VPAATP V4 Chapter 174


I told Yang Mei what I was worried about and explained to her the pros and cons of using my Spiritual Energy to her. I wanted to let Yang Mei decide the matter for herself.

“So that’s what it was about. Since it can cure my sickness, then just do it! A bit stronger was better than being dead, right?” Yang Mei said that without minding anything.

“Mei Mei, this isn’t curing anything, it will just maintain your heart’s function! If you want to depend on Spiritual Energy to maintain your heart’s functions, you will need me to keep on transmitting it into your body. But what will happen when I am not there, or there are some other accidents? Your issue will get out of hand then!” I said seriously.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s all the same as long as I can be with you!” Yang Mei nodded and then said, “So, can’t you just leave more Spiritual Energy inside my body?”

“Do you think I didn’t consider that?” I listened to Yang Mei’s words and put on a forced smile, “It’s just that my Spiritual Energy is too powerful. If it is concentrated in your body, not only will it not help, it might just cause some other accident!”

“So it’s like that!” Yang Mei sighed in disappointment but then immediately said, “Then, why don’t you just teach me how to use Spiritual Energy? I will then be able to do it myself if you aren’t with me!”

Right! Teaching someone how to catch fish was better than giving them fish!

Yang Mei’s suggestion suddenly reminded me that! Right, since I could use Spiritual Energy and Abilities, why couldn’t I make Yang Mei have them as well?

If Yang Mei had Spiritual Energy, not only will that help her improve her entire body’s functions, the problem with her heart will also be solved!

However, in the end, just how was I supposed to help Yang Mei in acquiring this ability? That was the real difficulty. The methods that I had could only play the role of strengthening the body of ordinary people, there was no way that I knew that would allow them to Cultivate Spiritual Energy! Cultivating the Spiritual Energy was entirely dependent on the human brain, and the human brain was the most mysterious thing. Even I didn’t fully understand it!

Since we were now talking about this issue, there was something very important that I had to now think of! That is… after so long, I had realized that not only did the Spiritual Energy Cultivation make my body stronger than ordinary people, what was the most important detail was that all aspects of my body were in a state of constant growth, seemingly never aging! I couldn’t say that I was going to reach a state of Immortality, but there was nothing affirmative!

Now that I thought of this, I have to face a very serious issue. After many years, my wives will certainly grow old with age…… And if I still remain young, though I will love them no matter how they are, will they be able to live comfortably with themselves?

It is true that if a 40-year-old woman maintained herself well, she could still look like a sexy little girl in her twenties, but what if the woman was in her sixties? Even if they dress up to the best of their ability, will they look the way they wanted?

Therefore, since Yang Mei had already mentioned this matter (the matter of Spiritual Energy), I have to place this matter ahead of everything else and find out a feasible solution as soon as possible!

Seeing my complexion change, Yang Mei thought that I had some difficulty in talking about the method of Spiritual Energy Cultivation and I wasn’t willing to talk about it or teach her, so she just said a bit resentfully, “If there is any difficulty, then maintaining my condition is good as well. So long you can maintain it, there is no issue!”

“Mei Mei, you are misunderstanding me! You should understand the kind of person I am. If that method can cure your illness, I would be more than happy to teach it to you in no time! But the problem is, I only gained the ability in an inexplicable way. I don’t even understand it myself, let alone teach others!” I shook my head and said with a smile.

“It turned out to be like this. It doesn’t matter then, hehe!” Listening to my explanation, Yang Mei knew that she had misunderstood me, so she smiled apologetically.

“There is one person who should know though. I will discuss with him once we return to the homeland!” I said.

In the following time, Yang Mei and I did the most serious and important matter in our lives, don’t think crookedly, Yang Mei’s treatment!

I locked the door of the room and hung a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on it, also turning off the telephone in the room. I could not permit any accident to occur! A small error may lead to a massive blunder, making us regret our entire lives!

After preparing all this, I started to study the X-Ray and image that the senior doctor gave me, preparing to give Yang Mei a heart surgery according to what the doctor told me!

I didn’t put in any more Spiritual Energy inside Yang Mei’s body since the amount that I had left before, with its current rate of consumption, was more than enough to last her 10 years.

In the beginning, everything went very smoothly. My Spirit easily entered Yang Mei’s body, wrapping around her heart, clearly locating every minor detail of her heart! I recorded the map of a normal heart from the image in my mind and started to perform the surgery!

But soon, weird things started to happen. Even after being under the influence of my Ability, Yang Mei’s heart showed no change! At first, I thought that I was using the wrong method but after carefully recalling the method I had used to treat Xu Ruoyun, my forehead started to sweat!

Ten minutes… Half an hour! There was no effect even after so much time. Yang Mei’s heart remained the same!

Could it be that my Abilities were not working? No, that’s not right, I could even feel Yang Mei’s heart unceasingly self-repair under the influence of my Ability!

But, how is the current matter going to be explained?

Self-repair? Right, repair? That’s what it was!

I suddenly realized the key issue in the matter. My Abilities could let the damaged spot heal fast but it couldn’t change the physiological structure of that spot!

From the look of it now, though the Spiritual Energy could make the body stronger, it couldn’t alter the characteristics of the body! In other words, since Yang Mei’s heart was like this since birth, my Abilities could only repair it to what it originally was and not modify it according to my intentions!

Thinking of this, I opened my eyes and sighed in disappointment. When Yang Mei saw my reaction, she quickly asked, “What happened? Will it not succeed?”

I nodded helplessly.

“Then… is it a failure? Am I going to die…” Yang Mei asked with a tinge of sadness and bitterness.

“How did you reach this conclusion! Just because it didn’t succeed doesn’t mean it was a failure, your heart is still the same as before! My Spiritual Energy isn’t as powerful as I had thought it to be. I can heal your heart but not change its structure! It’s just that this method won’t work!” I quickly comforted Yang Mei, “But with my Spiritual Energy inside your heart, so long as you don’t let your emotions rise and fall too much or do some strenuous exercise, there should be no problem in maintaining your heart’s functions!”