VPAATP V4 Chapter 142

Strange Custom

What made me happier was that they weren’t primitive people from the stone age as I imagined. The food was only presented for eating after it had been cooked. They even applied the corresponding seasonings.

When the banquet started, there was no embarrassing leadership speech, nor any rituals. Everyone sat according to their prestige in the tribe. The patriarch greeted some of the more prestigious people of the tribe and sat among them. I also sat at the place of honor as the guest. What made me feel strange was that some women here had their chests covered while the others were bare!

Since there were coverings, it meant that they knew the concept of shame, but why was it just a group? Moreover, as the daughter of the patriarch, Shui Ling’er had not covered her chest. This made me even more puzzled!

Looking at Godzilla’s gaze fixed on Shui Ling’er, it made me upset. Motherf***er, it wasn’t something that belonged to you so why the f**k are you looking!

Although I didn’t think that this beautiful Shui Ling’er will become my woman, her being looked at by others made me uncomfortable!

I looked at the perverts all around and shook my head. Taking off my coat, I put it around Shui Ling’er’s shoulders. Although some parts of Shui Ling’er’s body were very tall and straight, my physique was certainly much wider than her, so the coat tightly wrapped around her.

Seeing me put clothes on her body, Shui Ling’er’s face turned red and her lips were tightly shut together. It was really inexplicable to me as to why she would have such an expression.

Was it really that affecting? Wasn’t it just me putting some clothes on her? This was something the gentlemen of the 21st century would do! However, although Shui Ling’er’s expression appeared to be emotionally excited, I still helped her tie the buttons.

Of course, I indirectly touched her boobs but I promise it was absolutely not intentional.

After finishing all this, I was about to enjoy a large piece of barbecue in front of me when I suddenly found the entire audience silent! I looked up and… Holy Cow! Everyone was looking at me and Shui Ling’er with their eyes filled with disbelief!

Especially Godzilla, that dinosaur. It appeared that his eyes might shoot fire at any time!

What the heck, wasn’t I just putting some clothes on her? Even if I did some good deed, there wasn’t a need for them to stare at me like that? Did this tribe not like helping each other?

Or did they find out that I sneak-touched her boobs? Looking at Godzilla’s expression, I thought that was plausible! Looking at the shy and embarrassed expression on Shui Ling’er’s face, my heart had a bad feeling. This girl certainly felt my action and her expression must have told everyone that I acted like a rogue to her!

I just wanted to say something to mediate the issue, when who knows who just took the lead to applaud! With someone taking the lead, most people on the scene also started.

At this time, the patriarch extended both hands and did a movement of pressing his hands down. Everyone immediately calmed down!

“Shui Ling’er, what have you decided?” The patriarch looked at his daughter and asked with affection.

“Um……” Shui Ling’er blushed and nodded slightly. She didn’t dare look at her father and buried her face in my coat!

“Good, since Shui Ling’er has decided that then we can offer a sacrifice to the Heaven and select an auspicious day to host the joyous occasion!” The patriarch nodded and said.

At this time, Godzilla suddenly jumped up and yelled towards me, “I refuse to accept this! Shui Ling’er can’t marry him. The man who Shui Ling’er marries must be the most formidable man, who will also be the future head of the Akata Tribe!”

Haha, did this guy get tired of living! The future head? Saying these words in front of the patriarch, wasn’t this the same as trying to usurp the throne! Wait, who was going to marry Shui Ling’er? Why do I not know? What the heck? Did I just miss who the patriarch gave his daughter over to?

It was such a pity that such a beauty was going to be married off to a wild man. To be honest, I also coveted her quite a bit.

Just like I thought, the complexion of the patriarch got dark as he said in a calm voice, “So what you mean is that you will be the future head of the tribe? Should I marry my daughter off to you?”

“Yes!” Godzilla proudly stood up, patting his chest.

This guys IQ was surely very low! Could this guy not understand the irony in the patriarch’s words?

“Good, good, good, you are very good!” The patriarch was getting angry as he said the word good four times. {TL: Behold, it isn’t easy to see 4 “good” from a single dude in web novels.}

“Since you have agreed then I request a duel with him!” Godzilla pointed his spear towards me and shouted in a clear voice.

Why the f**k is this guy trying to fight me? I looked at Godzilla and wondered if this guy was brain-dead?

The patriarch also felt like vomiting blood at this moment. What the f**k was wrong with this guy? Could he really not understand? Just because I said good, you decided that I was complimenting you?

However, the patriarch didn’t understand me well. Although there wasn’t any requirement when marrying in the tribe, the husband of his daughter couldn’t be nothing at all, right? Thinking of this, the patriarch nodded slightly and said, “Alright, Ge Sila and the distant guest will display a military competition before us. But they will not fatally wound the other party!”

Was he talking about me? I glanced around but everyone was looking at me. This made me confused.

“Me?” I pointed at myself as I was stunned and asked Shui Ling’er next to me, “Why is this guy competing with me? And why is your father giving permission for it?”

Shui Ling’er looked at me with a flurried look and said, “It’s because he also likes me. Although father betrothed me to you, he can still challenge you according to the custom of the tribe!”

{Put that: “Excuse me, what the f**k?” meme here.}

“Your father betrothed you to me?!” My mouth opened wide. What the heck, what sort of custom was this? Was this the: Finding a foreigner and tempting him into staying?

At this time, a middle-aged woman next to me looked at my surprised appearance and said, “Don’t you know the custom of our tribe?”

“What custom?” I asked, bewildered.

“The woman who isn’t yet married will keep their chests revealed. When a man admiring her expresses his love for her, he will help the woman cover her chest. If the woman doesn’t reject, it means that the woman has accepted the man’s love!” The middle-aged woman explained, “Shui Ling’er didn’t reject you a moment ago, that explains that she also adores you. But Ge Sila was also pursuing her, so he has the right to challenge you! If you lose then you can’t have Shui Ling’er!”

“What strange customs?” What chaotic bullshit was this? I just covered her out of good intentions yet got a wife? True, it was a big gain, but the issue is I wasn’t clear of my current situation. And it wasn’t very convenient getting a wife at this moment!