VPAATP V4 Chapter 169

We Have Turned Into The Scenery?

Although this meal was just a routine, the significance was indeed extraordinary. This was the first meal we had together after Yang Mei and I officially got together, so I couldn’t be careless. Now I had to try and order some orthodox dishes. In any case, I was very hungry. I had been looking for Yang Mei at noon, so I hadn’t eaten anything, so I could eat a lot now.

The restaurant was very formal, and the waiters and chef were also very highly trained. When serving, they didn’t take more time than what we got in China. As for what got served first, there was a fixed order instead of everything at once. The side dishes and soup were the first to be served, followed by meat dishes, and finally the staple food. This was slightly different from the habits of us Orientals. For example, we usually frank the soup in the end, but here it was served first as an appetizer. But this didn’t affect our meal.

Because everyone was hungry, and there weren’t any outsiders, we didn’t have any alcohol. When we were eating, Yang Mei was very constrained in the beginning, but after she saw me eating without stopping, she also let loose. After we ate to our fill, there was nothing left on the table. Obviously, I ate the most.

“Right, Dad, let me see the photos you and mother took!” Yang Mei suddenly remembered the bag of photos.

“Alright, let me show you. The photos are not me and your mother though, we aren’t that romantic!” Yang Xiong smiled a little strangely.

“Not you and mom? Then are they the photos of landscapes?” Yang Mei took the bag of photos as she felt strange. Opening the seal, she took the film out and held it in her hand. She couldn’t help but be surprised as her entire face turned red!

“What’s the matter, Dad, why did you have to take a photo like this, making me so embarrassed!” Yang Mei said as she immediately stuffed the photo back into the bag.

“What photo?” I saw Yang Mei’s look and couldn’t help but wonder, “Show me!”

“No!” Yang Mei subconsciously took the photo away from me…

“Don’t move, wait. Look… you…” Seeing Yang Mei move, I wanted to stop her, but it was already too late!

“Young lady…… Please note……” while I was speaking, the waiter’s sound also came. Only then did I saw that Yang Mei’s hand that had the photo actually hit the waiter, the waiter was holding a tray in his hand and tried to avoid her.

“Whish!” The bag in Yang Mei’s hand fell to the ground and the photo fell out. But the photo was upside down and I couldn’t see the content of the photo.

“Excuse me!” Whether or not it was his fault, stemming from the courtesy of service, the waiter immediately apologized. Putting the tray on the table, he hastily bent down to help Yang Mei pick up the photo.

“Ah, there’s no need…… There’s no need for you to do it…… I can take it!” How could such an embarrassing photo be allowed to be seen by a bystander! So Yang Mei hastily prevented the waiter.

However, the waiter couldn’t be stopped and he picked up the photo and put it on the table. Yang Mei was afraid of me seeing the photo, so she quickly took it in her hand.

Though it was just a glimpse, I had already seen the entire photo. Don’t forget that one of my abilities was slowing down time, so I was able to see what the photo was. The photo was actually Yang Me and I kissing on the boat! I finally understood why Yang Mei didn’t want to show it to me and why she didn’t want the waiter to help her pick it up!

However, the waiter didn’t show any abnormality when picking up the photo. He had a natural expression. Europeans were very open, to them it was no big deal taking some intimate photos between couples, so the waiter didn’t care at all!

“Was the photo taken with a telephoto lens?” I asked with a smile. {TL: Telephoto lens >> https://bit.ly/2EYdzO7}

“Um? What?” Listening to my words, Yang Mei felt bewildered. She didn’t think that I had already seen the photo, so she didn’t think towards that aspect, therefore, she naturally didn’t know what I meant.

“The photo, it was very clear!” I continued.

“What photo? Oh, are you talking about the landscape photo in my hand? Yeah…” Yang Mei thought that I was trying to swindle her, deliberately saying all that.

“Landscape? Wow, it turned out that you and I actually turned into the scenery. Hmm, that’s not interesting but very useful! There won’t be a need for us to travel in the future, we just have to look into the mirror at home and we will be able to look at the scenery!” I said, making fun of her.

“Ah! You… you saw it!” Yang Mei was shocked when she heard my words. This confirmed that I had already seen the contents of the photo. She couldn’t help but whisper, “How can your eyes be so fast!”

“Obviously, now show it to me quickly!” I said with a smile, “What’s wrong, why are you still embarrassed about it?”

“Humph, when was I embarrassed!” Yang Mei looked at me and then threw over the photo, “Here, I am giving it to you. Go ahead, look all you want, not like I am afraid of you seeing it!”

I looked at Yang Mei’s appearance, feeling somewhat funny. No matter what kind of disposition a girl might have, she would always have her adorable side.

The picture was taken very well. It seems that the young man was a professional photographer. Not only was the angle very good, but the distance was also very good. A bunch of images were shot, just like a short love film.

However, because I was afraid that Yang Mei will be too shy, I didn’t take a look.

Originally, Yang Mei had wanted to explain to her parents that we were already together. But now it seemed that there wasn’t a need for that. Since everyone was aware of it, everything went on more harmoniously!

When we returned to the hotel in the evening, Yang Mei wanted to go to her parents’ room to sit down, but Li Xiaohong yawned and said, “We are already very sleepy, I will now go and go to sleep with your dad. We will see you two tomorrow. Mei Mei, you should also go back and rest!”

Since her mother had already said so, Yang Mei couldn’t insist either. She knew that this was an opportunity her mother was arranging for her.

As we looked at Li Xiaohong, she impatiently pushed Yang Xiong into the room and slammed the door as if there was someone after her life. I wondered just what was she going to do!

“Let’s go, should we go back to our room?” I asked Yang Mei.

Yang Mei nodded and cleverly followed me.

Looking at Yang Mei’s cautious look as if she was walking on thin ice, I couldn’t help but laugh, “Little Me, why do you appear to be like the circus troupe walking on a rope?”

“When did I look like that?” Yang Mei certainly won’t admit that she was nervous! Although she had lived alone with me, today was different! Today, we had already admitted each other in both language and actions, therefore, now that we were going to stay together, Yang Mei knew what was going to happen!