VPAATP V4 Chapter 147

Yang Mei’s News

“Transmission matrix?” When I arrived at the part about the transmission matrix, Sun Sikong was surprised and said, “Then, it’s possible that the one who constructed that stone gate and that transmission matrix were some other higher intelligent beings! The ones we often refer to as alien(s)!”

I nodded, “I think the same. And I also believe that their technology at that time wasn’t any worse than what we have right now! It is even more likely that their’s is even more developed than ours! After all, that gate was created hundreds of years ago, and the development of technology jumps rapidly with time!”

“That’s true. For example, when you gave me the technology, it was very hard for me to study it in the beginning and I thought it was very inconceivable. But I can now apply it all in real life easily!” Sun Sikong nodded in approval.

“Right, do you have a method to prevent a mountain flood from erupting?” I asked the actual question. After all, I had complied with Shui Ling’er’s request and must help her as much as possible.

“Stopping a mountain flood?” Sun Sikong shook is head. I thought that he didn’t have a way for it but then he said unexpectedly, “Such a simple issue, I have at least 4-5 methods to take care of that! One of them is directly electrolyzing the water before the flood erupts, completely evaporating the water! Naturally, the water can also be shifted somewhere else!”

Evaporate? Damn, why couldn’t I think of such a simple matter! However, I quickly thought of something else. Though Sun Sikong’s theory wasn’t very advanced it was impossible to achieve it right now. For example, that electrolytic equipment couldn’t produce that much power with the current technology. It wouldn’t be possible to evaporate all that water!

“Why evaporate it? Why not store the water?” Wu YingYing suddenly suggested, “The water from the flood can be stored for other uses. This will be of great help to those primitive people!”

Help! Right, I never thought of that! All that mattered to me was getting rid of that flood that I forgot of using it efficiently! It seems that I was really not very suitable to be the God of these primitive people, I will just do what Wu YingYing suggested.

Now, this matter could be placed on the side. As for how to implement it, it can be decided through observation when the actual time came. What was urgent now was getting Sun Sikong to that planet with life! But before going there, Sun Sikong needed to arrange some equipment. Therefore, we decided to go there half-a-month later. The reason was that some equipment needed to be redesigned and remanufactured, so it will take some time.

After completing all this, I prepared to bring Ye XiaoXiao and Wu YingYing back to the B City villa. But when the time to leave came, Little Ye Zi just wouldn’t leave my mother’s side. Over the last few days, the two had gotten very close, so he refused to leave with XiaoXiao and me. So we could only leave him back in Songjiang for the time being. And he was together with my mother, his grandmother, so it wasn’t a big deal.

I had spent quite a long time in Songjiang and didn’t know just how much my wives were now going to complain? Wu YingYing was the newest addition to the family, so her heart was disturbed. Just before leaving, she went out to buy some gifts and decorations from the mall especially for her “sisters”. I obviously approved as it would improve the harmonious behavior in my harem. And I will also be able to avoid explaining a lot to those wives when we get back.

Zhao YanYan and Wu YingYing were already very close, and Chen Wei’er had also met her several times before, so there wasn’t a difficulty in them all getting along. Zhao YanYan didn’t try to scold or make fun of me either, probably because of some other reasons!

Zhao YanYan already knew about Wu YingYing’s affection for me since the previous time we went to buy a car for her, so Zhao YanYan didn’t show any unfriendliness to Wu YingYing.

At dinner time, Liu Yue suddenly said to me mysteriously, “Come to the study room with me, there’s something important I need to tell you.”

“What happened?” I felt very strange. Was it possible that the girl wanted to be alone with me after not seeing me for some time? Did she want to get intimate right now?

Looking at the professional attire that Liu Yue hadn’t changed out off, and the fact that she was telling me to go to the study room with her, I thought that there was a possibility, there was definitely a very great possibility! Was Liu Yue, my secretary, wanting to try out the legendary boss and secretary in the office style?

“I obviously have an important matter! Hello, what kind of expression is that? How can you be looking so lascivious?” Looking at my face, Liu Yue felt a chill down her heart.

“Ah? All right, let’s go!” When I saw that Liu Yue was getting embarrassed, I said intentionally.

Liu Yue looked at me with a bewildered expression, shook her head, and walked upstairs.

Entering the study room, I closed the door and looked at Liu Yue lasciviously, “Cousin, it’s not a good thing to do, keeping it all to yourself. If YanYan and the others found out, they might start despising you!”

“What am I keeping to myself? What are you trying to say?” Liu Yue was startled but then immediately understood my meaning!

Eh, I had some sweat on my forehead. Could it be that I misunderstood? Ah!

“You and me alone…… Don’t you want to perform the boss and secretary act?” Was it really that I had misunderstood?

“What the heck are you thinking of all the time? Just what is your brain processing?” Liu Yue said digruntledly, “Alright, let’s get to the point. I called you here for proper business. What is the relation between you and Yang Mei?”

“Yang Mei?” That name hadn’t been mentioned before me for quite some time! I had coveted her and wanted to make her mine before, but recently, it had been as if I forgot about her, “What is the relationship between her and me? Wasn’t she transferred to the headquarters by you so she could especially help you? How come you are asking me about her? And, hasn’t she been visiting our house for a while now?”

Liu Yue didn’t answer my words, instead, she asked very seriously, “What I want to know now is what is going on between you and her?”

“What is going on between her and me?” I was stunned, but then I sneered and said, “Liu Yue, how can you suspect that something is between her and me? If there’s something you want to say, say it frankly. There’s no need to beat around the bush!”

Looking at my manner, Liu Yue maliciously stared at me, “I am beating around the bush? Ahem, do you think I am jealous? I brought you here to interrogate you?”

“I never said that,” Although I was angry, I didn’t want to injure Liu Yue’s self-respect.

“Liu Lei! What I want to tell you is that Yang Mei resigned out of the blue last week!” Liu Yue said lightly, “What do you think I want to ask you now?”

“What? She resigned? Why?” I couldn’t believe that Yang Mei resigned. From her behavior from a while ago, it was obvious that her wish was that she and I be together. Since I didn’t return her feelings, Yang Mei had looked for various reason to get closer to Liu Yue and Meng QingQing, visiting our house quite often. I didn’t reject or disallow her, and let nature take its course!

But now, what Liu Yue said came as a big surprise! First, not to say that the corporate conditions of Shuguang International were very good, just the other fact was enough to make sure that Yang Mei won’t resign!

“Surprised, right? This is what I also want to ask you! Yang Mei had been doing her job quite well and Meng QingQing and I were also satisfied with her. We even helped her get closer to YanYan and the others as friends. From the perspective of a love rival, I have always been accepting of her, so I can’t understand just why Yang Mei would resign!” Liu Yue said.