VPAATP V4 Chapter 146

Advanced Popularization Plan

However, before Wu YingYing finished her words, the intelligent warning system of the island alerted all the security to arrive before us and point the pitch-black muzzle at us.

“These people are……” Wu YingYing had grown up in an army family, so even though the muzzle was pointing at her, she retained her calmness and didn’t show any anxiousness. However, what I didn’t know was that the calmness Wu YingYing had was all from her trust in me. Since I was standing by her side, she believed that there was no way anyone could hurt her!

At this time, the security guards finally made out who was before them and realized it was I! They put their guns back, “Mr. Liu, hello!” These guys previously called me leader, but I thought that sounded a bit violent, so I had them change the way they address me. Mr. Liu sounded far more elegant.

“She is someone I brought along. Well, there’s nothing going on here so you can get back to your position!” I said to them.

“Understood, we won’t disturb you again! Mr. Liu, we will now take our leave!” The security men did their unique military salute and then quickly disappeared.

“Who were they all?” Wu YingYing patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief, “Why have I never seen the weapons in their hands? Was that some special equipment?”

“They are the elites of my mercenary company responsible for protecting the research base! The weapons in their hands are Dead Light Guns, capable of decomposing most of the substances, including the human body!” I explained, “Also, they are quite capable as well and have some abilities. Though not to my level, their physique is still stronger than the average person!”

“Abilities? Where did you find so many ability users?” Wu YingYing was shocked after hearing my words. Were abilities like grocery, come all take all?

“Of course, they weren’t born with abilities, but they have specially modified and improved mental and physical strengths!” I explained with a smile.

“So that’s how it is! Right, husband, I also want the abilities. You must help me transform as well!” Wu YingYing said curiously.

“That’s no big deal, so long as you can endure the hardships!” My body had undergone changes due to the transformations made by Yama (King of Hell), therefore I was very different from the average person. Wu YingYing and the others, on the other hand, were average people and it was completely different for them. They must enhance their spiritual energy first, letting their ability grow gradually! But practicing spiritual energy was a very laborious matter!

“I? I will obviously be able to do that! I have been practicing military tactics and exercises with my father since childhood, so there’s no difficulty that can hinder me!” Wu YingYing said relaxedly.

“Great. After we are done with these matters, I will teach you the primary technique I practice. I will also have YanYan and the others study it as well!” I had never thought that Wu YingYing, with her thin and weak looking body, had practiced military exercises!

I brought Wu YingYing before the false mountain, obviously, only I knew that it was a false mountain as it appeared to be just like the real ones. I pressed on a piece of some special stone at the edge of the mountain, making a door slowly appear out of the mountain!

“Secret Stratagem Channel?” Wu YingYing called out in alarm, “So the things in that movie were real!” {TL: Ignore it, not like you gonna watch it and I couldn’t find an English page for it. The links I found lead to some short vids, a few seconds long – max 2-3 minutes.}

“I don’t know what was in the movie, but this here is the entrance of the research base!” I said to Wu YingYing, “After a while, you must follow me carefully. There are a lot of traps inside there, I am afraid you might trigger something inadvertently!”

Wu YingYing nodded, but her excitement wasn’t any low, just like a curious child.

After another verification of fingerprints, sounds, and magnetic chips, we finally arrived at the core of the lab. It was a coincidence that Sun Sikong, that insane scientist, wasn’t experimenting with anything today. Instead, he was leisurely lying on the sofa in the hall and looking at the newspaper.

“Old Sun, why aren’t you busy in researching stuff?” I asked with a smile.

“Mr. Liu, you are here! I was watching the future of science and technology section in the newspaper to understand the extent to which the outside world has developed!” Sun Sikong said.

“How is the result?” I asked.

“The results are very disappointing! It seems to be the same as a year ago!” Sun Sikong shook his head, “We are far ahead from the rest of the world, hehe! Looking at the advanced technology here, I feel very uncomfortable that we can’t use all this in production and construction!” {TL: Just f***ing take over the god dam**d world already!}

The speaker has no intention, the listener plans far ahead! After listening to Sun Sikong’s complaints, I suddenly thought what would happen if the technologies were applied to the planet on which the Akata tribe resided?

If we put the technology we have here now on Earth, there will definitely be panic from certain forces and there may even be an international war! But if all this technology was used on such a backward and primitive planet, there won’t be such a situation! Faced with such advanced technology, the people of that place will only have fear, reverence, and obeisance. There will be no disputes!

And even if there was someone who coveted this technology, they will only have the heart but not the balls to steal! Let alone I was their nominal deity, and the decree of the supreme deity was enough to make sure no one dared revolt!

Thinking of here, I said to Sun Sikong, “I must tell you something important right now! I have found a star with life, to be precise, I can’t determine the location of that star as it might be in another space, but there is a planet that has the same conditions as our own! Moreover, their civilization is far too behind from ours…… It can even be said that their civilization hasn’t even started developing normally, let alone technologically!”

“What! Are you saying that you found a star with life?! Really!” Listening to my words, Sun Sikong was immensely surprised, “Did you really find it? I have been searching 24/7 yet didn’t find anything, how did you find it?!”

Xu Qingwei was watching the television when he heard Sun Sikong and I talking. As soon as he heard my words, he also jumped from the seat and hopped over like a rabbit, “Boss, is what you just said the truth? I wouldn’t be hearing things? Just what equipment did you use to find that? Even if you found it, how were you able to determine that it has life on it?”

Xu Qingwei also thought that what I said was too inconceivable. Sun Sikong and he had been looking for a long time but didn’t find anything, yet I found it all of a sudden?

“Old Sun, Qingwei, you shouldn’t get so excited so soon. First, listen to my explanation!” I beckoned with my hand and said with a smile, “First of all, it was all just a coincidence! Do you remember that ring I brought here previously?”

“Ring, right, the ring that you asked to be designed according to your requirements. The one I made……” Xu Qingwei nodded, “Oh, right! What does this matter have to do with that ring? Before talking about these irrelevant matters, tell us about the star with life!”

“How is this irrelevant! I found that star because of that ring!” Saying that I explained the process of the matter to them.

When Sun Sikong heard about the stone gate, he secretly expressed his admiration! They unexpectedly had such advanced recognition technology. Although he could also make that sort of recognition technology, for something like that to be in the Qing Dynasty was a very surprising matter!