VPAATP V4 Chapter 19

Bought From A Stall

In fact, if Yang Yiqun was powerful, why would he get Zhang Xiaoqing, a student of a third-rate private University as his girlfriend!

Unknowingly, the reunion party reached its climax, and Guan Yang also forgot the unpleasantness from before. Raising his glass, he gave a toast, “Today all of us old classmates are gathered. It’s a rare occasion, so I would like to take this opportunity and raise a cup of wine in everyone’s honor. Everyone let’s do it together……Right, the girls must also change their drinks, and have some wine!” {TL Note: The girls were drinking Sprite before.}

“Guan Yang, the girls won’t change their drinks as many of them haven’t drunk any beer before!” Listening to his words, Wang Yu immediately said.

“How could that work then! If beer isn’t good, then how about red wine? Bring a few bottles of red wine!” Guan Yang said with a red face. {TL Note: His face is red because of drinking.}

At this time, someone pushed open the door and entered the room. A man dressed in a western-style suit walked in front. He came forward and respectfully said to Guan Yang, “Mr. Guan, I am the on-duty manager responsible for the management of Jiuding Resort, surnamed Yu. I am here to bring you the fruit dishes and desserts as a bonus!”

As Guan Yang saw the on-duty manager treating him so respectfully, he was even more proud of himself. With high interest, he said to the manager, “Manager Yu, do you have red wine in the resort?”

“Of course,” the manager said and waved his hand towards a waiter who immediately took a menu from the side and handed it to Guan Yang.

Even though Guan Yang was drunk right now, he hadn’t forgotten he was here to impress Xu Xueyun, so he immediately handed the menu to Xu Xueyun and said, “Xueyun, you girls will drink red wine, so you should order the one you like!” As he said that, he looked towards me with a gloating expression.

I didn’t care about him and simply shrugged my shoulders. Xu Xueyun was disturbed, but she still took the menu and turned it open. As soon as she opened it, she felt a headache and whispered to me, “Liu Lei, I can’t understand these……”

I looked at the menu as a plan brewed in my heart: Weren’t you guys trying to scam me into paying for everything, now I will let you bleed well! In fact, it was the same trick I used when I ate with Zhao YanYan at the Seafood Restuarant in Songjiang! At that time, Li Baolian was green with anger as he couldn’t pay the bill!

I pretended to be very casual and pointed towards the items on the menu. Xu Xueyun saw the wine I selected and ordered it from the waiter.

“Excuse me, Mr. Guan. How many bottles of Romanée-Conti Wine would you like to order?” The waiter asked. {TL Note: Romanée-Conti https://bit.ly/2LzpjtC}

“Bring three for now!” Though Guan Yang was from a rich background, he wasn’t from a very rich family. He had never heard of Romanée-Conti, and thought that liquor was free, so why not order as much as he liked!

“Alright, sir!” The waiter nodded.

“Young master Guan is very cool!” Manager Yu smiled and praised him! He thought being on-duty today was the luckiest day of his. Just the commission he got from the sale of this wine was in tens of thousands!

To be honest, I still left a bit of a way out for Guan Yang and didn’t want to drown him to death in a single shot. Otherwise, I would have never selected Romanée-Conti wine. Although Romanée-Conti was one of the best quality wine, it wasn’t the most expensive!

It was a wine that millionaires could buy, but only billionaires could enjoy! Talking about Romanée-Conti, it’s price wasn’t the highest, but the taste was absolutely remarkable.

However, it was a wine that only millionaires could afford, but was Guan Yang able to afford it?

Of everyone present here, only Yang Yiqun had heard of Romanée-Conti’s name and remembered it vaguely. He didn’t know how expensive the wine was, so he thought it would be the same price as regular Maotai. {TL Note: Maotai – https://bit.ly/1oxLqvb}

He was just a deputy manager of East Asia Motion’s common department. What was the common department? To say it a bit pleasantly, it was an essential department that concerned the entire group’s operation, to say it unpleasantly, it was a department that dealt with the hygiene and the canteen of the company, and made sure everything conformed to the company regulations. It was on the same level as the logistic department in some companies, and he was just a deputy manager.

Usually, where would he have the opportunity to come in contact with customers? He only managed the purchase of goods for some unimportant banquets held by the company and saw the name Romanée-Conti there. As the unimportant banquets won’t buy something too expensive, therefore Yang Yiqun hadn’t paid attention to the price of a Romanée-Conti.

“Wow? Xueyun, how much did you buy this Chanel dress for?” Xiaoqing’s eyes were sharper than others. As she stared at Xu Xueyun’s dress for a while, she was sure it was Chanel. Moreover, it was the same as the one she took a fancy to, so she asked enviously.

Although Yang Yiqun was the deputy manager of the company’s worst department, his income wasn’t low. However, if he bought clothes of such high level for Zhang Xiaoqing, he would have to bleed his wallet, so even after strolling through several Chanel shops many times, he never took out any money.

“Ah?” When Xu Xueyun came in, she saw that Wang Yu wasn’t wearing any branded clothes, while she herself wore such high-branded clothes. Thinking about this, she felt she wouldn’t be able to get along with others. But after she mixed in with the others, she realized that no one noticed she was wearing Chanel, so her heart also relaxed. She had never thought Zhang Xiaoqing will see through it!

“Hehe, you are overthinking the matter. We bought this from the morning sale market. It’s an imitation work. Isn’t it good?” I said with a smile. Originally, I didn’t want Xu Xueyun to be looked down upon, so I bought her Chanel dress. But after we arrived here, I realized there wasn’t a need for all that, and instead, it would make others look down on her for showing off, so I said that it was just an imitation.

“It’s quality sure is good!” Xiaoqing’s psychology was very calculative. In her opinion, the one most qualified to wear Chanel was her, so if Xu Xueyun wore it, she would naturally feel uncomfortable. But when she heard my explanation, she felt that I was very approachable, and didn’t like to brag falsely, so she didn’t delve into the matter anymore.

But Guan Yang was different. As he heard I bought her an imitation from the morning sale market, she looked towards me with disdain and said to Xu Xueyun, “Xueyun, if you like it, then I can bring you to buy the actual one from the Chanel store!”

Xu Xueyun looked towards me with a puzzled expression. She felt strange that the clothes we bought were thousands were turned to something bought from a stall, so she couldn’t help but be curious! However, she didn’t explain anything as she didn’t like people who showed off, and the clothes were bought for her by me, so if I wasn’t willing to speak, then there wasn’t a need for her to say anything.

“Hehe, these clothes are good as well.” Xu Xueyun vaguely responded to Guan Yang, “These wouldn’t be any worse than the store……”

Wang Yu’s family wasn’t very wealthy, so they frequently sold clothes at a stall in the market, but it didn’t mean she didn’t understand what Chanel is! When she had seen Xu Xueyun’s clothes a moment ago, she hadn’t thought into them much. But now that she heard Zhang Xiaoqing say that Xu Xueyun’s clothes were Chanel, she carefully observed them.

“Oh……I forgot to add, but these were bought from a stall with other clothes……” Xu Xueyun felt that deceiving her best friend wasn’t right, but there was no other way.

Because of this matter, the topic of the rest of conversation turned into a discussion about Chanel. Listening to all this boring talk, Guan Yang finally couldn’t keep on and said, “Alright everyone, now that we have eaten, it’s time that we go bowling!”