VPAATP V4 Chapter 161

Thrilling Moment

“That won’t be very good……” Owens didn’t want to take any money from me, taking my money was something no one would dare do!

“It’s nothing, Mr. Owens. You need not be worried about anything, money doesn’t mean anything to me. Since you know my status, you should also know my official identity, right? Do you believe I will care about money?” I said with a smile.

“Yeah, it’s just me who was being stingy! Since that is the case, Mr. Liu, I have no alternative but to give face to you. I can only ask Curry to handle the matter with diligence and hard work to repay your favor!” Owens nodded and said what I was willing to accept as well.

“That is to be expected! Since Mr. Liu has given us so much face, I can’t be too greedy either. The deposit that you have paid is already good enough, there is no need for anything more!” Curry immediately followed suit and said.

I didn’t insist on anything again either since everyone was happy now.

At this time, Mark was still lost in a fog as he couldn’t understand just what the heck happened before him. From the beginning to the end, all he could infer from the situation was that I was some rich man! But that was something he had already known.

Under Owens’s supervision, White Horse Gang violently ran here and there in the entirety of Venice, going into all the hotels and gathering information.

Sometimes, it was easier for low-level gangs like theirs to handle matters like this since they were closer to the public.

Suddenly, all the hotels in Venice saw the members of the White Horse Gang going around, asking for the required information. The hotel owners thought that the Chinese family must have offended someone important from the White Horse Gang and were now wanted by them!

At this time, Yang Mei’s father, Yang Xiong, went to the vending machine downstairs at his hotel to get a pack of cigarettes. When he bought the pack, he saw several men in black suits standing at the reception, talking to the receptionist. Right at that moment, he saw the receptionist look towards him meaningfully. Yang Xiong didn’t know Italian, so he could obviously not understand what they were talking about, but his years of experience told him that he had to stay wary in the outside world. The lady’s look was obviously not in good will!

Yang Xiong felt that whatever those people were talking about definitely had something to do with them (him and his family)! Thinking of this, Yang Xiong didn’t dare be negligent and immediately returned to his room and told everything he saw to Li Xiaohong and Yang Mei!

Yang Mei also thought that it was strange. It was possible that they had been staying in a hotel owned by gangsters. Because of this, Yang Mei decided to cautiously go downstairs and see what was going on before they decided what to do. Yang Mei came to the lobby downstairs just to see the lobby manager and three men in black suits talking about something!

Yang Mei quickly hid behind a pillar and pricked up her ears to listen to their conversation. Because of the distance, Yang Mei couldn’t clearly listen to what they were saying. She could vaguely hear them say “three Chinese, two women and one man…” something like that. Yang Mei was shocked! The only Chinese living in this hotel were them, there were no other Chinese here. Could it be as her father had thought and these people were planning something to harm them?

Yang Mei had seen posts and reports regarding tourists going missing in foreign countries on the Internet. The scariest story was of a girl who had been captured and had her arms and feet chopped off by a gang. She was later put in a circus troupe to perform before people!

There were also reports of people secretly getting killed for their organs. When she thought of these things, Yang Mei was terrified. Although Yang Mei just had a few months to live, she didn’t want to die a death so horrible!

Once she had heard those words, there wasn’t anything else for her to listen to. She quickly returned to her room and concisely explained what she heard to her parents. Li Xiaohong was immediately scared after she listened to her daughter’s words. Yang Xiong was still calm. Together, the three decided that this wasn’t a place they should stay for too long. Maybe, they really ended up getting into the legendary bandit’s den! {TL: Bandit’s den >> A place where gangs converge.}

Yang Mei’s family wasn’t very wealthy, even the money that Yang Mei had saved from her earnings over the years wasn’t a very large amount. So, in order to visit as many places as they could, they had made careful calculations. Venice was just their first stop, so it was obvious that they went to a very standard hotel where the security was naturally not very trustworthy.

As for the deposit, they didn’t have any thoughts of getting it back. Since it was gone, it was gone, their personal safety was far more important! As a result, Yang Mei’s family quickly packed up their luggage and decided to immediately leave from the hotel’s back door.


Those three members of the White Horse Gang had received orders from Owens to investigate at the hotels in their area. After searching all over, they finally came to the Twilight Holiday Hotel. Since it was the last one, they weren’t prepared to go in, but for insurance, they decided to go in and ask, not thinking that they will find a clue.

When they heard the vague answers from the receptionist, the three members of the White Horse Gang finally revealed their status and asked to meet the manager. Realizing that the men before her were gangsters, the receptionist didn’t dare neglect and immediately called the manager.

The manager didn’t dare offend them, so when they asked about a family of three Chinese staying in the hotel, the manager obviously had to answer. Otherwise, if he ended up offended these people, the consequences would be worse than just closing business! These people could stir up chaos at your business and decide your fate.

When the three members of White Horse Gang heard from him that there was indeed a family of three Chinese staying in the hotel, they were so excited they felt they could now die in peace. This was really a chance for them to reach the sky in a single leap!

After learning this, the three asked the manager to immediately show them the registration information. Once they checked the information, they found out that the three were the same as the people who had offended Owens! The three men started to laugh on the spot. They had been told that the mission was very important. Owens also attached great importance to the mission, saying that whoever found the three people will have their status raised to the chieftain of the streets!

Thinking how this merit was going to be theirs, the three people were very happy and immediately called Owens to report to him!

“Boss, we found the three Chinese. What do you want us to do?” Said William, the oldest of the three.

“Found? That’s great!” After Owens heard his words, he was very happy, “Where are you?”

“At the Twilight Holiday Hotel,” William replied.

“Good, wait for me over there, I will get there immediately and see if they are the three we need. Make sure not to lose sight of them!” Owens ordered.

“Should we put them under control (house arrest)?” William asked.

Owens hesitated after listening to Williams words and then looked at me, explaining to me what William had said. I considered for a moment and thought that Yang Mei must not be scared, so I said, “Monitor them in secret!”

“Monitor them in secret!” Owens ordered Williams.

“Boss, you don’t need us to get rid of them or teach them a lesson?” William said, wanting to get even more credit.

“Bastard, what the fruck are you talking about! They are very important people, not only do you not do anything to them, you better protect them in the dark!” Owens shouted.

“Yes…… Understood boss……” William immediately replied, a little flustered. He had thought that the people they were looking for had offended someone, that’s why they were being sought out with their gang’s full might. He had not thought that the matter was completely opposite!

William asked for Yang Mei’s family’s room number and lead the two people to go up the stairs. The hotel wasn’t very big so there wasn’t any elevator, people had to take the same stairs to go upstairs or downstairs! It was precisely this reason that I was able to fulfill my wish, otherwise, I would have missed Yang Mei.