VPAATP V4 Chapter 188

Misunderstood Master Disciple Relationship

Indeed, this Manual could improve a person’s movement skills, but if it was practiced, it could also improve a person’s strength, endurance, and other potentials. But Jin Hongzhong actually used it only for movement skill, wasting a gift from the Heavens!

I believe that after Jin Hongzhong saw Jiao Yazi’s teleportation ability, he naturally thought that what he was taught was a movement technique! It must be because of that that Jin Hongzhong believed that the ultimate level of the Manual allowed for instantaneous movement!

Thinking of here, I couldn’t help but smile awkwardly. I believe that Jiao Yazi wouldn’t even think of it in a dream that someone he instructed would end up creating the world’s largest theft gang!

“So, since your disciple Little Dong saw me use teleportation, he thought that Jiao Yazi and I were related?” I asked Jin Hongzhong.

“Right! I judged that you were related to my master because of this matter! I, Jin Hongzhong, have lived for such a long time, but it was the first time I heard of someone else being able to use the same prowess as master!” Jin Hongzhong said.

“If Jiao Yazi knew that his disciple had turned into such a great thief, I wonder what kind of appearance he would have?” I hadn’t forgotten the ring, so I sneered.

“A great thief?!” Listening to my words, Jin Hongzhong suddenly got emotionally excited! He stood up and arrived before Jiao Yazi’s portrait. Kneeling while he trembled, he said in a serious expression, “I, Jin Hongzhong, swears in front of my master here that I have never stolen a single thing! Our Feiyan Gate has never harmed an honest person. We only take from the corrupt officials what is not theirs and then help the needy! That ill-earned money is not theirs, so why can’t we divide it to those who deserve it?”

“Moreover, most of the money of our Feiyan Gate is invested in charity and public welfare organizations. On top of that, we have clear rules in our Gate that any national treasure will never be sold to foreigners!”

“Don’t think that you are some great thief!” I sneered, “If it weren’t for me being so strong, my wife and I might have already been killed because of that Ring of Love!”

“Mr. Liu, I can guarantee that it was an accident! That guy had made the decision without getting any authorization!” Jin Hongzhong said, “After we bring something back, we will seal that stuff for a while. If there are no rumors, then we will sell it! As for jewelry and antiques, the owners had gotten them through illegitimate ways in the past, plundering them from our land of China. They were smuggled by foreigners to foreign countries. So once they are lost, the owners don’t dare report to the police. But who could have thought that after we got the ring, that Steven would find a mercenary group and find out that it was our Feiyan Gate that took it! At first, I had decided to return the ring, but the others in the Gate were very opposed to my decision. If we returned it, then where was Feiyan Gate going to put its face?”

“We then put the matter down until the other party came knocking on our door. Only then did I realize how serious the situation was. I had wanted to return the ring but who would have expected the people under me were greedy for money and had already sold the ring! In the way, you ended up getting in trouble while our Feiyan Gate escaped the calamity. After all, our ability is just a movement technique, if we had to fight those mercenaries, we would absolutely have no chance of winning.”

I cursed in my heart: If you really understood that Manual, let alone mercenaries, even if you had to fight against martial artists, there wouldn’t be an issue! Those who had studied under Du Xiaowei didn’t have as much experience as Jin Hongzhon, but their body was already several times stronger than the average person!

“Accident? Humph, your original intention might have been good, but we are looking at the present. You kept on proclaiming how you have never taken a person’s legally earned wealth, but what about your subordinates? If they can sell the ring against your commands, what else can they not do?” I said sarcastically, “Do you know what information I got? It said that you are the world’s third largest theft gang!”

When I said till here, I walked by Jin Hongzhon who was still kneeling on the ground, pulled down Jiao Yazi’s portrait and ripped it into shreds, throwing the remains on the ground.

“You… you… how can you be so disrespectful to our master!” Seeing my actions, Jin Hongzhong was enraged as he pointed his finger towards me and said, “If our master knew that his disciple treated him like this… he will never forgive you!”

“Indeed, he won’t forgive you, not me!” Seeing Jin Hongzhong’s appearance, I could see that he still regarded me as one of Jiao Yazi’s disciple.

“You… I am talking about you!” Jin Hongzhong exclaimed breathlessly.

“I am not his disciple,” I said with a smile.

“What? You aren’t his disciple? Then why did you claim that you were related to Master Jiao Yazi! Who are you deceiving, you obviously know Master Jiao Yazi! Since the moment you were stunned by looking at the portrait, I knew that you had something to do with him!” Jin Hongzhong said.

“First, I never denied that I know Jiao Yazi. Second, I never acknowledged that I was his disciple, that was something you came up with!” I said, “As for the relationship, it can be said that my elder brother and Jiao Yazi have a master and disciple relationship!”

“Your elder brother? Even if that’s the case, Master Jiao Yazi is still your elder, how can you be so disrespectful to him! Where is your elder brother? Bring him here, I want to talk to him!” Jin Hongzhong was obviously angry.

My elder brother? My elder brother was in Hell… If you can find him, I will estimate that your time in the world had already come to an end! However, Jin Hongzhong’s words reminded me that Jiao Yazi had indeed returned to the underworld. Even if I couldn’t find him, couldn’t I look for him through my elder brother Yama (King of Hell)! Don’t I have a communicator!

Thinking of here, I waved at Jin Hongzhon and hinted him not to speak. I was disinclined to explain to him that he had misunderstood the hierarchy – Jiao Yazi was my elder brother’s disciple, not the other way around! When Jiao Yazi came here in a while, the matter will naturally be solved! It was better to avoid an argument. Even if I explained to him, I think he won’t believe, so it was better to just let him see it for himself.

Thinking of here, I took out the black jade locket that I had gotten from elder brother Yama! It seems that I could only talk to elder brother Yama with this, just like a walkie-talkie…

I wasn’t afraid of Jin Hongzhong eavesdropping as it was simply impossible for him to guess that I was talking to the King of Hell. As for the communicator, as the chairman of Shuguang International, a global technology leader, it wasn’t that surprising to see a special communicator on me.

Soon, the communicator was connected. An excited voice from the other side made me feel lost, “Brother Liu, you finally remembered to call me. It seems that you are living quite well in the mortal world! Ah!”