VPAATP V4 Chapter 179

Invited Us

{ Philip is the young Philip who wants to marry Sallica.
Old Philip is the grandfather of the young Philip who doesn’t want him to marry Sallica.}

Sallica was different. In her eyes, Philip’s Family was already very powerful and influential. Since she didn’t understand who I was and my specific life, she was obviously worried about us in her mind!

This was the difference of perspective!

“It doesn’t matter. In fact, I have a lot of friends, but the ones I really hit it off with aren’t many. Philip, although I haven’t known you two for a long time, I think that both of you are really good people. You are someone worthy of having a close friendship with! Your character and loyalty to your love are also to my liking, so I admire you very much!” I said with a smile, “And Yang Mei also said that Sallica is her sister… that reason alone is enough for me to help you two!”

“I really appreciate your help, Liu!” Listening to my words, Philip was very excited! After all, being able to meet a friend like me who was so loyal, Philip thought that he was very lucky, “Liu, if you don’t mind, will you be willing to be Sallica and my future child’s godfather!”

In Europe and American culture, people would only let someone be the godfather of their children or become sworn brothers with someone who was a very close friend of theirs! Not just anyone had the qualifications for that!

“I certainly will. It will be an utmost honor!” I nodded to him and said with a smile.

While we were talking serious matters, the door of the room was knocked, followed by Keton pushing open the door and entering.

“How is it, has the bride price been negotiated?” I knew that he had definitely not gone to negotiate anything, I just wanted to ridicule him.

“Ah, hehe…” Sure enough, Keton smiled embarrassingly after listening to my words. But who could he blame for being so anxious and forgetting to ask how he was supposed to deal with this matter! Keton suddenly had a flash of enlightenment and he said, “It’s just like you just said, I am just a steward who has no right to talk about these matters. Besides, important matters like this should be directly discussed with the Master of the Family!”

“Is that so? So when is the master of the family coming over?” I raised my hand and looked at the watch on my wrist.


This nonchalant movement of mine didn’t go unnoticed from Keton’s gaze. Right after his vision landed on the watch, he was frozen on spot.

The watch I wore was also sent by others. As for how much it was worth, I hadn’t thought about it. It was a hand-made mechanical watch from Roger Dubuis. Since its time needed to be set manually, I didn’t like it much and considered it to be troublesome. But since it wasn’t like the electronic watches that needed batteries to run, I wore it while coming abroad this time since I was afraid that my electronic watch might run out of batteries soon.

Roger Dubuis’ watches could be recognized with a single glance, and as for this one, it was completely unique in Keton’s express; something he had never seen before! Because it was so unique, there were only two possibilities – one, the watch was a counterfeit; second, the watch was a specially crafted memento model. Naturally, the latter’s possibility was quite great, after all, if someone was going to counterfeit they would certainly use a more popular design!

Although Roger Dubuis hadn’t been established for a long time, its workmanship and design were quickly recognized by people with some major background!

Roger Dubuis’ famous slogan was: Now, wrist watches weren’t just tools that told time, instead, they were valuable treasures that could be passed down from generation to generation. {TL: Dunno about the slogan but I checked and the things are too complicated to tell time, so using them as treasures is a more appropriate thing to do.}

“What’s wrong? Mr. Keton? When is the Master of your family coming over?” I asked again with a smile.

“Oh… um, that…” Keton suddenly reacted and said while stuttering, “Our family is in Milan…… I would have to ask you to be a guest at the Philip Family. I wonder what Mr. Liu’s thoughts are regarding that?”

“Be a guest?” Although I had thought that old Philip would want to meet me regarding this matter after the wedding, I hadn’t thought that he will actually ask me to go to Milan! I had thought that the matter will only need a phone call!

I looked at Philip. At this time, this kid was looking at me with great anticipation. I could tell that he wanted me to be a guest at his family home. It wasn’t just because I was going to help him, but also because he wanted to sincerely thank me for my help over the days!

I turned and looked at Yang Mei. Once I saw her nod towards me, I said to Keton, “I still have two family members living in this hotel. Before I can promise you anything, I still have to discuss the matter with them. I will get back to you soon!”

“No problem, Mr. Liu, I will be waiting for your reply,” Keton said.

“Mr. Keton? You haven’t booked a room yet, right? You should hurry up and book a room, the rooms in this hotel are quite scarce and might run out if you are late!” I looked at Keton and said faintly.

Keton obviously understood the underlying meaning behind my words. What I meant was that he shouldn’t keep on staying in Philip and Sallica’s room, disturbing them further! On top of my words, the Master of the family had also ordered to not disturb the young master temporarily, so why wouldn’t he do what he was told, “We have already booked a room. After traveling so long to get here, I am also tired and will go and rest in my room.”

I smiled and nodded to him, leaving the room with him. Keton politely said goodbye to me and brought his two subordinates and walked towards their rooms.

After we returned to the room, I looked at Yang Mei and asked, “What do you think? Should we go or not?”

“We will certainly go. Let’s just consider it to be a trip. Anyway, my purpose in coming here was to travel!” Yang Mei said, “The important thing is that since we have gotten involved in their matter, we must be responsible for it!”

“We can’t just use force and make the matter go our way! It seems that we will have to give that Old Philip quite a bit of benefit this time! That Orde Financial Group could make him billions in profit, I will have to give him something better than that!” I shook my head! If I don’t do this much, things won’t be very easy to deal with. Although my identity was there if people don’t get any advantage, will they listen to me just because I asked them to do something?

“Billions?” Yang Mei was shocked, “Ah… won’t that be hard? Is it very difficult?”

“Forget it, it’s nothing. I will just give him the contract for the Italian East Asia Motion products. We have to give it to someone either way,” I said indifferently.

After going to our room, Yang Mei and I discussed with her parents. Yang Mei’s parents had no issue going to Milan and also wanted to come along!

After everything was settled, our group took the next day’s plane and set off for Milan.

Along the way, Keton didn’t say anything and let Philip and Sallica sit together intimately, seemingly having given tacit consent to their relationship. But I understood the matter very well, once old Philip figured out my identity and I really didn’t have any background, then Sallica and we will certainly be kicked out!

However, I believe that Old Philip will be very willing to make Sallica be part of their family soon!

As it turns out, my speculation was correct, Old Philip really came out.

Just after the plane landed, we saw a group of vehicles parked not far away. Keton immediately rushed towards them while Yang Mei, Philip, Sallica, and I walked over slowly.

{TL NOTE >> The Author said the following and I have the same words:
I have only read some bare information about godfathers and stuff, so the information is quite vague (and the translation is also vague), but it is what it is. I don’t even know about the Italian Royal Family, so let’s just consider this all to be as some parallel world! }