VPAATP V4 Chapter 15

Xu Xueyun’s Heartfelt Words

“Oh, Little Xue, your classmate is quite humorous? Is he like the legendary detective I have heard? Those who must dig all the information?” I looked at the man and said.

“Guan Yang, he’s my boyfriend. He’s my classmate at University!” Xu Xueyun had also calmed down a lot and said to Guan Yang.

Guan Yang raised his cold and indifferent looking eyes and stared at me as he asked, “Classmate? How long have you known each other? Have you known him longer than me?”

“Guan Yang……Don’t speak something irresponsible……We are old classmates, so our relationship is simply different!” Xu Xueyun said in a hurry.

“Humph, Xueyun, you come over with me. I have some things to ask of you!” Guan Yang finished and beckoned towards Xu Xueyun as he turned and walked towards the door.

“I……” Xu Xueyun looked towards me with some difficulty in her eyes. She didn’t know whether to go or not.

“Go,” I nodded to Xu Xueyun, “Some matters must get cleared. Since you don’t like him, then make him give up on his delusions thoroughly! If you have any difficulty, you can call for me. I will be waiting for you here.”

“Alright,” Xu Xueyun said with a sigh.

Why do I feel I am Xu Xueyun’s boyfriend? Was there a need to ask for my instructions even on a matter like this? However, I couldn’t help but be worried about her from that Little Brat Guan Yang, so I used my power and kept track of all their movements at the door.

Guan Yang saw Xu Xueyun exit the room and closed the door, then he said to her with a sour expression, “What the heck is going on?” His appearance matched a newly-wed wife who had got reprimanded and was now angry.

Xu Xueyun frowned and wasn’t too happy with his attitude, but she still replied calmly, “What is going on?”

“Your boyfriend! Since when have you known him? How long have you been together with him? How far has the development between you two gone?” Guan Yang asked.

“We……what does it have to do with you?” Although Xu Xueyun’s character was meek, it didn’t mean she will accept anything. It was apparent from the fact that she didn’t submit to the unreasonable conditions and threats of her former employer. {TL Note: The Vase Incident. Volume 2 Chapter 169-170 something.}

“It naturally has a lot to do with me! In my opinion, you have been the women of I, Guan Yang. We just haven’t announced it yet! How could you look for a boyfriend behind my back? I don’t know what I haven’t done for you. From high school to Universtiy, I have been pursuing you for four years! Haven’t you felt your heart move even a bit?” Guan Yang said as he was getting angry.

“But I don’t like you! I already said: we can be friends and……” Xu Xueyun replied as she was also getting riled up.

“Don’t like me? Why don’t you like me? What’s not good about me? Am I worse than that brat? I admit that brat is better-looking compared to me, but what use is being handsome? Can you eat that? I make more money than him. I can give you a life you want. I can even let you travel the world as you like after you graduate!” Guan Yang said.

“Sentiments can’t be weighed in money! I just like him! When I first saw him, I had a special feeling that I must pursue him! Guan Yang, if you keep on pursuing me like this, then we won’t be able to stay friends either!” Xu Xueyun’s emotions were flaming as she shouted.

Inside the private room, I had been paying attention to every movement on the outside. As I heard Xu Xueyun’s words, I was shocked still. Was she telling the truth?

“How long have you liked him, no, do you even know what love is?” Guan Yang asked with his eyes turning red.

“I know. I can affirm I love him!” As Xu Xueyun said these words, she felt her heart and mind relax. She felt a boulder lift off of her chest as she divulged what was in the depth of her heart, so Xu Xueyun didn’t worry too much anymore and said, “The two of us met on the first day of University. At that time, I was getting bullied. There were many people around, but they only watched from the sidelines. At that time, it was only him who stood up for me. I have like him since then! Have you never heard of love at first sight!”

“Hoh, it sounds quite romantic!” Guan Yang said with a cold and indifferent face, “Xu Xueyun, we have known each other for a long time now. You know what kind of person I, Guan Yang am! I am telling you, I am a ruthless man. Do you believe I am not ruthless?”

“You……You are ruthless……” Xu Xueyun heard these words and felt afraid. She had known very well what kind of person this Guan Yang was for many years.

“Humph, since you know how I am, heh, then I am telling you: My patience is limited. Don’t regret if your boyfriend gets into some sort of accident!” Guan Yang threatened with a smirk.

At this time, I couldn’t help but feel my lungs almost explode with how much I wanted to laugh. F***, did this guy really say he was ruthless? Did he really think he can get me into an accident? I really want to see how he’s gonna deal with me!

However, Xu Xueyun didn’t know how powerful I was. Last time I helped her solve the vase incident with her employer, I only used my wits and not force, so Xu Xueyun was worried by Guan Yang’s words.

Guan Yang was a well-known fighter in high school. In school, he was a ruthless lord who was said to have some connections with the Underworld society. Several students who provoked him were beaten black and blue while one even had his leg smashed and disabled, laying in the hospital for over half a year. Guan Yang’s father just used money and shut both the school and the student’s family, making everything return to normal. Guan Yang remained the same old Class Leader and lorded over the school as he always did.

“Guan Yang, you……How could you still be like this? You are already an adult and if you do something like that, you will have to bear responsibility for it! You won’t be able to escape the legal responsibility!” Xu Xueyun said.

“What bullshit responsibility? Haha, Xueyun, you are already a University student, but you still don’t know the law? Heh, let me tell you: As long as I don’t kill people, or someone doesn’t die afterward, I can always solve the matter with money! I can do whatever I want!” Guan Yang laughed evilly.

At this time, Xu Xueyun felt the Guan Yang before her was a stranger, someone very far away! Originally, she could have regarded Guan Yang as her friend of the opposite gender and a good classmate, but now, Guan Yang actually dared speak to her like this! Xu Xueyun regretted attending the student reunion this time!

“I hope you will consider the matter with a clear head and don’t do something wrong. If you dare harm him in any way, then we won’t be friends anymore!” Xu Xueyun shook her head, turned around and walked towards the private rooms door.

On the other hand, inside the private room, I had to bear the interrogation of all other people.

“Goodness gracious! You are so handsome!” A starry-eyed girl next to me said. Her boyfriend on her side felt really awkward.

“Are you our school flower’s boyfriend?” Another female opened her mouth and asked exaggeratedly.

I had listened to others calling Xu Xueyun the school flower more than once today. In fact, with how fine her stature was, Xu Xueyun could indeed be considered a great beauty, enough to be the school beauty.

As I already had so many beauties around me, so I would obviously not be shocked or amazed by Xu Xueyun’s beauty. But now, it feels like I had been underestimating Xu Xueyun’s charm a bit too much!

“Ah, yes, I am the legendary school stud……” I said as I tried to joke.

“Oh, wow. The school flower matched together with the school stud. It’s a combination of the legends, the Heaven and Earth union!” That starry-eyed female student said enviously.