.

“Boss, my mother is a Manchu but I am Chinese. Even my mother doesn’t know Manchu!” Xu Qingwei smiled bitterly.

“So that’s how it is, I thought you would know it!” I said with some disappointment.

“Boss, what do you want to do with it? If you just want to translate it, a computer can do that. There’s no need to find a person to understand it!” Xu Qingwei said.

Damn, how could I have forgotten about this!

I pointed the camera towards the Manchu script and let Xu Qingwei have a look at it over the call. Xu Qingwei immediately translated and told me, “Entrance to the world.”

Entrance to the world? Wu YingYing and I were bewildered looking at these four words! Where did this triangle lead to? {TL: Is this triangle a Bermuda Triangle or Dragon’s Triangle reference?}

“Oh, this really matches with the words of that collector Steven and what he said about the secret of the ring. You can have the world!” Wu YingYing shook her head and said, “But why do I feel that this is a dangerous matter!”