VPAATP V4 Chapter 172

Special Use Of Superpowers

After knowing her situation, I didn’t dare keep on teasing Yang Mei again and quickly took my hand away from her chest and sternly said to Yang Mei, “Mei Mei, your situation is far more complex than what you think!”

“Is there any hope?” Yang Mei asked in a low voice. Though her face appeared to be calm, she was a bit anxious on the inside. She knew that if I wasn’t able to do anything, no one else will be able to heal her!

“There is, but I can’t guarantee it,” I replied with the truth. First, I had never treated a disease like this. The most important thing was my lack of medical knowledge as I didn’t know how a heart worked. I didn’t know the difference between a normal heart and Yang Mei’s heart, so, if I wanted to cure her, I first had to learn all this before I could start!

“The most important matter now is the X-Ray film of your heart. Have you brought it along with you?” I asked. Even if Yang Mei hadn’t brought it with her, it wasn’t an issue. So long as she told me where it was, I could just teleport there and bring it here.

What I hadn’t thought was that Yang Mei actually brought it along! “Yes, we have it here, it’s with my parents. They hadn’t lost heart and decided to take this travel opportunity to go and ask at overseas hospitals to see if there was a possibility of treatment,” Yang Mei said.

“Oh? Did they ask anyone? What did the hospitals here say?” Right after speaking, I knew that I had asked something that obviously didn’t make sense. If the doctors here could treat her, Yang Mei wouldn’t have been sad like this.

“You probably guessed it, there were no results,” Yang Mei shook her head.

“Hmm, before I treat you I need to make some preparations. Tomorrow morning, you and your parents can go out to play around while I deal with some stuff!” I said.

“Hmm, I will talk to them tomorrow and then we will go out in the afternoon!” Yang Mei shook her head, “If you aren’t going to be with me, I won’t be in the mood to play either!”

I couldn’t help but smile after listening to Yang Mei’s words, “Oh, didn’t you use to be happy and go enjoy yourself before meeting me?”

“That was before! Who told you to be my boyfriend now? Without you, there is no meaning to my life now!” Yang Mei acted like a spoiled child, “How about I go with you to do whatever you are going to do?”

I thought about the matter. Since I was going to the hospital tomorrow morning to ask a doctor about the difference between Yang Mei and a normal person’s heart, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if Yang Mei came along with me. After all, she was the concerned party, and it might also make it easier to understand the problem.

“Alright!” I nodded.

“Great!” Yang Mei replied excitedly.

“I said, my great grandma, can you not be so excited all of a sudden? What if your heart couldn’t bear it?” I shook my head and said.

“Heart? Right, Liu Lei, I almost forgot to ask you about that!” Yang Mei suddenly said, “A moment ago, when you were holding my chest, my heart was beating quite fast, right?”

“Yes. But why are you mentioning that again? Although I had the thought of taking advantage of you, I didn’t do that and you also admitted your mistakes!” I didn’t understand why Yang Mei would mention this matter.

“Ah! Not that! Don’t think whatever you want!” Yang Mei glared at me, “What I mean is that my heart was beating fiercely at the start but then it calmed down.”

“Oh, isn’t it because you got used to me holding your chest……” I said.

“What! Liu Lei, what do you mean, what did I get used to!” Yang Mei said ill-humouredly, “What I want to say is that my heart suddenly calmed down a lot… How do I say it, it felt like some external force blended into my heart, making me feel a lot more comfortable…”

External force… Could it be that the Spiritual Energy I left in Yang Mei’s heart was already playing its role? It was possible! So I smiled and said, “So that’s the case, I understand it. When I was checking your condition, I saw that your heart was struggling, so I left some of my spiritual energy in it.”

“It’s really amazing! Then it means that if you keep applying your Spiritual Energy to my heart, I won’t have any issues?” Yang Mei suddenly asked excitedly.

“It seems to be the case, but that is just curing the symptoms…” I shook my head.

“So what if it just cures the symptoms. Don’t worry about other things, if you can really not cure my disease completely, this is still much better!” Yang Mei didn’t care too much anymore. So long as she could live and be with me, there was nothing more to worry about.

I nodded, but that was just a last resort. At night, Yang Mei and I went to rest. Since Yang Mei knew that she wasn’t going to die now, therefore Yang Mei went into deep sleep quite quickly. On the contrary, since I was pondering about Yang Mei’s condition until dawn, I didn’t get any sleep.

Next morning, I took the X-Ray from Li Xiaohong and brought Yang Mei to a local hospital. I wanted to bring her back to B City to look for Zhou Zhiping, but if someone caught wind of me being here and made an article with our travel record, things will get very troublesome! After all, I was now a public figure and I also couldn’t show off my abilities, therefore I had to take some unnecessary trouble.

It was very troublesome to go to a hospital in Italy. It was necessary to have a medical card and the process wasn’t quite efficient either! It could take two to three months depending on the disease! The only benefit was that most of the doctors were free (as in no fee). The patient only needed to take a prescription and go to the pharmacy to buy the medicine! Moreover, even some commonly used medical drugs were distributed free of charge!

Majority of the locals in Italy won’t choose to go to public hospitals unless necessary. They were more inclined to go to private clinics and large private hospitals, but the cost of visiting these places was really high. So it wasn’t something just anyone could afford.

It was nothing to me though! I asked Mark to inquire around for the best Cardiology Hospital in the vicinity and bring Yang Mei and me there!

Although the cost of these private hospitals was quite high, there were still a lot of rich people who had come to see a doctor! Especially in hospitals with a Cardiology department. Many rich people were more or less obese, and obesity could lead to some minor problems in the heart, so there were a lot of people making appointments here. When Yang Mei and I came here, the earliest time we could get an appointment for was three days later!

I tried using the money strategy and threw out hundreds of dollars, but the hospital didn’t care about it at all. Since the people visiting the hospital were very rich people, the hospital wasn’t short of money. On the other hand, they couldn’t lose any credibility, so they decisively refused my request. The result: If we want to see a doctor, we have to wait for three days.

Having no other way, I had to use Owens again. Owens, that guy, was looking for every opportunity to help me and then make me owe him a favor so that I will look after him in the future!