VPAATP V4 Chapter 154

Several Months Of Life

“What you said is also true!” I nodded and thought about it deeply. In my previous life, I had never taken the initiative to got to the hospital for my heart’s inspection! In the end, I died of a heart attack at Zhao YanYan’s wedding.

Perhaps, I also had some heart disease in my previous life. As for this life, since I practice a Heart Law, there will not be any issues to my health.

“Yes. Therefore, by the time Yang Mei discovered her heart’s condition, it was already too late!” Zhou Zhiping shook his head.

“Can’t this sickness be treated? Why must she leave like this, not even saying goodbye!” Why would Yang Mei give up with today’s advanced technology?

“It’s not completely impossible… it’s just that…” Zhou Zhiping hesitated for a moment.

“Just what? Is it going to cost a lot of money? There isn’t a problem no matter how much it costs!” I said quickly.

“It’s not about it costing money,” Zhou Zhiping shook his head and said with a wry smile, “Looking at your appearance, you must be a successful man! Ah, even if the surgery cost was paid, the chances of success of this operation are less than 1 in a hundred thousand. Less than one!”

“Doesn’t that mean there is almost no possible cure?” I asked in surprise. Was the disease really that resistant?

“You can say it like that! If the patient doesn’t get the surgery, they will be able to live for a few months in the least. Once they do get the operation, the chances of them never getting up from the operation table is too high!” Zhou Zhiping sighed, “So, we would generally advise the patient to live their life to the fullest in the short span they have. Enjoy the few months they have and do something they love! At least, they will be able to die without regrets!”

“What?! She only has a few months left?!” I was shocked. How could this be! Yang Mei, that silly girl, why did she not tell me about something so big!

Even if the disease couldn’t be cured by medicine, aren’t I here? Even if my abilities were useless, wasn’t there still alien technology?

“Yes, Yang Mei probably only has around three more months to live. Young man, what are you going to do next?” Zhou Zhiping was also helpless, but since he was a doctor, he had to face life and death every day. There was nothing he could do!

“I will look for her!” I said the thought in my heart with firm resolution! I must cure Yang Mei’s sickness, even if it couldn’t be cured, I must accompany Yang Mei and let her enjoy the last journey of her life happily and joyfully!

“Good! Young man, you haven’t disappointed me. I have seen many lovers, but once one of them contracts an uncurable sickness, the other will evade them like a plague!” Zhou Zhiping said, “If you want to find her, I can show you a direction!”

“What direction?” Listening to Zhou Zhiping’s words, I was very excited! Did he know Yang Mei’s whereabouts?

“It’s like this: For every patient I have, I have a lengthy conversation with them regarding their situation and future. Not only is it good for understanding the patient, but we can also help them untie the knots in their heart to a certain extent!” Zhou Zhiping said, “When I was discussing with Yang Mei, she had once told me that she wanted to go to Venice once in her life the most! I think that she should be there!”

“Venice?” I was stunned. How can Yang Mei want to go to that place? I remember that there was something called the “Skiff of Venice” that we studied in elementary school. {TL: Skiff is a light rowing boat something like the image in the next link. https://bit.ly/2ArHpGC}

“Right. She said that he would really want to see that place. I also suggested her that if possible she should definitely go there. And seeing your financial situation, there shouldn’t be any financial constraints that Yang Mei might have to worry about. So I guess that she must be in Venice!” Zhou Zhiping said.

“It turned out to be like this. Thank you, Director Zhou! If I find Yang Mei, I must invite you to dinner together with her. You won’t refuse, right?” I was very grateful to him.

“Of course not. I hope that both of you can come back here safely!” Zhou Zhiping said with a deep breath.

I knew what he meant. He knew of Yang Mei’s situation so he was saying this to let me know that I had to be prepared.

“Director Zhou, you can rest assured, Yang Mei and I will definitely return and thank you!” I smiled. Of course, I don’t believe that Yang Mei will leave me like this. If nothing works out in the end, my brother Yama (King of Hell) and I haven’t gotten in touch for a while. Wouldn’t it be easy for him to do something about Yang Mei’s life?

“Alright, I will be waiting for that then!” Zhou Zhiping nodded. After a few moments, the two of us arrived at the Cardiology Department on the third floor. Zhou Zhiping found a record and handed it to me, “This is Yang Mei’s medical record! Everything is inside it!”

I received the medical record and immediately opened it. From inside, I took an X-Ray and looked at it.

“Here and here…… There are blockages. Here as well……” Zhou Zhiping pointed towards the X-Ray and explained to me.

Although I wasn’t a doctor, I could also understand a bit of these. Moreover, Zhou Zhiping was using simple words to explain so there wasn’t a barrier of language (hard medical terms)! I didn’t want to know why Yang Mei was sick, all I needed to know was where the disease had affected her so I could attempt to use my ability on that spot and transform it. After all, there was still Xu Ruoyun’s incident from before. I was sure that I will be able to cure Yang Mei’s sickness! {TL Note: Xu Ruoyun is the computer geek girl. She was stabbed and her soul left her body but Liu Lei was able to put it back in her body.}

“Let’s say that we can somehow unblock these blockings, will that be able to cure the disease?” I asked.

“Theoretically, that’s how it should be. But in practice, it is very troublesome! If so many openings are cut out around and in the heart, the outcome cannot be guaranteed by anyone!” Zhou Zhiping said.

“Thank you very much, Director Zhou!” I knew that I had found some hope in being able to cure Yang Mei’s disease, “Can I take this X-Ray along with me?”

“That is not possible since this is for the hospital archive. However, the patient should also have one with them!” Zhou Zhiping said.

After I listened to his words, I nodded in understanding and didn’t ask for it again. I only wanted it since the probability of me being able to treat Yang Mei will be much higher with this, but if Yang Mei had one with her then there wasn’t a need to take it from here. So long as I was able to find Yang Mei, everything will be solved!

As I left the hospital, I was in a very complex mood. I rebuked myself and regretted. Although it couldn’t be said that I was the one who caused Yang Mei’s sickness, it was still reasonable to say that I was a major reason in her sickness flaring up!

Lu Haotao called me and said that he had found the person who bought Yang Mei’s family home but he couldn’t find anything regarding Yang Mei from that person. That was now unimportant since I already knew Yang Mei’s general whereabouts, so I told Lu Haotao to end his investigations.

I called Liu Yue and Meng QingQing and explained Yang Mei’s situation to them.

“What! Did you just say that Yang Mei has a Congenital (from birth) Heart Disease!” Liu Yue was startled and asked worriedly.

“Yes. Moreover, it is very serious!” I sighed.

“Can’t it be treated? If it’s because of money, our company can bear any cost!” After Liu Yue heard my words, she said without hesitation.

“You think I will care about money and stuff! Let alone it’s Yang Mei, even if it was just an ordinary friend, I wouldn’t sit back and watch!” I smiled bitterly, “The key issues wasn’t not having money! The problem is that the chances of success in the surgery are very low! There is almost no possibility of success!” It was still 1999, the level of medicine wasn’t very developed yet!