VPAATP V4 Chapter 162

Our Boss Will Kill Us

William and his men went upstairs while Yang Mei and her family were coming downstairs. In order to not be discovered by others, Yang Mei’s family specially wore European clothing that they had just bought, together with large hats! As the three men were coming upstairs, Yang Mei’s heart was anxious looking at them but there was nothing more they could do now. All they could do was go down without showing any hesitation and comfort themselves in their hearts that they won’t get caught. So long as they got downstairs, it will be all good!

Li Xiaohong didn’t know that those men were the ones they were talking about, but she was still better than the other two by her side, walking down naturally. William just looked at them once and didn’t pay any more attention, after all, there were a lot of guests that came and left the hotel.

When the two groups of people passed by, Yang Mei’s heart was almost unable to stand it, but still survived. When William and his men went up, Yang Mei and her family arrived down and the danger was finally gone. Both Yang Mei and Yang Xiong secretly felt relieved.

At this time, just when Yang Mei’s family was about to leave from the back door of the hotel, the lobby manager suddenly shouted, “Mr. Yang, is your family going out somewhere?”

Yang Mei was shocked and almost had a relapse on the spot while Yang Xiong cursed in his heart. They had almost succeeded, who would have thought that they would get caught at the last moment! However, even though the hotel was crowded, how many people actually tried to go out the back door? But what could be done now, so long as they could get out, they will be all good!

Thinking of here, Yang Xiong pretended to be calm as he nodded towards the lobby manager and said, “Yes, we are going out to eat a meal and will be back in a while!”

“Why bring so much stuff when you are just going out to eat a meal, let me help you keep your stuff in safety first!” The lobby manager certainly didn’t believe Yang Xiong’s words. A moment ago, he had seen Yang Mei trying to stealthily bring their baggage downstairs. His intuition told him that Yang Mei’s family was prepared to leave! Actually, the manager wasn’t too inclined to mind other people’s business, but if these people left, the White Horse Gang will definitely blame him! So, in order to avoid disaster, he had to let the few men of White Horse Gang know in “goodwill”!

The men of White Horse Gang weren’t fools. When they heard the first few words of the manager, they didn’t have any reaction, but when they heard him say he was going to take something, they immediately turned their head and looked towards Yang Mei’s group. Suddenly, they remembered that the lobby manager had just called the man “Mr. Yang!” Were they the people they were looking for!

Thinking of this, William’s forgot about Owens “protect in secret” stuff and immediately shouted, “You, stand right there for me!”

Yang Mei’s family knew that those men had found them out, so the moment William yelled, Yang Xiong held onto Yang Mei and Li Xiaohong’s arms and rushed to the entrance immediately!

The lobby manager tried to block them but when he couldn’t, he yelled, “Mr. Yang, what is the meaning of this? What happened?”

“Catch them!” William ordered the two men beside him, and the three rushed towards the entrance as well.

Yang Xiong had to take two people, moreover, they weren’t very good at running, so the three weren’t going too fast. With their slow speed, they couldn’t go too far.

Although William and the men with him were no sportsmen, but running in the streets (from police and other gangs) was the forte of gangsters, so they quickly caught up with Yang Mei’s family.

Yang Mei’s heart couldn’t stand it as she stopped after running a few steps. Yang Xiong and Li Xiaohong had no choice but to stand with their daughter.

“What do you want!” Yang Xiong looked at William and his men and asked aloud.

“What did you say?” William couldn’t understand Chinese and asked as he looked at Yang Xiong while panting.

Yang Mei understood and could speak Italian, so after she saw that William and his men weren’t attacking them, therefore she replied, “Why are you chasing us?”

Seeing that they could communicate with the other party, William immediately rejoiced! Just now when he chased after them, it was out of a moment of excitement. Now that he was completely calm he remembered the orders from his boss Owens that they were supposed to secretly track them, not showing themselves at all. Now that they had shown themselves, he was worried about what to do next; should he let them go or should he make them stay? William was a little hesitant and seeing that they didn’t speak the same language, he was even more frustrated. But he never expected the people to actually know Italian!

So William’s immediately replied, “Why are you running, we weren’t going to do anything malicious!”

Yang Mei thought only a ghost would believe that you weren’t going to do anything malicious! Otherwise, why would you be sneaking around? Perhaps it’s because we are on the streets that you can’t say anything in front of so many people, otherwise, who knew what you were going to do!

“Since you have no malice, then why are you following us?” Yang Mei asked.

“Yeah, in fact, we indeed have no malice towards you, but our boss wants to see the three of you!” Williams explained.

“Your boss? Who is your boss? We don’t know him!” Yang Mei said, “We are only traveling here, you wouldn’t have mistaken us, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes, you are the three we are looking for!” William said, “I also know that you are called Yang Mei, Yang Xiong, and Li Xiaohong. See, aren’t I right?”

Listening to him, Yang Mei’s brows raised a bit! It seems that the matter wasn’t as simple as it seemed to be. The other party was obviously prepared, and it was clear that they had thoroughly investigated them! So what could their purpose be?

“Why is your boss looking for us? Even you should know that we don’t know you people, so who is your boss supposed to be? It wouldn’t be that you are trying to trick us into your gang’s headquarters since this is the street?” Yang Mei sneered.

“Miss, you are misunderstanding us, we really don’t have any such intentions!” William said with a wry smile, “I am not afraid to tell you that we are members of the White Horse Gang in Venice. If we want to abduct people, we can do it openly in the streets even during the day! Though the impact won’t be good, I can guarantee that no one will come to cause trouble for us!”

Seeing that Yang Mei didn’t appear to believe their words, William gave a hand signal to the two men beside him. The two immediately understood and started a reality show. One of them suddenly took out a pistol and pointed at the other man. The other man immediately yelled for help, “Help! The White Horse Gang wants to murder me for revenge!”

The man shouted twice but no one dared to go out of their way to help him, instead, they took another direction and left hastily.

“Alright!” William waved his hand and indicated the two men to stop. Then he said to Yang Mei, “So, do you believe us now? Although people have a sense of justice, no one wants to mess with gangsters so they will give way. It’s because gangs are different from those other individual criminals. If someone interfered with the gangsters, it was possible that the entire gang would retaliate! Do you understand now, we have no malice towards you, it’s just that our boss wants to see you!”

“That…… That doesn’t work!” Though Yang Mei believed some of Owens words, she still had some doubts. After all, this was the first time she had come to Venice in her entire life, there’s no way anyone would know them. Who was the boss of these people to begin with? “What is your boss called?”

“Owens,” William said, “How about it? If you leave, our boss will kill us!”