VPAATP V4 Chapter 150

What Is Yang Mei Hiding?

Lu Haotao described the situation in detail,

“Chief Liu, I rushed over to your girlfriend’s home right after hanging up the call! I am here right now and even after knocking the door for half a day, nobody opened from the inside. Moreover, I also had others look from outside the windows and not even a single light was turned on inside the house! I wasn’t feeling relieved so I asked my subordinates to try and see inside through all possible ways, but it seems that there is no one inside! Chief Liu, could it be that I arrived late? But I already rushed here with the maximum speed we could muster! I have already got people all over the city and I estimate that we will have some report by tomorrow!”

Lu Haotao also had the premonition that something must have happened. The fact that I asked him at such a late time to go out and see if there was anyone in Yang Mei’s house was proof that something serious was going on, therefore, his sound was very low and deep. Moreover, he took the initiative to acknowledge that it was his mistake.

Although I had already prepared myself psychologically, listening to Lu Haotao’s report I couldn’t help but sigh! It seems that Yang Mei was intent on disappearing this time!

“I won’t blame you over this matter, it has nothing to do with you not getting there in time. I think that her family had already left a long time ago! Alright, you can go back now. Tomorrow morning, send some of your men to investigate the neighbors and relatives, ask them just where did their family go off to?” I could only say this to Lu Haotao.

“Understood, I will personally manage everything in the morning!” Lu Haotao immediately said.

“That’s all then. If you get any news, call me immediately, I will get there as soon as possible!” I also knew that Lu Haotao might not be able to gather any information, but I didn’t want to miss even the slightest clue!

Now, all we could do was wait for dawn to mobilize other people!

After dealing with these matters, I went to relax together with Liu Yue! I suddenly realized that Yang Mei had already gained a deep spot inside my heart.

Whether I admit it or not, I was really worried just now! When I read the letter, I can’t deny that my heart was shaken.

If you regret something, you ought to find a way to remedy it! I didn’t know what I could do now, should I undergo another rebirth?

“What are you getting worried for now? What did you do over it before?” Liu Yue looked at me and said ill-humouredly.

“Alright, I know what I need to do now,” I nodded. A lot of things were like this, you only realized their value in your life after losing them. However, how many people can really achieve that? Who does not truly regret?

The entire night passed with me pondering over Yang Mei’s whereabouts! Did she really leave because of me? Moreover, she left so thoroughly, even her parents vanished together with her?

Properly speaking, something like that was impossible. Was it possible that someone so snobbish like Li Xiaohong is able to let Yang Mei give up on her pursuit? From my interaction with her, that’s impossible.

Although I don’t want to overthink matters as much as possible, the current situation made me think that Yang Mei’s family might have come across some sort of accident!

If that was true, then I will certainly be angry. If she had a difficulty why had she not come to look for me? I had already helped her twice, acted like her boyfriend and more, so what else was there that she I wouldn’t help her with! How can she just vanish like this without saying anything, making me feel so bad now!

The rest of the night passed with me thinking of the matter, soon, the sky brightened and I hadn’t slept for a moment. Zhao YanYan had already heard from Liu Yue about the matter and its severity, so she hadn’t come over to disturb me, letting me ponder over the matter in silence.

Just when the sky had brightened a bit, Liu Yue, Meng QingQing, and I rushed to the company in a car. At this time, there wasn’t anybody here except for the security.

“Chief Liu, Chief Meng!” Seeing the two “heads” of the company come there so early in the morning, the security guard immediately opened the door respectfully. Though Liu Yue and Meng QingQing were Chairman’s Assistant and Secretary respectively, but since they had the absolute authority over everything, everyone just addressed to them as Chief Liu and Chief Meng.

If it was someone else, it might be possible that their behavior would have been considered arrogance and defiance against the higher-ups by taking all command in their hands. But since my relationship with the both was out in the open, no one thought that there was anything wrong with this.

When the security guard saw Liu Yue and Meng QingQing behind me, he was stunned! It’s true that I don’t come to the company often, but that doesn’t mean people in the company don’t know me!

“Sir Chairman, you are also here!” The security guard immediately greeted me while he was wondering in his heart: Just why is the chairman here so early as well, is someone going to get screwed? He wondered just which department had bad luck today! However, the security guard didn’t care too much as it had nothing to do with him, so he wasn’t worried in the least bit. {TL: Imagine the security guard being the one getting fired the very next moment.}

I nodded and patted on his shoulder and said to him, “You have worked hard. The security of the company depends on you!”

Being treated like this by me, the security guard’s heart was moved, “Chairman, this is something that I ought to do! You can rest assured that I will do my best to protect the company for you!”

I smiled and said nothing. Just a few words from a great and successful person were enough to move and motivate any ordinary person for their life! For me, something like this was just a habit! When I was the CEO in my previous life, I had specially taken training on how to encourage employees. Something like this was just basic stuff!

“Yang Mei’s position hasn’t been given to someone else?” When we were waiting for the elevator, I couldn’t help but ask. There would be staff working overtime almost every night, so the elevator wasn’t on the first floor.

“No, Yang Mei’s position is still empty. How can I just find someone to replace her so casually when I haven’t even confirmed what happened!” Liu Yue shook her head.

“No, what I want to know is if there are any clues left behind I her office,” I said, “She must have been in a hurry when leaving, otherwise, how can someone disappear so fast. So it’s possible that some clues might have been left behind!”

“I hope so! However, the possibility is quite small. There might just be the company’s documents or something like that,” having said that, Meng QingQing stepped inside the elevator that had just arrived. After we all entered, she pressed the button to the top floor.

Many companies tend to have the chairman and general manager offices on the top floor. It wasn’t to let them have the feeling of superiority or anything, it was just because there weren’t many people that will come to the top floor for no reason, and the environment was also quiet and peaceful. The people who come up will only do when they have something important, no one will come up casually. {TL: This sounds bullshit.}

My office was in the innermost part of the corridor. Since I rarely come here, the door is often locked. Liu Yue and Meng QingQing’s office, on the other hand, were right next to my office. And since Yang Mei was their special assistant, she had another big office for herself!

The three of us entered their office where Liu Yue found the magnetic-chip card for Yang Mei’s room, then she lead me to Yang Mei’s office and opened the door.

“That’s Yang Mei’s desk!” Liu Yue pointed towards the desk right beside the window.