VPAATP V4 Chapter 170

A Small Box

“Hehe, relax, I won’t do anything to you in the evening. I still have to think of a way to heal your illness!” I comforted her with a smile.

“I…… That’s not what I mean!” Yang Mei immediately tried to explain, “I have never been in love before, so now that I am going to live with my beloved person for the first time, I will obviously be nervous! I didn’t mean to make you think that I wanted to do……” In fact, Yang Mei had never been in a romantic relationship. She had long regarded me as the love of her life and considered herself to be mine, there was no hesitation in that. It was just that this was going to be her first experience, so she would obviously be nervous.

“Haha, what do you mean, what do you want me to do?” I asked with a smile.

“I… what are you talking about! I hate you, you are so bad!” Although Yang Mei hadn’t stated it clearly, she had indirectly approved of my words.

“Little idiot, of course, I also have that idea towards you! But I can’t do anything with you now, after all, the doctor has said that you can’t do any strenuous exercises yet, nor can you get too excited, so we will wait until your illness is cured!” I caressed Yang Mei’s hair.

“Ah, don’t say it like that. Strenuous exercise sounds so disgusting!” Yang Mei squinted her eyes and ran towards the room.

I smiled and shook my head, following after her.

When I entered the room, I suddenly saw Yang Mei looking inside a small box placed on the bedside table. When she saw me enter, she quickly threw the small box aside and said with a red face, “I just saw a lot of things on the side table, so I thought of casually looking around……”

“What?” I asked as I felt strange.

“Nothing,” Yang Mei hastily shook her head.

“What the hell is it?” I remember that when we left, there was only a mosquito repellent coil and some teabags on the table. Where did that small box come from?

But when I saw the words on the box, I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. The service of this hotel was quite thoughtful. They were worthy of being for stars, even thinking of something like this!

The box actually had the word “Condom” written on it. The Italian actually said “the necessity of a family”, but Yang Mei and I were proficient in Italian, so we both immediately understood the meaning and knew that those were condoms!

I think that the hotel’s waiters saw Yang Mei move into my room, so when we went out, they put the stuff in the room while cleaning! I had to admire the thoughtfulness of the hotel.

“It’s a pity that we will have to disappoint the good intention of others. In any case, I will just take this, there might be some use!” Saying that I took the box.

“That won’t be too good?” Seeing me take the box as if I was profiting, Yang Mei felt funny.

“How is it not good? Wouldn’t we have used them either way? Tomorrow, when the waiter comes to clean the room and sees that the box is gone, he will have no choice but to admire me!” Since Yang Mei and I had already confirmed our relationship, it was natural to make jokes and talk as we wanted.

“Admire you? Why?” Yang Mei asked, not understanding.

“He will admire my strength that I was able to use an entire box of Condoms in one night!” I laughed.

“Hateful man, do you not have any propriety!” Yang Mei spat out her tongue.

“How am I not serious? Do you think I can’t use the box in a single night?” I continued to say shamelessly.

“Humph!” Yang Mei snorted but didn’t answer. In her heart, she agreed with what I said. Otherwise, how was I able to cope with so many of my wives?

“Alright, let’s stop with this. Here, keep these!” I threw the box of condoms over to Yang Mei.

Yang Mei didn’t want to touch it but then she finally took it after thinking for a while. Now, we were already lovers. Although I said that we won’t have any physical relations before she was healed, but who knew what might happen when two lovers were feeling passionate? It was very important to have protective measures. Though Yang Mei could have sex even when sick, it wouldn’t be good if she got pregnant. It was better to have a prevention method.

“Now, let’s talk about your condition. I will see what kind of treatment will be right for you,” I said.

“Condition? Can you really cure my illness?” Yang Mei asked with a strange look on her face.

“Right, didn’t I tell you in the afternoon that I have some secrets on me. So, let me tell you about myself first, you will then understand why I can cure your illness,” I said.

When Yang Mei heard that I was going to tell her my secrets, Yang Mei immediately became spirited and moved closer to me, listening with full concentration.

“In an accidental situation, I obtained prowess that no ordinary person can have. The abilities are same as what people usually call Superpowers!” I said, “For example, I can make wounds heal very fast…” I cited an example of a medical situation.

“Naturally, there are other aspects like instantaneous movement, flight, etc.” I said.

“Superpowers? True or false?” Yang Mei obviously doubted my words. Since she had never come in contact with that aspect of mine, it was very difficult for her to imagine me as someone with superpowers.

“It’s obviously real. If you don’t believe, you can have a look!” I gently held Yang Mei’s hand and the two of us slowly started to float in the air.

“Ah!” Yang Mei shouted in surprise, “I wouldn’t be having a dream? Am I really floating? However, why am I not feeling even a little uncomfortable?”

“This is the power of my ability, not only can you float in the air, your body will also be perfectly balanced,” I let Yang Mei and myself fall on the bed and continued by saying, “And what I want to do now is use my spiritual energy to heal your body and illness!”

“What you mean is that I can really be saved?” Yang Mei looked at me excitedly. If she wasn’t going to die, then that meant that she could always be with me! Although Yang Mei had accepted her fate, who was willing to die if they had a way to live?

I nodded and smiled, “I will cure you, this is my promise to you!”

“How about starting right now?” Seeing a ray of hope, Yang Mei was naturally very anxious.

“Don’t be so eager, I still need to inspect your condition first!” I nodded and said, “You should take off your clothes first.”

“Take off the clothes?” Yang Mei blushed and asked, “Aren’t you just going to check? Why do I have to take off my clothes?”

Seeing Yang Mei’s appearance, I knew that she has misunderstood, so I explained, “I naturally want to inspect you, that’s why you have to take off your clothes!”

“This…” Yang Mei felt very embarrassed, it seems like she was having some crooked thoughts. Yang Mei cleverly took off the coat, revealing her pure white small underwear.

I really wasn’t able to see it before. I had thought that Yang Mei’s chest wasn’t very big, but it seems that her clothes were what did all harm. Under the underwear, Yang Mei’s chest was at least 90, almost reaching D cup!

As Yang Mei saw that I was staring at her, she was embarrassed and said with anger, “What are you looking at, want me to take off my underwear?”

“Good!” I said subconsciously.