VPAATP V4 Chapter 189

Meeting His Master

“Hehe, it’s just that brother is a busy person and has to take care of many matters, so I was afraid that I might disturb you!” I said some flattering words. This relationship was very hard to take care of. Flattering brother Yama was like having a grasp over the life and death of living beings, so I would naturally want to have a closer relationship.

“Alright, you should come to the Yama Palace someday. So, what matter did you call me for?” Brother Yama said.

I was startled. Who would dare go to the Yama Palace when they are alright? Isn’t that the same as courting death!?

“Hehe, it’s like this, I am looking for Jiao Yazi, is he there?” I asked.

“Jiao Yazi? I saw him a while ago. Just wait a moment, I will have him go find you!” Yama said, “Alright, I won’t talk much as I have a case to deal with now. Remember to call me often!”

There was no need for me to tell my position to Brother Yama. So long as Jiao Yazi returned to the mortal world, he will be able to quickly lock onto my position and appear at the fastest speed!

Jin Hongzhong was still disdainful at first when I made the call to my brother Yama. But when he heard me and the person on the other side of the receiver use Jiao Yazi’s name as if he was just an ordinary dude, he couldn’t help but get angry!

He was also the disciple of Jiao Yazi, so how could the difference between them be so big? He (Jin Hongzhong) couldn’t respect Jiao Yazi more, yet the guy before him (Liu Lei) and his elder brother (Yama) spoke of Jiao Yazi as if he was their subordinate!

Even someone like this could learn the highest level of Jiao Yazi’s movement skill? Thinking of this, Jin Hongzhong felt that it was very unfair!

However, before he could even say something, Jiao Yazi appeared in front of me!

Jiao Yazi’s speed was already very fast, and the moment he heard Yama say that I was looking for him, he rushed over with his fastest speed!

“Martial Uncle, were you looking for me?” Jiao Yazi said the words naturally, but the moment his words left his mouth, Little Dong was shocked while Jin Hongzhong almost had a heart attack!

Seeing the respectful expression on his master’s face at this moment, Jin Hongzhong immediately understood everything! The reason I wasn’t treating Jiao Yazi with the same respect as him was that Jiao Yazi counted as my junior not senior! And that elder brother of mine was possibly Jiao Yazi’s master! Though the relationship was still that of Master-Disciple, it wasn’t me who had to show respect to Jiao Yazi, instead, it was the other way around!

“Master…” Jin Hongzhong was still trying to understand what was happening, but Jiao Yazi was his master. Even if I didn’t respect him, he still had to respect him, and he indeed respected Jiao Yazi very deeply!

When Jiao Yazi came here, he didn’t pay any attention to the old and the young man in the room. Even when he heard the old man suddenly shout “Master”, he didn’t care that much. He didn’t think that the old man was referring to him, so there was no need for him to pay any attention to him.

Only when Jin Hongzhong respectfully kneeled before Jiao Yazi and exclaimed: “Master, it is really you!” did Jiao Yazi finally that the old man was referring to him!

Jiao Yazi didn’t even know who the person before him was, he had no impression of him! After all, the Jin Hongzhong that Jiao Yazi knew was just a teenager. After several years, Jiao Yazi hadn’t changed at all, but Jin Hongzhong had gone from a youthful teenager to an old man, so it was normal that Jing Hongzhong recognized Jiao Yazi but Jiao Yazi didn’t know Jin Hongzhong.

“You are…” Jiao Yazi looked at the old man before him with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Master, it’s me, Little Zhong!” Seeing that Jiao Yazi hadn’t recognized him, Jin Hongzhong quickly explained.

“Little Zhong?” Jiao Yazi was bewildered but then he suddenly remembered, “Little Zhong, it’s really you. In the blink of an eye… you have grown so old…” Jiao Yazi helplessly shook his head. He obviously remembered, but the lifespan of mortals was far too short compared to the immortals!

“Master… You have finally recognized me!” Tears streamed down Jin Hongzhong’s face as he said excitedly, “I had never thought that I will be able to see Master once more in this lifetime! Master, I am really happy right now!”

I couldn’t help but smile a bit, holding down my laughter as I thought: “You might just be able to see him after you die… Moreover, with the relationship between you and Jiao Yazi, it’s possible that he might arrange a position for you in Hell where you would be able to see your Master daily!” However, I could certainly not say that to his face.

“I certainly remember you. How have you been over these years?” Jiao Yazi asked with affection as if he was an old man who had just seen his grandchild. But in fact, Jin Hongzhong looked much older than Jiao Yazi!

At this time, Little Dong had finally recovered from his shock. Seeing the ancestor of the Feiyan Gate before him, he hurriedly kneeled on the ground and said, “Feiyan Gate, Second Generation disciple pays respect to Master Ancestor!” After saying these words, Little Dong thought that I was also here and I was the Martial Uncle of his Master Ancestor, so he immediately kneeled and kowtowed towards me, “Disciple also pays respect to… Martial Uncle Ancestor…”

He paid me respects as if I was some sort of god descended from the Martial World!

Under Little Dong’s reminder, Jin Hongzhong also remembered that I was also here! He was immediately startled in his heart and blamed himself for being negligent, losing courtesy and being even inferior to his own disciple! Thinking of this, he immediately kneeled before me and said, “Disciple greets Martial Uncle Ancestor! This disciple had offended Martial Uncle Ancestor with his words a moment ago, this disciple hopes that Martial Uncle Ancestor will be magnanimous and pardon this disciple!”

“What’s wrong? Did you and Martial Uncle have some contradiction?” Jiao Yazi asked after listening to him.

“Ah, no… It was just a misunderstanding!” Jin Hongzhong didn’t dare to conceal anything and immediately narrated everything that happened, why he looked for me, and how he had misunderstood some things!

“Little Zhong, this is not the right thing you did. When I left all, I had made you pledge that you will never look for me, yet you disobeyed me?” Jiao Yazi spoke with an expression of an elder reprimanding a child for making a mistake, while Jin Hongzhong was listening to him with the expression of a child that had done wrong and didn’t dare say anything in his defense.

If the onlookers didn’t know what was going on, they would certainly be stunned by the scene before them.

After Jiao Yazi finished speaking, Jin Hongzhong said with an aggrieved expression, “Over the years, there wasn’t a moment that I did not miss Master. As soon as I found a clue about you, I couldn’t help but want to understand your situation…”

After listening to him, Jiao Yazi nodded and didn’t say anything. After all, his disciple had only done that out of filial piety, so it wasn’t a good thing if he reprimanded him again, “I can understand how you feel, but you should know how you almost gave a lot of trouble to Martial Uncle!”

“Yes, this disciple understands his mistake! Martial Uncle Ancestor, please punish this disciple!” Jin Hongzhong said with sincerity.