VPAATP V4 Chapter 185

Feiyan Gate – I

After returning to B City, I wasn’t idle either, instead, I looked for Jiao Yazi nonstop. Now, Jiao Yazi had completed his inspection of the Mortal World and returned to Yama’s (King of Hell) Palace, so I couldn’t just call him and expect him to get to me immediately.

{TL Note: Jiao Yazi is that old dude from hell who taught Liu Lei how to use his powers. He wanted to kill him in the beginning but after talking to Yama, changed his mind. I don’t remember the chapter nor could I find it. If someone knows the chapter, leave it in the comments.}

While I was looking for Jiao Yazi, I had a small accident.

I found that not only I was looking for Jiao Yazi, there was another group that was also looking for Jiao Yazi! This was what Meng QingQing told me! Just after I went to Italy, several men in black suits came to Shuguang International and wanted to meet me.

In the beginning, Meng QingQing didn’t care, after all, there were so many people who wanted to meet me, but how could I just meet someone so casually! So she asked someone to send them away. But not long after, this group of people returned again. Meng QingQing tried to send them away using the same method, but that group of people just won’t leave no matter what!

Later, Meng QingQing asked them what they wanted, but those people didn’t say anything. Later, one of them told Meng QingQing that they were the ones who had sold the Ring of Love to the man I bought it from and that they were here to discuss some matters regarding that!

Meng QingQing was naturally aware of the troubles that the Ring of Love meant! After all, she had been kidnapped because of it before, so Meng QingQing persuaded those people with perfunctory words, making them leave their phone number behind!

I took the business card in my hand and sneered in my heart. You bastards sold me that ring which brought me so much trouble {and a wife}. I haven’t gone looking for you to settle accounts, yet you come looking for me first!

Although that ring had made me later find a world with life, the fact that they sold me stolen stuff made me feel that it was unreasonable if I don’t give them a lesson, so I directly dialed the number of the business card. After a long time, the phone was connected.

A middle-aged man’s voice came from the other side, “Who might you be looking for?”

“I am Liu Lei, weren’t you looking for me?” I asked with a sneer.

“Mr. Liu, have you returned? We will immediately come to your company!” Hearing my words, the middle-aged man was immediately overjoyed.

“There’s no need. I heard that you are the people who sold me that ring?” I endured the rage in my heart and asked.

“That… Yes, but that’s not why we are looking for you…” the middle-aged man said after a bit of hesitation.

“You aren’t looking for me for that matter? But I am certainly looking for you for that matter!” I couldn’t help but feel angry. I hadn’t come to you to settle the old score, yet you brought yourself to me, “You just wait for me at that Feiyan Company. I will be there in two hours!” {TL Note: Feiyan Collection House is the place where Liu Lei bought the Ring of Love from for a few hundred million.}

Saying this, I hung up the phone without waiting for the other party to say anything.

Listening to Meng QingQing’s explanation, I realized that they were looking for some Yazi person. Immediately, I thought of Jiao Yazi! But how do they know Jiao Yazi? Moreover, do they know the relationship between Jiao Yazi and me?

The only person who knew about our relationship was Du Xiaowei, but he will certainly never say something like that! Form a certain point, Jiao Yazi involved my secret, moreover, Jiao Yazi himself was a top-secret person in the Mortal World. It was impossible for an average person to know about him! Therefore, I had some murderous intentions at this time.

Let alone the fact that these people had intentionally deceived me once, just the fact that they knew my involvement with Jiao Yazi was enough reason for me to not be negligent with them! Till now, I didn’t understand just when I exposed any weakness for them to be able to find me, neither did I know the reason they were looking for me. In brief, I must go there and make everything clear.

If I went to Feiyan Antique Collection Company, I wouldn’t even use two seconds, let alone the two hours that I had told them. But the reason I told them that I will be there in two hours is that it was a reasonable amount of time if I went there on a car if I was in B City. In the meantime, I wanted to carefully understand what kind of company this Feiyan Company was! What kind of background did they have?

After hanging up the phone, I immediately asked Meng QingQing to investigate the “Feiyan Antique Collection Company”. Shuguang International had a dedicated intelligence company, so their efficiency was quite high. Soon, there was a report placed on my desk.

Feiyan Antique Collection Company, with a registered capital of 500 Million USD, was one of the largest private companies in N City. It was a large trading company that combined selling and auctioning. It had its own vault and auction house, but its behavior was quite low-key.

Even then, Feiyan Company had repeatedly come up with surprisingly amazing treasures. Because of the particularity of the business and the fact that Feiyan was a foreign-funded company, so long as there was nothing big, no one would investigate the source of the treasures they put out. After all, many sellers wouldn’t want to disclose their status.

Feiyan company had quite good relations in N City’s upper circle. Many rich people were their patrons.

All this was just superficial stuff, no big deal. Although the registered capital wasn’t very strong compared to other businesses in the same industry, it wasn’t small either. After all, the collection industry itself was a profiteering industry. And those antiques were sold to the rich, so the social relations were also normal compared to others!

But from the information gathered by Three Rock Gang, this Feiyan Antique Collection Company wasn’t as simple as it appeared!

According to the deep investigation, the backing of this company was unexpectedly the world’s third largest theft gang, the Feiyan Gate! This kind of background was a bit too shocking! I finally understood why the Ring of Love had been stolen!

No wonder this Feiyan Collection Company was so rich, they had been taking advantages everywhere!

The Feiyan Gate was very mysterious. It is said that the official members of the Feiyan Gate, that is, the disciples of Feiyan Gate had some sort of legendary footwork that made them very light. The reason why they are called the Feiyan Gate was that they could indeed be as light as a swallow and fly away! {TL: Feiyan means “Fly Like a Swallow\Flying Swallow”}

With such skill, it was no wonder that the group would be so big and even if they were called the world’s biggest theft gang, it wouldn’t be overrated!

The history of Feiyan Gate wasn’t too long, and apart from their core members, no one knew how their martial school was formed, nor who their heads are. Because the rules are very strict, the outsiders knew even less. Even though the Three Rock Gang is so powerful, they still couldn’t get anything regarding how the internal affairs of Feiyan Gate worked.

It hadn’t even been two hours, and I had already gotten all this information. This made me very happy!

After having clarified the background of this Feiyan Antique Collection Company, I felt confident in my heart and no longer felt that I was on the passive side! In fact, even if I didn’t know anything, I would still be able to get them to tell me whatever I wanted to know. After all, my strength represented everything! But that was not my style of doing things, I liked the feeling of being prepared.

I first teleported to a public toilet in a nearby mall and then walked out when there was nobody around, rushing to the Feiyan Antique Collection Company.

It seemed that Feiyan Gate attached great importance to me. When I came last time, the Feiyan Antique Collection Company was very deserted and there were no cars in the parking, but this time, the entire place was full!