VPAATP V4 Chapter 171

Heartbeat Accelerating

“Ah?” Yang Mei hadn’t thought that I would actually say that.

“It’s that…… Since I am going to be inspecting your heart, you naturally have to take off your upper clothing!” I gave an excuse. Actually, with my current ability, there was no need for Yang Mei to take off her clothes. The reason I did this was that Yang Mei was now officially my girlfriend and there wasn’t anything for me to worry about, so why would I not want to look at her great assets? However, asking for that directly made me feel embarrassed, so I had to use this excuse!

Yang Mei didn’t doubt my words at all and took off her vest and then reached out to take off her bra!

When did I become so dirty? Suddenly, I thought that I was being too mean! Thinking of this, I immediately calmed down and quickly stopped Yang Mei’s actions, “Don’t take it off, I am sorry!”

“What happened?” Yang Mei looked at me strangely, “What? Are you going to complain that I misunderstood you again?”

“Obviously not…” I smiled bitterly, “You haven’t misunderstood, it’s that… actually, my real objective was to look at your naked body……”

“You can’t cure my sickness?” Yang Mei was surprised but then she said uncertainly, “That can’t be right, you obviously made me fly a moment ago……”

“I can certainly cure your sickness. What I meant is that there wasn’t a need for you to take your clothes off, I can check your condition without that…” I realized that I was getting more and more lascivious, but what could I do? Who made it so that Yang Mei was the only one with me and none of my other wives!

After listening to my words, Yang Mei showed me a smile and then took off her bra, “If you want to look then look all you want, there’s no need to make excuses!”

“Ah!” Looking at the pair of jade appearing like the moon jumping before my eyes, I was surprised and didn’t know what to say.

Looking at my expression, Yang Mei’s face immediately turned red with shyness and she quickly sneaked under the quilt. I wondered where all her courage from a moment ago went.

I smiled bitterly and shook my head. Yang Mei, this girl; when she was bold, she would be bolder than anyone else, but she was also the quickest to get shy!

“Alright, Yang Mei, I still need to check the condition of your body first. We will have a lifetime to do everything else, but that is all under the premise that we can first cure your disease!” I said.

“How are you going to check?” Listening to me talk about proper matters, Yang Mei was no longer shy and her normal look reappeared.

“Let me say this first, I will be placing my hand on your chest, but that isn’t to take advantage of you!” What I said just now was the truth. I had to be able to feel Yang Mei’s heart’s sensation to understand her condition using my Spiritual Energy.

“Even if you want to take advantage, it’s no big deal!” Yang Mei’s bold disposition returned as she said with a smile.

“Cough!” This time, it was my turn to be embarrassed. How did I end up being a pervert!

I tried to make myself appear serious and hold myself back and look at Yang Mei as a doctor would see their patients, not for my own selfish desires. However, even if I did this, looking at Yang Mei’s faint smile, it was obvious that I had probably been labeled a pervert in her mind!

It seems like the image of an honorable gentleman she had of me in her mind had been completely destroyed by me in an instance!

When my hand came in contact with Yang Mei’s chest, I closed my eyes and started to inspect Yang Mei’s body completely. My Spiritual power entered Yang Mei’s body and wrapped around her heart.

“Is there any feeling?” This was my first time using my powers to inspect someone’s body, so I didn’t know if there were any side effects. After all, in Xu Ruoyun’s case, I had only repaired the physical damage done to her body.

“There is no feeling, have you started inspecting already?” Yang Mei shook her head with a red face. Even though she said there was no feeling, how could that be? This was the first time she had been touched like this by someone of the opposite sex, it was already hard for her to be tranquil. She was feeling scared as her body was getting hotter.

However, how could she tell me that she was feeling aroused at this moment, so she could only pretend to not feel anything? But even then, Yang Mei’s heartbeat started to accelerate!

I naturally felt Yang Mei’s heartbeat speeding up, so I thought that it was my Spiritual Energy causing a reaction. I was shocked and immediately asked nervously, “How can your heartbeat jump so fast!”

My words made Yang Mei feel ashamed as she was angry in her heart: Isn’t my heartbeat getting fast because you are groping my chest!

Though that’s what Yang Mei thought in her heart, she couldn’t say it, so she just said vaguely, “It’s nothing, you should complete the inspection soon!”

“Will you really be okay?” I asked without much confidence.

“I said that it will be all right!” Yang Mei urgently said, “So long as you have inspected, my heartbeat won’t go up!”

Won’t go up after I have inspected? I was stunned but immediately understood her meaning. The reason for Yang Mei’s heartbeat jumping was me! I was somewhat embarrassed and said with a dry laugh, “Mei Mei, you should relax……”

It seems like I had been negligent. If the person before me had been Zhao YanYan or Chen Wei’er, there would have been absolutely no bashfulness or increase in their heartbeat even if I was groping them. But Yang Mei was different, she and I had only been together for less than a day, so she would obviously be shy!

Yang Mei looked at me bashfully and said, “I will try.” Even though she said that she was still very nervous.

I couldn’t help it and hurried to check her condition. It was better to decide a battle quickly!

When my Spiritual Energy entered Yang Mei’s body and wrapped around her heart, I could feel her exhausted heart somewhat struggling. My Spiritual Energy was actually part of my perception, so after it entered Yang Mei’s body, I could feel how Yang Mei’s body was feeling right now.

Inspecting her Yang Mei’s heart’s structure carefully, I discovered that her heart’s both right and left atrium had some degrees of severe obstruction. In an average person, the congenital heart disease is basically due to a defect in one of the atriums, but Yang Mei’s both right and left atriums were defective at the same time!

This obstruction made it difficult for the blood supply to get to Yang Mei’s heart. Every time her heart beat, only a small amount of blood could pass through the atriums and output to the aorta and the pulmonary artery! However, if it was only this, it wouldn’t be impossible to do a successful surgery. The key issue was, Yang Mei’s heart seemed to not have enough energy either! Just a little bit of blood in and out had made the entire heart far too weak!

I finally understood why Dr. Zhou Zhiping didn’t recommend Yang Mei to get surgery! With her current condition, even if surgery was used to unblock the atriums, her heart wouldn’t be able to function properly! After the surgery, though the amount of blood will increase, the heart’s processing ability will be lacking and the result could be imagined!

Under the effect of the Spiritual Energy, Yang Mei’s heart felt as if it was inside my own body, beating strenuously and making me very uncomfortable. I had suddenly had an idea through which I could help Yang Mei. Therefore, I left a trace of my Spiritual Energy inside Yang Mei’s body, letting it assist Yang Mei’s heartbeat. That way, there won’t be any worry about her heart failing in the future!