VPAATP V4 Chapter 191

False Information

This situation was very common! In a large stock of good, there would be some fake things in the middle every time. As for the very first thing being a sham, it wasn’t a big deal!

The second thing was a bronze candlestick, however, this candlestick was also fake! Little Gang and the others felt very unlucky, having encountered two imitations in a row!

When the third item was taken out, it was a small bowl. Looking at it, Little Gang’s face turned a little green! How could this be! Even the third item was a fake! By now, Little Gang and his men had realized that something was wrong, otherwise, how could their luck be so rotten?

Little Gang and his men immediately took out all the things. After inspecting everything one-by-one, they reached the conclusion that everything was fake!

This was just too strange! However, Little Gang and the others just thought that they were too unlucky, so they didn’t have any hard feelings regarding the issue. It wasn’t that big of a deal and they will just treat it as them touring France!

After calming down, they all cursed the dealer who sold these goods. He really didn’t know any shame, selling all the fake goods. It seems that the foreigner who bought it all must be some old fool with a foot in his grave!

Little Gang didn’t delay the matter and immediately called Jin Hongzhong to report the situation.

After Jin Hongzhong heard, he couldn’t help but feel that there was something fishy regarding everything that happened! According to his investigation, the transaction was worth 30 million USD! It was not some small business!

If someone could dish out such an amount, would they really not know the difference between fake and real? Even if the person himself didn’t know, would he not have someone beside him who would know? Moreover, someone who dares to play someone like that – just what kind of guts would that person have?

Jin Hongzhong understood that the foreigners had a much higher understanding of their Chinese relics compared to the natives themselves!

Therefore, Jin Hongzhong couldn’t understand why someone like that couldn’t tell that the things he bought were a sham. If it was just a transaction worth a few thousand, something like that happening was possible, but this transaction was worth 30 million USD. How could the buyer be so careless? Either the buyer didn’t give a damn about his money, or the information he received was problematic and the transaction amount wasn’t 30 million!

Was there an issue with the information? Perhaps. However, Jin Hongzhong had a very bad premonition yet he couldn’t tell what went wrong, so he immediately ordered Little Gang, “You all will return to China first thing tomorrow morning! Discard all the things directly!”

“But master, it’s our first time coming to this country of love and romance. We want to take a look around!” In fact, Little Gang wanted to go around and hook up with some foreign chicks.

“No, you are to return immediately!” Jin Hongzhong ordered.

“Understood… Master.” Although Little Gang was reluctant, he couldn’t ignore the commands of his Master.

However, an accident happened shortly after the call ended!

Little Gang’s foothold was an abandoned worn-out villa in the suburbs. Reasonably speaking, it was normal to think that no one will come to a place like that, but the door of the villa was soon shoved open!

A group of people in police uniforms armed with guns aimed at Little Gang and the others! Although Little Gang’s footwork was very fast and he could run away from other things, but in the face of the pitch-black muzzles, he could only give up resistance and raise his hands!

The never thought that the police was there because of the theft they had just committed since they had done the work very cleanly. What they thought was that the police came to the villa because they were occupying the villa illegally!

Even if the police found those fake goods, they could simply say that they found it all from the villa. The things were fake, so no one would pay attention to them.

Therefore, when the police handcuffed them, Little Gang didn’t say anything! When the police found the fake stuff from the villa, Little Gang was a bit nervous.

“Where did you get these things?” The police asked.

“What things?” Little Gang pretended to not know anything and said, “Oh, these. We found these things from the corner of this villa a while ago. We had thought that we were going to be rich, but unexpectedly, we got caught by you!”

The police obviously didn’t believe Little Gang’s words and said, “We have received a report that you were involved in a theft! Now, come to the police station with us!”

The moment Little Gang heard those words, he was immediately scared and hurriedly said, “What theft, I don’t understand what you are saying!”

“These things are the evidence! They are completely consistent with the information about the things that were reported!” The police said with a cold face, “As for everything else, you can say whatever you want to say when we return!”

Although Little Gang was very reluctant, since the things were fake, he didn’t care much. So, without any resistance, he got on the police vehicle.

The vehicle was not actually a police car, there were no police signs on the outside, but Little Gang didn’t pay any attention. It was normal for domestic police to drive non-police vehicles and\or dress like regular people. This made it easier for them to arrest criminals.

Since Little Gang didn’t understand the local conditions and how the police dealt with the criminals and their procedures, he could only let them bring them where they wanted! However, when Little Gang realized that the vehicle had passed by the police station and was actually heading towards an underground warehouse, he started to have a bad premonition.

“Where are you taking us?” Little Gang shouted.

“Shut up, you will know when you arrive!” A policeman shouted.

“You aren’t the police!” Little Gang suddenly realized and shouted.

“We never said that we were the police from the start to the end!” The policeman laughed.

Although Little Gang had some doubts about the identity of these people, he was only skeptical! Since he didn’t understand how the French Police handled cases, he had thought that they might bring him and his people to different places to investigate one-by-one! However, now that these people themselves were claiming that they weren’t the police, things were different!

Little Gang’s first thought was that they were in trouble! If they weren’t the police, then who were they? And why would they pretend to be officers?

This confused Little Gang a lot. If they were their enemies or the owners of the stolen goods, there was no need for them to pretend to be from the police! The more Little Gang thought the more he felt there was something wrong.

In fact, there was a reason these people were pretending to be police officers! After all, the police was an absolute authority of the country! If these people had intruded the villa with another disguise, there was absolutely going to be resistance from Little Gang and his people and they would certainly not go with them! If they revolted and tried to escape, though they could shoot them with bullets, that wasn’t what they wanted to do! But with the disguise of the police and the deterrent power of the police, it would be easier to reduce their resistance and it will also get rid of unnecessary trouble!

However, these people still kept strict watch over Little Gang and the others. The only martial arts Little Gang and they had was the movement skill, so if the enemy had a gun, they could only step down and not resist!