VPAATP V4 Chapter 168


“Ah!” Yang Mei was startled and immediately left my embrace. Only then did she realize that we weren’t in our room and there was still a crowd of people around. Moreover, there were friends on the side. Yang Mei was embarrassed and immediately arranged her disorderly hair with her hand, and looked at Sallica, “Excuse me, hehe!”

“Ah, no issue. It’s just that I had not thought that you Orientals would be even more open compared to us, hehe!” Sallica said with a smile. {TL: Every time I read this Open bullshit, I feel like committing a murder.}

“Ah, don’t make fun of us!” Yang Mei said awkwardly.

After we got ashore, I invited Philip and Sallica to have a dinner with us. But unfortunately, the two had already had a dinner, so we decided to go out tomorrow and left each other our contact information.

I asked Mark to send them back to their place of residence. It turned out that they were living in a cheap private family hotel. Although I had the money to move them to a better place, doing so will hurt Philip’s self-esteem and they won’t accept it either.

We had met by chance and hit it off well with each other, so there wasn’t a need for me to intrude on their lives.

When Yang Mei and I returned to the Piazza San Marco hand in hand, we saw Yang Xiong and Li Xiaohong sitting on the stone steps on the edge of the square. Yang Mei was embarrassed and wanted to leave my hand, but how could I make her succeed? Since our relationship had already been decided, it should be made known to everyone. Moreover, Yang Xiong and Li Xiaohong didn’t oppose our relationship either.

When Yang Mei saw that she could no longer get her hand away, she no longer tried. She hesitated for a moment and then came closer to me. It seems that she had already made up her mind.

Li Xiaohong obviously saw the change in Yang Mei and my relationship and felt very gratified. Although she knew that her daughter’s time was running out, since I was with Yang Mei, Yang Mei will certainly be happy. Moreover, Li Xiaohong also had a selfish heart. Since I was now with Yang Mei, even if Yang Mei was no longer in the world, I won’t be able to throw them away! {TL: I really wanted to skip that last part.}

“Dad, Mom, should we go and eat? I am hungry!” Yang Mei’s mood was obviously good.

“Of course, but we will have to wait for a few minutes, I still have some things to do,” Yang Xiong naturally understood why his daughter was in a good mood, so he laughed awkwardly.

“Things to do? What do you have to do?” Yang Mei asked, feeling strange.

“Hehe, you will know immediately…… Look, there he is!” Yang Xiong stood up and pointed towards the direction behind us.

“What?” Yang Mei was still feeling strange as she turned around.

I was also puzzled and looked back. I could see a young man with a camera running over while panting. As he came over to us, he handed a bag of things to Yang Xiong, “Sir, the developed photos and the digital negatives are all inside!” {TL: Digital Negatives >> https://bit.ly/2AGd07o}

“Alright, thank you!” Yang Xiong smiled and took the bag.

“My business card is also inside. If you need my service again, just contact me directly!” The young man waved his hand and said goodbye to Yang Xiong.

After the young man left, Yang Mei was curious and asked, “Dad, what is this, what are these photos? Did you and mother just take these?”

“Yeah, these are photos we just shot and had developed. the efficiency here is very quick!” Yang Xiong said with a smile.

“Show me, I want to see!” While Yang Mei said that she took the bag of pictures in her hand.

“Well, weren’t you hungry? Let’s find a restaurant first. You can look at them after eating, it’s already dark here and you might not be able to see now!” Yang Xiong said.

Yang Mei thought that he was right, so she nodded and agreed.

Italy’s most famous food was Pizza and Pasta. A few days ago, Yang Mei’s family had gone to a fast food restaurant in the area and still hadn’t officially tasted the Italian meal, so I proposed that we go to a bigger restaurant and try some specialties from here!

My proposal immediately got everyone’s approval, so we walked along the small street on the edge of Piazza San Marco that led into the city center.

There were many restaurants in Italy divided into official restaurants, snack bars, and self-service restaurants. In big cities like Rome and Milan, there were thousands of restaurants of different sizes in each city. There were many restaurants here in Venice as well. Don’t look at the small population of this city, the natives of America and Europe weren’t very used to eating at home, so eating at a restaurant had become a habit.

There were many snack bars and self-service restaurants, while formal restaurants weren’t a lot here. Just because there weren’t a lot didn’t mean there weren’t any, soon, we found a very orthodox Italian restaurant.

China advocated that “food is for people to eat as they like” while Italians advocated “eating is a kind of enjoyment”. It had been indirectly proven that Italy was a country that was very picky about how the food tasted.

Although the decorations in the restaurants were not very luxurious, they were very elegant. On top of that, the dishes on the menu made Yang Mei and me have an inexplicable feeling of belonging!

The recommended dishes at this restaurant were actually noodles and dumplings!

“There are also dumplings here, it’s so strange!” Yang Mei said curiously.

Although I also felt very strange, I had already been surprised in my previous life and investigated. Because of that I already knew the reason, so I explained, “Actually, the Italians have a lot of similarities in cuisine with the Orientals. For example, we like eating noodles and stuffed dumplings, the Italians also like eating noodles and stuffed dumplings; Our northerners especially like eating rice, the northerners in Italy also like eating something called “Risotto” a rice dish. It is said that the Italian noodles and dumplings were passed to Venice through Marco Polo, and later spread all over Italy!” {TL: Risotto >> https://bit.ly/2JyuBkP}

“If that’s the case, then aren’t we having the same food as what we have back home?” After Yang Mei heard, she was surprised.

“Actually, that’s just a legend. As for what the truth is, no one can tell! But the method and taste of Italian dumplings and noodles are very different from our own, so there isn’t any reason not to try. In fact, the two countries are so far apart yet both have a lot of similarities in their cuisine in many places. The most basic reason is that both countries are nearly on the same latitude and they are geographically very close,” I said.

“Then, we can order a little of everything?” Yang Mei looked at the dazzling menu and didn’t know where to start.

“Of course, we can talk to the waiter and see if we can get smaller portions,” I nodded.

Europeans and Americans despised extravagant and wasteful behavior. When the waiter forwarded my request to the hotel owner, the owner was very happy and agreed when he saw that we had come from abroad and wanted to taste the local food. In that way, not only was no food going to be wasted, we could also get what we wanted. The most important thing was that he was going to make money, so why not do it?