VPAATP V4 Chapter 187

12th Stage Of The Flying Swallow Technique

“Instantaneous movement?” My heart immediately jumped. It seems that even after I was really careful, I had still been seen! Although there was nothing for me to fear with my current strength, if this old man publicized my matter, the terrorist organizations in the world will all go after my head! Having the ability to move instantaneously would be the greatest treasure for any terrorist organization. Therefore, a murderous intent immediately flashed through my eyes.

Jin Hongzhong had been mixing in the underworld for years, he had weathered a lot of storms and had a lot of experience. The moment that murderous intent flashed through my eyes, his entire body felt cold. Though Little Dong didn’t say anything, he had obviously turned pale.

However, Jin Hongzhong had still seen the world, so he quickly calmed himself and sighed with emotion, “Mr. Liu, do you want to kill us?”

Kill them? Did I really want to kill them? I wasn’t a bloodthirsty man, that murderous intent was just out of instinct to protect myself. Besides, it was obvious that these people were somehow related to that old codger Jiao Yazi! In some sense, they were people on my own side.

“Do you think that you can just hang a portrait here and claim to be Jiao Yazi’s student?” I calmed down and decided to test them, “Since you say that Jiao Yazi is your master, then show me what you have learned?”

“Our Feiyan Gate naturally practices a special martial movement skill. My martial arts were specially taught by master!” Jin Hongzhong said with pride, but thinking about my ability, he immediately lost that pride. After all, I was far better than him at the movement skill he was so proud of!

“Movement skill? You are saying that Jiao Yazi taught you a movement skill? Alright. But, even if Jiao Yazi is really your master, why do you really believe that I am related to him?” I asked, “It wouldn’t be that you treated my instantaneous movement as a movement skill, right?”

“Is it not?” Hearing my words, a strange expression surfaced on Jin Hongzhong’s face. He probably realized that I wasn’t talking about the same thing, “The highest level of Flying Swallow Technique is an instantaneous movement! Unfortunately, I can’t even breakthrough from the second level, let alone the highest 12th level!” {TL: Jin Hongzhong is in the second level but can’t go to the third level.}

“Because of that, you believe that I am also Jiao Yazi’s disciple and that I have practiced the Flying Swallow Technique to the 12th level?” I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry.

I had not thought that the words that I just said as a joke would be taken seriously by the two before me. Jin Hongzhong and Little Dong both nodded seriously. Looking at their solemn expressions, I didn’t know what to do.

“Alright, let me see your Manual of the Flying Swallow Technique. I will then decide whether to tell you about my matters or not,” In fact, I already believed 80 percent of their word, but I still had to finalize the matters.

“This…” Little Dong looked at his master with distress.

Jin Hongzhong indifferently waved his hand and said, “Little Dong, go and bring the Manual for Mr. Liu to see!”

“But Master, how can we let outsiders see our Sacred Manual so casually…” Little Dong was still hesitating.

“Unless you no longer believe your eyes, if Mr. Liu has really achieved the realm of instantaneous movement, our Manual will be worthless in his eyes!” Jin Hongzhong said.

Little Dong thought that what his master said was right, so he respectfully went to the incense case, bowed his head twice, and then respectfully raised the portrait. After that, he did some complex movements and a dark space appeared in the wall from where he took out a book.

After putting the portrait back at its position, Little Dong gave the book to me cautiously, fearing that he might damage the book.

I casually took the book and read it. In the beginning, I was still looking at it superficially, but after turning a few pages, I had a serious look!

Indeed, this manual was a set of Martial Techniques derived from Jiao Yazi’s teachings. Although it wasn’t comparable to the real thing, I could see that it was the same as what I practiced!

I had completely believed Jin Hongzhong’s words now. It seems that this guy was indeed one of Jiao Yazi’s students, he was at least related!

However, this manual had a lot of flaws, probably because it wasn’t written by Jiao Yazi himself. Moreover, from the second to the third layer, there was a massive leap in the Manual without having the correct method! No wonder Jin Hongzhong was stuck at the second level. With this Manual, it was impossible to reach the third level.

As I read ahead, the flaws and gaps were getting bigger and bigger. There was hardly any complete method, just a few words. The last level even said that “A person could move instantaneously!” and there was nothing else, no explanation!

What kind of scam was this? Little Dong was enraged as he saw my disdain, while Jin Hongzhong didn’t say anything and only glared at me with fury.

I casually threw the Manual on the table and shook my head.

“What happened, Mr. Liu? Is there something wrong with the manual?” Jin Hongzhong asked hastily.

“This Manual wasn’t given to you by Jiao Yazi himself, right?” I didn’t answer his question, instead, I asked him a question.

Jin Hongzhong was a little surprised but he immediately nodded, “Indeed. This was written by me according to what master used to tell me. I arranged it all myself. Is there any problem?”

“The first two layers are alright, but from the beginning of the third layer to the end is all simply nonsense!” I expressed my opinion without any mercy, “The gap between the second and third layer is simply too massive. There are a lot of faults. It would be very strange if you were able to break through.”

“Really! Is that the truth?” Not only did Jin Hongzhong not get angry after listening to me, he suddenly became excited as if he had suddenly been enlightened. He stood up and kept on nodding!

“Master, you…” Little Dong was shocked and quickly went ahead to pull Jin Hongzhong back to his seat.

He didn’t expect that Jin Hongzhong would wave his hand and say, “I’m fine! It was all because of my wishful thinking, not because of my master, it was Little Zhong who had been greedy!” {TL: Little Zhong is Jin Hongzhong himself.}

“In the past, my master orally told me the first two layers of the manual and asked me to practice them and I will be good to go! However, after my use of hard and soft tactics, my master told me about the further layers vaguely, but he also exhorted me that it wasn’t something that some average man could practice!” Jin Hongzhong sighed with emotion, “At that time, I didn’t believe master’s words and secretly recorded the Manual that master had told me about even though I didn’t understand it. Moreover, my master had also said that his words weren’t very detailed, so I had obviously not recorded clear words.”

I nodded. It was indeed as Jin Hongzhong had said and the first two layers of the Manual were very complete. Moreover, there were very little errors! However, this manual could only be said to help in improving the potential of a person and it had nothing to do with a movement skill! It was actually quite ridiculous that Jin Hongzhong actually used it as a movement skill.