VPAATP V4 Chapter 178

Having Relatives With Deep Background

Keton didn’t dare be negligent. The moment he left the room, he arrived at a quiet place and called the master of the Philip Family.

“Keton, have you found your young master? How is the matter going?” Old Philip asked.

“Master, I have found the young master but there is a little problem!” Keton replied hesitantly.

“What trouble? Is that brat Philip not willing to come back with you, or is that woman considering the amount to be little?” Old Philip asked faintly.

“It’s true that the young master isn’t willing to come back, but, it’s not that Sallica thinks the money is too little, she just doesn’t seem to care about money at all!” Keton answered.

“Doesn’t care? Ahem, how could that be possible! Perhaps, she wants to get more money out of us?” Old Philip said with a disdainful smile, “I have investigated her family, and they barely have a few hundred thousand in deposit, how can she not care about money?” {TL: I had legit thought that she was some poor girl from a poor family. FACE_PALMS}

“The issue is with her family!” Keton hastily said, “Sallica has suddenly gotten two relatives with quite a bewildering and deep background!”

“Bewildering and deep background? How do you know? Then again, we have already investigated her family background, there isn’t anyone with a very substantial background at all. The most powerful person in her family is her uncle, and even then, he is just the owner of a car repair factory!” Old Philip asked with a strange feeling.

“I also know that it is weird! Also, the two people are Orientals!” Keton said.

“Orientals? Are you saying that Sallica has two relatives from the East?” Old Philips now felt even more inexplicable. They were from a completely different race, how could they be relatives?

“To be precise, only one of them is her relative. One of the Orientals is a woman and is Sallica’s elder sister, and the other gentleman is that woman’s fiance!” Keton said.

“What kind of status do the two of them have?” Old Philip asked with some vigilance, “They wouldn’t be swindling you, right?”

“If they were swindlers, it would be easy to recognize them! But I have never seen a swindler with such a big capital!” Keton said with a bitter smile, “The gentleman said that he was from Liu Family in the East!”

“The Liu Family in the East?” Old Philip shook his head. He seemed to have never heard of this family. However, it was no surprise since Liu Family was famous only in domestic business, but no one knew them all the way here in Europe since they had not been engaged in foreign trade or anything like that.

“Oh, right! You were saying that he has quite a big capital, what do you mean by that?” Old Philip asked.

“Master, you have that royal dress worn by the royal families that you wear on banquets, right?” Keton asked.

“Yes, so what? That dress was given to me by my partner. What does that have anything to do with this?” Old Philip asked, not understanding.

“That Oriental was wearing a complete dress like that. It was of a high quality and definitely handmade. He was wearing it like they were ordinary clothes!” Keton said.

“What? A complete dress? Ordinary clothes? You wouldn’t have mistaken it, how is that possible? If he was a native of America or Europe, it would still be possible since the important members of royal families wear that type of clothes, but he’s just an Oriental, so what kind of status would he have to have all that stuff?” Old Philip couldn’t believe.

“I have certainly not mistaken it, the details and gold threading can testify that!” Keton said everything one word at a time, “Moreover, what is even more fearful is that he wants us to give Sallical billions in bride price!”

“What? Are you saying that person wants to let Philip marry that woman? How is this possible?” Right after the words left Old Philip’s mouth, he realized that something was wrong. Right, if what Keton said was true, then that man indeed had the strength to do that!

“Master, what do you think?” Having finally thrown the troublesome burden over to Old Philip, Keton relaxed.

What to do? Old Philip didn’t know what to do either! He had never encountered something this strange before. First, he couldn’t figure out what identity we had, second, he didn’t know just what sort of relationship we had with Sallica?

Even if the matter was like this, Old Philip wasn’t stumped for long. As a veteran of the business industry, he was quite sleek. Before he could figure out my true identity, he decided not to do anything stupid or impulsive, after all, there were no eternal friendships in business, only eternal benefits! Whoever brought more benefit will be the friend! Although this sort of behavior was considered to be corrupt, it was actually the realistic reflection of the rules of doing business in any field! One must absolutely not offend anyone who could bring them any benefit. Never turn a person like that into an enemy!

After pondering for a while, Old Philip knew that it was impossible for just Keton to find out my true identity, so to deal with me, he must come out and act personally!

“Let’s do this, you should go and just stay with them. If you can’t say yes, don’t say anything bad either. As for the way to find out their identity, since you can’t do that, invite them over to our place as a guest. Everything else can be decided afterward!” Old Philip said after some hesitation.

Old Philips way of thinking couldn’t be said to be foolish. His plan was very well thought. Once he invited us to his residence, not only could he figure out our identity and also be courteous to us if he was convinced that we had deep backgrounds. And if he found out that we were just liars and some unimportant people, he could just deal with us!

“What about Sallica?” Keton asked.

“Of course, she is also invited to our residence!” Old Philip said, “Also, don’t mention anything related to the matter between her and your young master. I will deal with that when everyone is here!”

“Alright, I understand!” Having received the orders from the head of the family, Keton completely relaxed. So long as he did everything according to what the master ordered, he will not have any problems for himself.

Keton then confidently walked back to the room.

Two of Keton’s subordinates that had stayed in the room had been stumped by Philip’s roaring. Keton had the decree of the Lord with him, what did they have? Nothing. Keton could dare to speak against the young master, but they couldn’t! They were just at the bottom of the class, so when Philip started to rebut them, they could only leave the room respectfully.

After the two left, Philip closed the door and then apologized to me, “Excuse me, Liu, I made you get involved in this trouble. I had not thought they would find us so quickly!”

“Yes, we are really thankful to you, but Philip’s family is very fierce and we don’t want to implicate you…” Sallica said with some worry.

This was the difference between Philip and Sallica. Although Philip didn’t know me, he could judge from my way of speaking and actions that I was a person with some identity, not someone who was just reckless and impulsive. Since I was willing to help them, I obviously had the confidence to back that up. Even if I couldn’t help them, it won’t bring any trouble to me! So he just apologized and thanked me.