VPAATP V4 Chapter 17

Richest Family

“Long Live Class Leader Guan!!” The other students naturally didn’t know the sinister plans brewing inside Guan Yang’s mind, so they happily cheered for him.

“It seems your Class Leader is quite rich!” I said to Xu Xueyun with a smile as I looked towards the table filled with luxurious food and high-quality wine.

“That is to be expected. Guan Yang’s family isn’t from around here. His family is the richest family in Songjiang!” A boy next to Guan Yang spoke immediately.

“The richest family?” I intentionally made it sound exaggerated. There were many rich families in Songjiang, but none of them dared claim themselves the richest. Where did this brat get the guts to call his family the richest?

“I wonder where student Liu Lei is from? Have you heard about the Jiangdi Wanyang Industry of Songjian?” Now that Guan Yang found a topic to show off, he immediately tried to act big before me.

“Jiangdi Wanyang Industry?” I intentionally nodded and said, “I am also a native of Songjiang but never heard of any Jiangdi Wanyang Industry!”

“You……” Guan Yang still had the same smile as he immediately calmed down.

“Haha, let alone him, even the rest of us who have been with you for so many years haven’t heard of your families business! Everyone here is a student, so there isn’t much time to look into these matters, or care about the happenings of society!” Zhang Lou saw the scene had turned awkward, so he hurried to calm everything down. He also understood Guan Yang’s character, so he feared Guan Yang would retaliate against me. Therefore, when others weren’t paying attention, he signaled me through his eyes.

I smiled and stopped digging into Guan Yang’s wounds, but still added, “Hehe, my family has a small business, so it’s normal I haven’t heard about your industry. I hope student Guan Yang won’t take offense!”

“It’s no big deal!” Guan Yang waved his hand as he pretended to look magnanimous, while his heart calculated: It turns out the guy’s family background isn’t too good, and he’s also a native of Songjiang. Dealing with him won’t be a problem. No matter what I do to him, there won’t be any repercussions!

The reason Guan Yang was holding back a moment ago was that he thought I was a native of B City, and if I knew some flamboyant big shot around here, then he may end up kicking an iron plate! {TL Note: For those who forgot: B City is the Capital of the country. There are many hidden dragons and crouching tigers hidden all over the city.}

“The richest family in Songjiang. That’s really great! Won’t that also mean you don’t have to work at all in the future?” I pretended to be in admiration.

“Right! You can even say that my future wife and I will certainly have an easy life as we live in luxury!” Guan Yang said as he looked towards Xu Xueyun, but realized that Xu Xueyun didn’t even look at him.

“Wow! Husband, you look at others. While here we are, worrying about how to find work in the future!” A girl next to Guan Yang enviously said to the boy next to Guan Yang.

“Hehe, don’t be envious. Envying others is useless! It’s already a good thing that you could find someone like me. Young Master Guan only has a liking for Xu Xueyun in his heart and no one else!” This boy obviously had a very good relationship with Guan Yang. It could from his continuous praises he showered onto Guan Yang.

“Lu Jia, you shouldn’t say something like that. Others already have a boyfriend. What will you do if you cause some misunderstandings!” Guan Yang said with a wave of his hand. But in his heart, he was immensely pleased. This Lu Jia was his close buddy, and sometimes, the words he spoke were pleasing to the soul!

“Hey, buddy. Let me tell you that you must work harder to keep our school flower as your wife. Don’t let some better man steal her away! Ah, it’s hard to be a beauty’s man!” Lu Jia sighed and said to me with his good intentions.

“Thanks for your reminder, but I trust that my relationship with Little Xue is very strong!” I said without a care.

“Sentiments, huh! In front of money and power, sentiments are worth nothing!” Lu Jia shook his head and sighed.

“Don’t be so mean. Indeed, in this age, everything requires money and nothing is possible without it. But for now, all of us are students, and students like to pursue superficial love. Only when we graduate and enter the high society will we realize the importance of money!” Guan Yang seemed to be rebuking Lu Jia, but in fact, he was only taking over the talk.

“It is as you have said. Student Guan Yang is stronger than us after all. We will have to start our own business, while Student Guan Yang can directly inherit his father’s business!” I said with a smile. On the surface, I appeared to be envious of him, but if someone paid more attention, they would realize I was only sarcastic as I said he was relying on his ancestors work without doing anything of his own.

“What can be said about it? Who made me be born into a strong family!” Guan Yang wasn’t embarrassed but proud of it. He felt that was his advantage, making him better than others.

“That’s why when women look for a husband, they must first see what the man’s father and grandfather do! Just like how those Taiwanese Celebrities and stars marry the sons of the rich and powerful families in HongKong!” Lu Jia said as he nodded.

Xu Xueyun wasn’t stupid and could understand the meaning behind Lu Jia and Guan Yang’s words, but she didn’t know how to rebuke them. Looking towards the other students, she was embarrassed.

She was born in poverty, so she knew the value of money better than the others from a young age. Even the money she initially paid for her University admission was gathered together by all neighbors. It was because of this that Xu Xueyun felt sentiments among people were more important than money. Especially love. It wasn’t something that could be measured with money. She had never thought about how capable her future husband must be, how rich he should be, or how she should get a rich boyfriend just because she was beautiful! She was unable to imagine being in a relationship built upon money.

However, the issue was that Xu Xueyun realized she loved a man who already had so many wives already. She didn’t know how rich the man was, or what kind of life he lived, she only knew she couldn’t hold her feelings. Xu Xueyun also knew it wasn’t right, but sometimes, it was impossible to give up on something you loved even if it meant ‘grabbing a bull by its horns’. Just like a moth that burned in a flame! {TL Note: Doing something dangerous that might harm their lives.}

Thinking of all this, Xu Xueyun couldn’t help but blush. There was a time when she despised women who sold themselves for money and looked down on those men who kept mistresses and lovers, but now, what would she count herself as?

As Guan Yang looked at Xu Xueyun’s red face, he felt his words had some effect and felt his heart jump happily. So, he said eagerly, “I have already thought about me: When I have a girlfriend in the future, I will buy her a car and a house in B City. I will make the happiest woman in the world!”

“Guan Yang, listening to your words, I really feel like I need to undergo a sex-change surgery!” Lu Jia said with a smile as he also harbored evil intentions and wanted to help Guan Yang. {TL Note: To make sure no one misunderstands. Lu Jia harbors the evil intentions to help Guan Yang get Xu Xueyun. That’s why he said the above sentence. He isn’t harboring any other intentions.}

“Don’t you know your place! There’s no share for you in this. Can’t you see Xu Xueyun is here in front of you!” Lu Jia’s girlfriend struck the iron while it was hot, and said the right words at the right time.

At this time, the girls who had a good relationship with Xu Xueyun couldn’t bear to see the bullshit before them anymore.

Originally, they supported Guan Yang’s pursuit of Xu Xueyun because they thought Guan Yang was a good guy, his grades were also good, and he was quite handsome as well. Moreover, he was just like a big brother level character in school, becoming the dream sweetheart of many of the girls!

But now, no matter what, Xu Xueyun already had a boyfriend, and these people had no right to say something that might harm their relationship!