VPAATP V4 Chapter 163

Indifferent Yang Mei

“Owens?” Yang Mei shook her head, she had never heard such a name! “Good, we will wait here, wait for your boss to come over!” Yang Mei said after thinking. Although it wasn’t safe here, it was still better than following them!

“Miss, I didn’t ask you to follow us either, our boss will be here soon!” William smiled bitterly, “Let’s wait at the hotel’s entrance!”

Yang Mei thought for a moment and then nodded and complied! It seems that they really didn’t have any bad intentions, if they did, they wouldn’t be so polite! Yang Mei told what she thought to Yang Xiong and Li Xiaohong and Yang Xiong agreed with her thoughts. If they had wanted to kidnap them, they could have kidnapped them here. It was better to believe them once and avoid any retaliation from the gangsters in a desperation.

William was very polite and respectfully invited Yang Mei’s family back to the hotel’s entrance. Yang Mei was afraid that the hotel was also in cahoots with them, so she insisted on waiting outside the entrance.


I could understand Italian, so the moment Owens hung up the phone, I already knew where Yang Mei was! I couldn’t help but sigh, gangs were indeed too damn efficient, why had I never thought of this!

After learning about the location, Mark and I boarded Owens’ car and headed for the Twilight Holiday Hotel.

On the way, Mark finally couldn’t bear it and asked, “Mr. Liu, what do you actually do?”

“I? Hehe, I am a merchant just running a small-scale business,” I said with a smile, “Mr. Owens gave me face, if not for him, I would have spent my time searching while not getting any results!”

“Mr. Liu, you sure know how to joke. If you are running a small-scale business, wouldn’t that mean we are just beggars on the street? There’s no way that anyone wouldn’t give you face! Me being able to personally do something for you is an honor for me!” Owens said.

After Mark listened to his words, he was stunned. A moment ago, he had thought that I was no simple person, but now that he listened to Owens words, he was sure that I was no ordinary man!

I didn’t want Mark to know too much, so I shifted the topic, “That’s right, Mr. Owens, our friend Mark here is a really great person, he works in the taxi business. I wonder if you can take care of him in the future?”

“There’s no issue!” Owens complied and said, “I will find a way to make him immediately rise to the association presidents position of the Taxi Service Union!”

Mark was pleasantly surprised. He knew it very well just who Owens was. Sometimes, Owens word was far more useful than any official. Since Owens said that, he, Mark, will definitely develop well in the future!

Thinking of here, Mark immediately expressed his gratitude, “Thank you, Mr. Owens!”

“Hehe, there’s nothing to thank me, you should thank Mr. Liu! Later, I will have to depend on Mr. Liu to look after us!” Owens said with double meaning.

“Thank you, Mr. Liu!” Mark said.

I waved my hand, hinting him that there wasn’t any need for it. I certainly knew that Owens was trying to take advantage of the opportunity, and I felt funny about it. The thing was, Mark was someone I had nothing much to do with, I just met the guy here, so even if Owens made him the president of the Taxi Service Union, it had nothing to do with me!

The most I could do for Owens was make Du Xiaowei give him advanced and high-level firearms, nothing more. Even then, I had no interest in that stuff and it had nothing to do with me, so I nodded to him and said, “There’s no issue.”

The atmosphere in the car was very happy and cheerful, and soon, we arrived at the Twilight Holiday Hotel. Even from far away, I could see Yang Mei’s beautiful figure! I hadn’t seen Yang Mei for a while and she had gotten thinner than before, her current appearance made my heart burst in sorrow!

I ignored the fast-moving car and forcefully opened the door, immediately running in Yang Mei’s direction!

Mark and Owens were shocked. But when they saw that I was still steady, they felt relieved and put down their heart’s worries.

“Yang Mei!” I waved and called out to her loudly.

Hearing my sound and looking up, Yang Mei’s eyes were filled with incredible emotions as she subconsciously rubbed her eyes, trying to make sure she wasn’t dreaming! It must be a dream! Since I had been thinking of him too much, I am now having daydreams! That’s what Yang Mei thought as she shook her head!

“Yang Mei, it’s me!” Seeing Yang Mei sigh and shake her head, not getting any response from her, I quickly shouted again!

“Mei Mei, Little Liu came to see you!” Li Xiaohong didn’t think that she was dreaming, so she quickly said that to remind her indifferent looking daughter.

“What? He’s real?” Yang Mei quickly blinked and squinted her eyes at me, confirming that I didn’t disappear. Seeing that I wasn’t just an illusion, Yang Mei’s face revealed a pleasant look, but that look was only for a moment, soon getting replaced by an expression of pain!

With Yang Mei’s intelligence, she already knew that I knew about her matter. Although she didn’t know where she exposed a weakness in her plan, since I was able to find her here, it was obvious that I also knew of her disease. She didn’t want to get me involved in the mess, so she hardened her heart and suppressed her urge to rush and dive into my arms. She just stood on the spot with an indifferent expression.

“Mei Mei, what are you doing? Hurry up and go to him!” Li Xiaohong felt a little bewildered from her daughter’s behavior.

“No, he and I have already parted ways!” Yang Mei said faintly.

I finally arrived before Yang Mei at that moment and said, “Yang Mei, I finally found you! This time, I will certainly not let you leave my side!”

“Mr. Liu, what are you talking about? Please have a bit of self-respect! Where I go and what I do, I don’t have any obligation to tell you, nor do you have any right to keep me by your side!” Yang Mei looked at me and said with a frosty expression.

If I hadn’t seen the happiness in Yang Mei’s eyes a moment ago, I would have really thought that Yang Mei had already given up on me, that she no longer had any feelings for me! But after my body awakened supernatural prowess, my vision had become much better, so Yang Mei’s look a moment ago didn’t escape my eyes.

“Alright Yang Mei, I understand what you are thinking! I know you don’t want to hurt me, but you are only going to hurt me more!” I said with a smile.

“What do you mean? Just because I had some feelings for you before, doesn’t mean I still have any. Please don’t think that I am doing anything for you!” Yang Mei said, “I still have things to do, so you should go back!”

William didn’t know me, but so long as I didn’t take Yang Mei anywhere, he wasn’t going to come forward and interfere.

At this time, Owens, the white fat man, huffing and puffing finally rushed over. Seeing him, Williams quickly shouted, “Boss, we are here!”

Yang Mei looked at Owens strangely, she was sure that she had never seen him before! So why was he looking for her family, “Sir, do we know you? What do you want from us that you stopped us here?”

“No, no, miss, you are misunderstanding the matter. It’s not me who was looking for you, it was Mr. Liu from China who seemed to have been looking for you! It seems that the two of you have already met and you also know each other!” Owens swung his fat round head around and said, “Since that’s the case and I have nothing to do here, I will take my leave now!”