VPAATP V4 Chapter 140

Primitive People

The woman was definitely from a primitive tribe. But did China even have such wild regions? And even the seemingly backward people didn’t let their woman run around with their chests in the air! Moreover, the woman in front of me was obviously a young woman. She appeared like a flower with jade-like appearance – no civilized place will let her be topless!

Moreover, judging from my experience with women from over the years, I could tell that she was definitely an unmanned virgin. I could easily tell that from the shape of her body and her special scent.

Looking at the woman, her figure was the first thing I focused on. I believe that any grown 4ss man would be like me! At last, my gaze fell on her face. Although she wasn’t wearing any makeup, I was sure that a beauty was standing before me. Although she appeared to be very uncomfortable from her expression, there were two color bars pasted on her face. I don’t know just where that junk came from. I think it’s some sort of ornament or something similar? People who have seen Jackie Chan’s “Who am I” would understand the feeling!

Big eyes, delicate nose, and a well-proportioned face with a tender expression on it. Although her body was still under development, it was already that of a devil. But I could conclude that the age of the girl wasn’t that big!

“Little sister, where is this place?” I now needed to figure out just what sort of place this was! After all, I still wasn’t sure if I ended up in some sort of primitive society!

“This place? This is the territory of the Akata tribe. Who are you?” The girl obviously understood my words! Her IQ seemed to have no problem so why was the quality of life so backward?

“Akata tribe?” I was startled, there didn’t seem to be any place like that in my memory? Although I didn’t know the entire realm of the Chinese tribes, I did know a few! “What I mean is that what country is this? Which continent? Or what region?”

“Country? Continent? Region?” Being asked about these inexplicable things, the girl looked at me strangely and asked, “What do those mean? We don’t do that here!”

I sighed helplessly. Such an attractive girl had been buried in some mountain village where even the birds won’t sh!1 nor the situation of the world was known! {TL: I didn’t change a single word here.}

“Britain? US? Iraq? Yugoslavia? Have you not heard of them? Well, then what is closest to you… right… the closest tribe?” I asked helplessly.

“The closest to us is the Hakuku tribe. They are friends of our Akata tribe and a bit farther than them is another tribe. They are our enemies!” the girl explained.

Three tribes? Haha, the world has changed and advanced so much yet these people are still engaged in small tribal disputes here in the dark!

“Well, little sister, what’s your name?” I nodded and asked.

“My name is Shui Ling’er!” the girl said, “What about you? Look at your dress, you don’t appear to be from any nearby tribes? Are you a slave that escaped?”

Shui Ling’er? I wonder how juicy she is! I thought in my heart. However, Shui Ling’er’s next words made a lot of black lines appear on my forehead!

“Slave?” I was amazed! Did I appear to be some sort of a slave? I was wearing clothes worth hundreds of thousands! Where would someone find slaves so rich!

“Oh, don’t be afraid. Our tribe doesn’t keep slaves, everyone works together! Even if you were a slave, no one will treat you like one!” Shui Ling’er obviously misunderstood what I meant, so she kindly explained the rules of her tribe.

“Ah, you are misunderstanding me. I am not a slave! I am a traveler coming from a place far away from here! I just passed here inadvertently!” I didn’t know how to explain to her. She didn’t even understand the concept of countries and continents, so I said something more understandable.

“Traveler? What’s that? Oh, I understand, you must be a peddler?” Shui Ling’er simply placed me in the group of small-time traders and peddlers that did business. Whatever, it was still better than being a slave!

“Yes, I am a peddler. Everything I had was sold out. But when I was going back, I got lost!” I made up a story.

“But what were you even trading?” Shui Ling’er asked in confusion.

“What I was trading?” Could it be that these people don’t have any currency? Were the peddlers usually bartering things? It seems like it would be hard to follow up with this lie, “The thing is…… Actually, I……”

“Oh, I know. You must have run into those people from the Evil Tribe who stole everything from you, and now you are embarrassed to say it!” Shu Ling’er kept on speaking, showing me her reasoning ability. Correspondingly, the pair of b00bs kept on dangling in front of my eyes! Ahhh!! All I could do was watch and not touch!

Since she already thought that I was robbed, so I will go along with her! So I pretended to be depressed and said, “Right, all of my stuff was robbed!”

“There’s no need for you to be embarrassed about. Let alone you were just a single person, last time, our tribe was robbed even though there were over 30 people. All the caravans were taken by force!” Shui Ling’er said, “Dark Tribe is the enemy of all tribes!”

“Didn’t you say that tribe was just your tribe’s enemy?” I wondered if there was really a tribe on this small piece of land that could be the enemy of everyone else?

“The other tribes and our tribe might have skirmishes from time to time, but it’s because we go hunting at the same place, so we continously compete for prey!” Shui Ling’er explained, “However, the Evil Tribe is different. They are really evil and won’t stop at any crime. Plundering, arson, murder, everything. All the tribes hate them to the marrow!”

Plundering, arson, murder? No matter where one went, there would always be evil people!

“It turned out to be like this! What about your patriarchs and elders here? I want to see them,” I knew that many tribal elders were wise men, they would know about the outside world, most of the time. The important thing was to ask someone like that where this was!

“You want to see the leader and the elders? I can bring you to meet them since my father is the patriarch!” Shui Ling’er said proudly.

“Oh, so it turned out to be the young miss. I have been disrespectful!” F***, it was even better. I actually met a primitive woman and she was also a princess. I didn’t know what kind of status she had in the Akata, but it seems she has quite the backing.

“Young miss?” Shui Ling’er was confused, “What does that mean?”

“It means princess!” I answered. It seems like certain words and terms weren’t known around here.

“Princess? Hehe, I am not. Only the Evil Tribe has a princess! She is the Evil King’s daughter!” Shui Ling’er didn’t dare take the word princess.

Evil Wang? It was getting more and more complex? Just why have I never heard of such a damned place ever before?

“Alright, Shui Ling’er, please lead me to see your father!” I shook my swelling (with confusion) head and sighed.

At this time, several primitive people ran over. Seeing that I was standing next to Shui Ling’er, a man wielding a spear shouted at me, “Who are you! Get away from Shui Ling’er!”