VPAATP V4 Chapter 193


“You should have understood what I want, right?” Ben Luther asked.

“That is impossible!” Jin Hongzhong directly denied Ben Luther’s demands, “Doing something like that is against the laws of the underworld!”

“Hehe, naturally, I will not do something like that!” Ben Luther said with a smile as if he had already expected Jin Hongzhong’s reply.

In any case, Ben Luther already had all the chips in his hand. He naturally didn’t want the Feiyan Gate as an enemy and it would be even better if they would become the subordinates of his Raytheon Gang, but Jin Hongzhong wasn’t like Little Gang who was still a bit inexperienced. He immediately pointed out that forcing Feiyan Gate to come under Raytheon Gang would be against the law of the underworld!

No matter what kind of profession one was from, be it the business world or the underworld, there were rules that had to be followed if one wanted to keep on remaining in their profession! If they broke the rules, they will end up as the target of massive criticism and scorn from the others!

The reason Ben Luther had been so tyrannical before Little Gang was because Little Gang had been only been in the underworld for a small time and didn’t understand the workings thoroughly. It was a completely different thing to be facing someone like Jin Hongzhong who had been in the underworld for quite some time!

Jin Hongzhong was a veteran in the underworld, so he immediately let Ben Luther know that his actions were against the laws that they followed! Naturally, if Ben Luther was willing, he could keep on using these tactics, but then, he will certainly be cast aside and alienated by the people of the underworld. Everyone will be wary of him, and if he is a bit careless, he might become the enemy of everyone!

One who doesn’t follow any rules is the enemy of all, after all. If he could deal with the Feiyan Gate today, wouldn’t he also plot against the others tomorrow? So instead of letting him find another opportunity, it would be normal for the other underworld organizations to join forces and get rid of him!

Ben Luther was also a shrewd man, there was no way he was actually going to do something stupid like that! There needs to be a reason for everything that one does! Though they already had a reason, and it was the Feiyan Gate that had intruded in their territory, it was still them who had framed the Feiyan Gate after all! If the matter was really pursued, the other organizations will certainly become their enemy!

Therefore, he could only give the Feiyan Gate an opportunity! An opportunity to try and turn the matters over! That is, Feiyan Gate will be given a chance to get the evidence back in return for doing something for them! So long as they did what they had to, the two gangs will have nothing to do with each other. But if they couldn’t do it, then no one would say anything behind their (Raytheon Gang) back. Even if the Feiyan Gate was then swallowed by them, no one will sympathize with them!

This was the law in the underworld. Ben Luther understood it, so did Jin Hongzhong, so the two men could reach a deal if they wanted!

“Alright then, speak what you want?” Jin Hongzhong said lightly.

“Great! You are indeed the leader of Feiyan Gate, it is very refreshing to deal with you!” Ben Luther said with a smile, “We are all from the same profession, so I won’t say anything unnecessary! Since we all use theft for our living, I will use theft as the challenge! Our Raytheon Gang recently got the biggest pearl in the world, it is 25 centimeters in diameter! You know as well, it isn’t easy to steal something like that, and it is a treasure that should be stored in the treasury with high security! This time, I will take that pearl out!”

“The biggest pearl? Oh, as far as I know, the biggest pearl in the world is only 23 cm?” Jin Hongzhong said without believing his word.

“Just because it is the biggest in the public doesn’t mean it is the biggest in the world. I don’t believe you think like that, considering the line of work we both are involved in!” Ben Luther said, “Not like you don’t have those bigger pearls, right?”

“Hehe, please continue,” Jin Hongzhong smiled without approving or disapproving his words. Jin Hongzhong indeed had many treasures that had not been made public. These things were for private collectors, not to be revealed to the public.

“Alright, to make a long story short, we will hold a contest of skill and compete!” Ben Luther said.

“What do you mean?” Jin Hongzhong asked.

“What I mean is that I will use the pearl as a target that you send someone to steal. If you can get the pearl, not only can you have that pearl, the grudges and gratitude between us will also be written off!” Ben Luther said, “If you can’t steal it, then I am sorry to say this, but you will have to do what I asked for before!”

Jin Hongzhong understood that though what Ben Luther said seemed simple and appeared to be a bargain not to let go. So long as someone from his side could steal the treasure, they get to keep the treasure and also be free of any grievance! This seemed like a hard to find deal!

But Jin Hongzhong understood that it wasn’t as simple as Ben Luther made it appear!

Steal the pearl, it was easier said than done! What was the possibility of even stealing something from the hands of the world’s second-largest theft gang?

The Raytheon Gang was also skilled in stealing, so it was obvious that they were also skilled in protecting their stuff! As a theft organization, they were obviously well aware of the blank spots that normal people might leave! That’s why it would be an almost impeccable defense if a theft gang was to protect something.

Since Jin Hongzhong understood this, Ben Luther understood this clearly as well, but neither of them said anything about that!

Two theft gangs with almost equal strength would always be competing secretly. Neither of them was willing to accept the other, and both were always looking for a chance to put the other one down. Now that they could show dominance over the other through a competition, who would be willing to give it up?

But no matter how it was, stealing was always going to be harder than defending! If Ben Luther recruited some good mercenaries to look after the pearl 24/7, it would be a really bad start for the Feiyan Gate! Their only way out would be to admit defeat at the hands of the Raytheon Gang!

Jin Hongzhong knew that a sly man like Ben Luther wouldn’t just do something on a whim and he had certainly thought the matter through and how to deal with mishaps if there were any! But Jin Hongzhong no longer had any choice. As he had mentioned before, the matters of the underworld had to be dealt with the rules of the underworld, and that was exactly what Ben Luther was doing! Jin Hongzhong couldn’t find any way out of this!

“Alright then, I will give you time to prepare and that will also give me time to prepare everything!” Ben Luther said, “I will inform you of everything after six months!”

“You better keep your word at that time,” Jin Hongzhong said as he had no choice but to comply.

Time was inching closer and closer, and soon, the six month time period was going to be up, yet Jin Hongzhong had no solution! Without anyone to help him out of his predicament, Jin Hongzhong couldn’t help but think of his master. He knew that so long as his master was here, there would definitely be a way out for them.

And one day, his disciple Little Dong suddenly came back to report to him that he had seen a man who could use instantaneous movement. This news ignited a flame of hope in Jin Hongzhong’s heart, instantly making him think that his master had returned! But after he saw the video Little Dong brought back, he realized that the person on the tape was someone else! But that wasn’t going to stop Jin Hongzhong’s pursuit. He was determined that since I could use instantaneous movement, I must have something to do with his master Jiao Yazi!

If he could find his master, getting the pearl will be no big deal with his master’s ability! That’s why he decided to come to find me!

After listening to Jin Hongzhong’s narration, Jiao Yazi was lost in thought. With his skills, getting the pearl would be like using a hammer to smash an ant! However, Jiao Yazi couldn’t help him as he had promised his master Yama (King of Hell) that he will not meddle in the matters of the Mortal World so casually! To Jiao Yazi, the words of Yama were like the decree of a divine emperor!

“Master, is there some sort of difficulty?” Jin Hongzhong could tell from Jiao Yazi’s appearance that the latter wasn’t willing to meddle in the matter.