VPAATP V4 Chapter 14

Student Reunion

Getting out of the car, Xu Xueyun and I walked into the reception hall of the resort. Xu Xueyun was a little anxious. After all, I was pretending to be her boyfriend, so she was a bit coy about it.

“Can you please not get into any conflict with Guan Yang in a while?” Xu Xueyun said to me strangely.

Guan Yang was the boy who pursued Xu Xueyun in school. I had already heard about him from Xu Xueyun. Guan Yang was also from Songjiang. His family was quite rich as well. It could be said he was a young master good at studying and had handsome looks. I couldn’t understand why Xu Xueyun didn’t like him.

I always felt that guy was a bit similar to me. It was just that my luck in love was better than these rich young masters! Otherwise, how could I be in a relationship with so many women, yet these young masters were all mad lovers?

“Don’t worry. As long as he doesn’t go too far with me, I won’t do anything to him!” I said as I thought I was just a fake, so I will do my duty. It wasn’t too good to hinder people from pursuing girls.

As we entered the hall, I saw a man and a woman standing at the front desk. The two saw Xu Xueyun walking over, so they waved at us and greeted us.

“Xueyun!” The woman smiled and said hello to Xu Xueyun.

“Wang Yu!” Xu Xueyun also smiled and said hello to her, “Why are you and Zhang Lou standing here?”

“Wasn’t I the Organizing Committee Member back in school, so I was sent by the class leader to stand here and welcome guests! As for him?” Wang Yu glanced at the boy near her, “He followed me here. I didn’t bring him along!”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to handle it all by yourself!” Zhang Lou said as he scratched his scalp.

“Hehe, Zhang Lou, you are really passionate about out Little YuYu, never giving up on her. How is it, are you still pursuing her? Did she agree?” Xu Xueyun smiles and joked with Wang Yu. It was apparent that Xu Xueyun and Wang Yu’s relationship wasn’t ordinary in school!

“Hehe, obviously, obviously!” Zhang Lou grinned.

“It’s his own delusions. I haven’t said anything!” Wang Yu added quickly.

“Hehe, Wang Yu, you two are already a couple, yet you are still going to argue against it!” Xu Xueyun said with a smile.

“We are. It’s as they say: Bystanders see what the authorities hide!” Zhang Lou said with a nod.

“Saying whatever comes to mind, you big-headed ghost!” Wang Yu reached out and gave a violent smack on Zhang Lou’s chest.

“Don’t talk about us, instead, let’s talk about you, our school flower. Class Leader Guan was the one who arranged this school reunion. He certainly had some ulterior motives, mainly to invite you……” Zhang Lou had only spoken half when his foot was smashed by Wang Yu’s foot.


Wang Yu coughed and turned her face towards me, “This person might be…?”

“Hello, I am Liu Lei, Little Xue’s boyfriend!” I nodded to her and said, “Glad to meet you!”

“Oh!” Only now did Zhang Lou realize he spoke more than he should. So he said with some embarrassment, “I am Zhang Lou, Wang Yu’s boyfriend……” Zhang Lou had only said half when he noticed Wang Yu’s changing expression, so he immediately changed his words, “I am Wang Yu’s pursuer……”

“Oh, hello!” I extended my right hand towards him, and Zhang Lou also reached out his hand. We shook hands and got to know each other. It was simple.

I thought this guy Zhang Lou was quite cunning. Don’t look at his innocent and honest face, everything that came out of his mouth was to hit some spots.

“Ah, you all are classmates while I am an outsider. I won’t be affecting your reunion, right?” I smiled and said to the two. These two were good friends of Xu Xueyun, so as to not make things difficult for Xu Xueyun, I will see what kind of attitude these people had towards me. It will also let me know if that Guan Yang welcomed me or not!

“Hehe, you are Xueyun’s boyfriend, so you are also our friend. We certainly welcome you here!” Wang Yu said with a laugh.

“Oh, our great school flower also understands the seven emotions and six desires. I had thought you didn’t like men!” Zhang Lou said, “It seems that Class Leader Guan won’t have a chance this time……”

“What are you blabbering so much for? Do you have a loudspeaker in that mouth?” As he was speaking too much, Wang Yu looked towards him maliciously.

Wang Yu didn’t know that I already knew about the matter of Guan Yang pursuing Xu Xueyun and thought that I didn’t know the immensity of heaven and how strong my love rival would be!

As Xu Xueyun heard Zhang Lou speak about Guan Yang, she also felt awkward, so she nodded and said to Wang Yu, “We will go up first. Which room is it?” {TL Note: It’s a private compartment in which parties are held.}

“Alright. The reunion is being held on the second floor of the restaurant. There are already 7-8 people who arrived. You should go up first. As some people still haven’t arrived, I have to wait here for them!” Wang Yu said and then turned towards me, “Oh, right! Liu Wen also brought her boyfriend, so you don’t have to be worried about being treated as an outsider!”

“Is that so? That’s good then. I was worried the others might not like my being there!” I said.


“It seems that Guan Yang has really lost his heart on you. From that Zhang Lou’s words, it is clear that Guan Yang arranged this student reunion for you!” I said to Xu Xueyun in the elevator.

“Don’t think irresponsibly. All of us are classmates, so it’s normal for everyone to get together. How can you say it is for me?” Xu Xueyun argued against my words. She felt a little afraid to think about this matter anymore.

I smiled and didn’t say anything again. Just then, the elevator stopped at the second floor of the hotel.

The main dining hall of Jiuding Resort was on the second floor of the building. In addition to the main dining hall, there were also many other large-scale dining rooms. So even if the entire dining hall was filled, it still won’t feel too crowded. Let alone, it wasn’t even the peak season for business and travel, so there weren’t many guests.

The dining areas on the second floor were divided into 4 large-scale public dining hall, and six small-scale private dining rooms. The student reunion was held in one of the private dining room.

As we left the elevator, some of the service people asked us whose guests we were, and then lead us to the private room.

The private room wasn’t small at all, and could easily hold over a 100 people. As I pushed open the door of the private room, I could see 10 people already seated inside, both male and female, chatting with each other.

When Xu Xueyun and I entered the room, the people in the room immediately stopped and looked towards us. It became quiet all over. All of them were surprised to see us while one of the male students frowned and had the expression of disbelief.

“Xueyun, who is he?” Without waiting for the others to speak, or even greet, that frowning male stood up and walked over to us.

“Ah……He is……” Xu Xueyun still couldn’t bring herself to lie in the end. When the focus was on her, she began to hesitate in her speech.

“Let me,” I smiled towards Xu Xueyun and nodded, then I introduced myself to the guy in front, “Hello, I am Liu Lei, Little Xue’s boyfriend!”

“Boyfriend?” The guy strangely looked into my eyes and said with some mystery, “Why haven’t I heard about you before?”

At this time, I had concluded that this guy was most likely that Guan Yang.

All the other people seated were also very surprised as they stared at us. It could be estimated that all of them already knew Guan Yang had held the reunion for Xu Xueyun, and they all thought there was a chance for the advancement of Xu Xueyun and his relationship. They hadn’t thought that I would kill the dream halfway!