VPAATP V4 Chapter 144

Seeing YingYing Again

Since I had personally acknowledged Shui Ling’er’s status, it didn’t matter to them whose daughter Shui Ling’er used to be, what was important was that she was now the woman of a God! The status was now obviously different from before!

After the banquet, Shui Ling’er and I were invited to the patriarch’s house where the patriarch and the elders decided to move out from. He had already considered me and Shui Ling’er to be married, and it was no longer his place to interfere. As for the sacrifice, sacrificing to the Heaven was the same as sacrificing to me, in his opinion!

Before Shui Beishan, the patriarch left, he whispered a few words into Shui Ling’er’s ears – to which Shui Ling’er nodded.


I didn’t sleep nor had Shui Ling’er gone to sleep. She calmly sat to my side and looked at me.

It wasn’t because I had a beauty by my side that I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t sleep because I was missing my wives very much! How was YingYing? Was she still inside that place near the transmission matrix, waiting for me?

Where was I right now? I was now 80% sure that this place wasn’t Earth as it was impossible for a place like this to exist on Earth!

Was this the so-called summit of the world? Haha, it can indeed be said to be that in a certain way! If I had a few hands here, I believe that all the tribes in this world will surrender to my feet. I will really have the entire world at that time, standing at the summit of the world!

But what if I was replaced by Cixi? Could she really get accepted by these primitive people as I did so quickly? I shook my head!

Oh, right!

Perhaps that Steven was not correct. Perhaps this was a gift from the aliens to Cixi. Perhaps, they found a planet outside in space and thought that it was very similar to Earth, so they gave it over to Cixi! At that time, the civilization here might be even worse than it is now, and Cixi being a modern human will be able to control those primitive people easily! But will Cixi ever come to a place where even birds wouldn’t want to s**t?

The land here was really big, the people here were primitive, and coming here would have no fun or pleasure! It’s possible that Cixi had already known something about this place, so she didn’t use that transmission matrix!

“I…… Can I discuss a matter with you?” Shui Ling’er’s words interrupted my train of thought.

“Naturally, what’s the matter?” I asked with a smile.

“It’s like this, in a month, a mountain flood is going to erupt. Can you make it not erupt?” Shui Ling’er asked carefully.

“Mountain flood?” Can I not make it erupt? Yeah, when I become a real omnipotent god! However, looking at Shui Ling’er’s hopeful look, I could only nod! Wasn’t there still another month? I will find a way at that time! It was no big deal. The most important matter now was that I was feeling very homesick and missing my wife and child.

“Shui Ling’er, I will be leaving! I am not sure when I will return as I still have some things that I need to handle!” I suddenly thought of an issue. Since I was able to arrive here, was there also a transmission matrix hiding here? Otherwise, how was someone supposed to go back?

Thinking of here, I immediately rushed to the place where the two of us met.

Looking at my departing back, Shui Ling’er sighed……

The results of the investigation disappointed me, there was nothing special there! I looked all over the place that I appeared but didn’t find anything unusual!

I shook my head in disappointment and prepared to go back to the tribe using spatial transfer! Spatial Transfer? Right! I suddenly thought that since I do a spatial jump when I use spatial transfer, it was very similar to that transmission matrix!

If I used spatial transfer, would I be able to return to the stone room? Of course, all of it was on the premise that when I used that transmission matrix, I only jumped through space and not time!

Thinking of this, I was immediately excited! I carefully remembered the scenery near the Akata tribe to make sure I could transfer back here! After all, I still had a wife here, Shui Ling’er. Even if I couldn’t bring her back into my harem, I still had to do what she asked for and look after her! {TL: Is this discrimination? Why can’t he bring her back to her harem? A reason like she is from a primitive place and the other world is advanced and all that is bullshit.}

Doing all this, I determined the position of the stone chamber in my mind and used the spatial transfer. Just like before, darkness took over my vision. Although I couldn’t immediately reach my destination, what made me pleasantly surprised was that it was taking the same amount of time as when I used the transmission matrix!

This explained that my current position was too far away from Earth. Even if I completed a spatial jump, it will take time to complete!

Since I had the experience from before, I directly closed my eyes so as to avoid a sudden ray of light, making it hard to adapt my vision!

“Husband!” I soon heard a pleasantly surprised voice. It was YingYing’s voice! I returned! I SUCCEEDED!

I opened my eyes and saw Wu YingYing’s entire face covered in anxiousness, looking at me! I once again saw my YingYing!

“Hehe, YingYing, I can finally see you again! I had thought I won’t be able to come back!” I said with a smile.

“What’s wrong, husband? From your words, it appears that it isn’t easy using this transmission matrix from the other side?” Wu YingYing said with a strange expression.

“It’s far worse than that! The transmission matrix is actually unidirectional, impossible to return!” I shook my head. Fortunately, I was able to think of the spatial transfer in time, otherwise, I would have had to stay there for a lifetime!

“Ah?” Wu YingYing was stunned and then said, “Yeah, this transmission matrix seems to be disposable. After you disappeared, I wanted to follow after you and stood inside the matrix for half-an-hour but nothing happened! I found myself standing in the same place! I was afraid that you might not return for some time, so I had been waiting here for you!”

Disposable? It seems that this thing is really harmful. It’s great that Empress Dowager Cixi didn’t go, otherwise, she would have regretted for a lifetime!

“Right, how did you come back?” Wu YingYing suddenly realized that the key issue — how did I come back!

“Oh, I used my spatial transfer prowess to come back to this place. Didn’t expect that right? Neither did !” I shook my head and then told Wu YingYing about what happened in that world and about the Akata tribe.

“I never expected this transmission matrix to really lead to another world!” After listening to my words, Wu YingYing sighed, “It doesn’t seem to have a major connection to the world that we occupy right now!”

“Yeah, I have taken down the exact location and will bring you there several days later. We can then have a look together!” I said with a smile.

“Bring me? Won’t that affect your lovey-dovey time with that Shui Ling’er?” Wu YingYing looked at me and said with a smile.

“Why, are you jealous?” I looked at Wu YingYing and said. It was the first time she made that kind of expression.