VPAATP V4 Chapter 148

A Letter

“You can’t suspect me, right. Haven’t I been in B City all this time, how could I have done anything to her over these days?” I said with a bitter smile.

“I am not suspecting you! However, when Yang Mei left she asked me to give this letter to you!” Saying this, Liu Yue arrived before the writing desk and took out a letter from inside the middle drawer, placing it on the table.

I received the envelope and saw that there were the words “Only to be opened by Liu Lei”, just those seven words. The envelope was still sealed with glue and there was no trace of anyone having opened it. Apparently, Liu Yue didn’t read it beforehand.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have the habit of opening other people’s letters!” Seeing me turn the letter over and take a look, Liu Yue felt annoyed at the distrust from me and said.

“Liu Yue, that’s not what I meant,” No way was I going to admit that, “I was just trying to check if the handwriting belonged to her or not!”

“No! Although I haven’t opened the envelope, I have checked it multiple times!” Liu Yue didn’t hide her intention of knowing more. That manner of her instead made me feel very normal, if she didn’t do that then I might need to suspect her feelings towards me.

I hesitated but then pulled out my cell phone. I was going to call Yang Mei immediately and ask her why she resigned.

“There’s no need for that, her cell phone has already been turned off!” Liu Yue shook her head, “I have already tried calling her before!”

“Did she not say anything when she gave this letter to you?” I helplessly put my cell phone back.

“This letter and the resignation letter were both delivered through someone else, I have not met her!” Liu Yue said as she shook her head.

What happened? Was this Yang Mei’s indifference to me now, or was there some other special reason?

Did Yang Mei fall in love with someone else? I tried to recall, and indeed, I had not seen this girl for a while. If she found a boyfriend then there was a possibility. But as the matter stands, why would she resign as well!

In Shuguang International, almost everyone regarded her as my woman. If she had found herself a boyfriend, others would have certainly noticed and spread rumors? Did her boyfriend not know about her feelings for me? If that’s how it was, then it was possible that she would choose resignation over working here! And this letter, it might just be the last farewell from her to me! Properly speaking, I should be blessing her to have a great life with her boyfriend, but why did I feel so bitter?

Thinking of here, I looked at Liu Yue who was pondering something and asked, “Did Yang Mei get a boyfriend?”

“Yang Mei? Boyfriend?” Liu Yue was stunned but then said indignantly, “How can you even think of something like that? Do you really want to give her to someone else?”

“That’s not the reason? She didn’t resign because of her boyfriend?” I then explained my analysis to Liu Yue.

“Please, I am together with her almost every day. Whoever she comes in contact with, QingQing and I are very clear about that. If she had a boyfriend, how would the two of us not notice? Also, some time ago, Yang Mei even discussed with me how she could make you accept her! You are really heartless and cruel, to even be able to think of something like that!”

Facing Liu Yue’s scolding, I had nothing to refute her with. It seems that I was overthinking and Yang Mei didn’t have a boyfriend!

“I say, my dear chairman, you should first read the letter before you start making up your own ideas again! Your guesses are irritating me quite a lot!” Liu Yue glared into my eyes and said with an expression of helplessness.

True, I should first read the letter! Perhaps, the answers to all my question are in this letter! Thinking of here, I immediately sat before the writing desk, moved the lamp towards me, and carefully opened the envelope.

Liu Yue simply sat on the chair’s armrest, putting her buttocks right next to my arm. It could be said that it was quite an ambiguous posture, something very close to what those boss and secretary AV films would start with. However, I was frantic at this moment and didn’t have time for those crooked thoughts. I only wanted to hurry up and open the letter and know what Yang Mei wanted to tell me.

Although I knew that Liu Yue wanted to have a look at the contents of the letter, I didn’t prevent here. There was nothing I had that was needed to be concealed from her. There was nothing wrong in letting her see!

“Lei, I am really happy you opened the letter!

Please allow me to call you as such since I have never regarded you as a boss, nor am I willing to think of you like that. Please forgive me for not giving this resignation to you personally, but I was afraid that if I saw you, I might not have been able to say these few words.

I know that we haven’t known each other for a long time, but I have to admit that I have fallen in love with you with all my heart. I am sure that my love for you will remain forever!”

Seeing Yang Mei’s letter mention the word “forever”, I don’t know why but my heart jumped immediately. I remembered that I had told Wu YingYing that: Only in death can love last forever!

“The first time I ate a meal with you in the cafeteria, I still have a vivid memory of that day! Hehe, now that I write about it, I remembered that you had promised that you will treat me to a meal, right? I also remember that I had been acting very narrow-minded at that time. There wasn’t a description of where you would bring me for the meal, so I had wanted to blackmail you for an expensive meal. I will just remember it on account…… Perhaps, I will never be able to eat it again.

You know, the time we went to D City to meet my family when you disguised as my boyfriend, those were the happiest days of my life! I will always keep that in my heart. Thank you, for your care and regard for me all that time. Although I know that it might have been unintentional and you didn’t regard me as your lover, that is enough for me.

Originally, I had thought that if I stay by your side, depend on you, then I will definitely be able to ignite some desire in you. Moreover, I also believed that you will certainly fall in love with me one day, but this happy ideal seemed to be impossible to come true. But I don’t regret anything, after all, I had tried. Right!

Alright, I will finish here. I am afraid that if I keep on writing I will not be able to bear not being able to see you again! Perhaps, this is the last time I will be able to pour my heart out to you. I hope, on the long road of life, you will remember me, remember that there was once a woman who loved you dearly. Remember the woman who loved you was Yang Mei.”

The letter was very short and finished here. There was no date inscribed on the letter but the traces of tears were visible.

After reading this letter, I was shocked! Just what was Yang Mei going to do! As I read the letter, there was a kind of weird feeling that couldn’t be explained. The feeling of sorrow and longing made me want to cry!

I turned my head to look at Liu Yue and found that she was already bursting with tears!

“Liu Lei, you accepted so many women, even Liu Xiang who had no emotional basis with you! Why couldn’t you accept Yang Mei!” Liu Yue couldn’t help but berate me. She was very different from her usual calm self.

“I……” I had never even thought in a dream that Yang Mei’s thoughts would be so delicate! However, this letter……