VPAATP V4 Chapter 194

Fortuitous Encounter

“Little Zhong, it’s not that master doesn’t want to help you, it’s just that I have promised my master that I will not meddle in the matters of the mundane world. I am helpless!” Jiao Yazi said with a light sigh.

“But… Master, if you don’t help me, it will be the end for me and the end for the Feiyan Gate as well!” Jin Hongzhong said with sorrow.

“Little Zhong, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. After all, seeing someone in danger and not helping isn’t something your master will do, but I don’t have any choice. Me helping you can only be the last resort!” Jiao Yazi shook his head.

“But…” Jin Hongzhong still wanted to say something, but Jiao Yazi no longer paid him any attention. Instead, he respectfully turned towards me and said, “Martial Uncle, what matter did you want to see Jiao Yazi for?”

“Oh, there is indeed a matter I need you for but it isn’t that urgent.” Although I felt disgusted towards Jin Hongzhong before, I couldn’t help but have some sympathy for him because of his bitter experience now. After all, this guy respected Jiao Yazi from his heart and wasn’t doing things out of malice.

“Well, alright. Master had asked me to come and check on you and how your family was doing, so I will stay here for a few more days then!” Jiao Yazi said.

“Alright, you can follow me in a while!” I nodded towards Jiao Yazi.

As Jin Hongzhong saw that we were going to leave, he immediately got worried! If we left, what was going to happen to his Feiyan Gate? As he stood there helplessly, Little Dong immediately used his intelligence and knelt before me, “Martial Uncle Ancestor, this disciple begs you to help disciple and master!”

When Jin Hongzhong listened to Little Dong’s words, he immediately realized that indeed, the person with the highest authority there was none other than me. Since Jiao Yazi’s master was my big brother, so long as I asked him to do something then Jiao Yazi will certainly not have anything holding him back!

Thinking of this, Jin Hongzhong also knelt before me immediately and said, “Martial Uncle, please help this disciple. Although disciple had offended Martial Uncle, I can’t be blamed for everything, right? I was just looking for the Honorable Teacher!”

I already had a reason that I wanted Jiao Yazi here for – I wanted him to take a look at Yang Mei’s condition, so I didn’t want to waste any time with Jin Hongzhong, so I just waved and said, “There’s nothing to worry, there is still time till the arranged date! When the time has come, just look for me then!”

“Yes, yes! Thank you, Martial Uncle Ancestor!” Seeing that I agreed, Jin Hongzhong immediately thanked me and expressed his gratitude.

What I had not thought was that the words I had just spoken perfunctorily would make Jin Hongzhong really end up depending on me!

However, this was something to be discussed in the future!

There were only Jin Hongzhong and Little Dong in the room now, so there was no need for us to worry about startling anyone or being found out. Jiao Yazi and I immediately used our teleportation and disappeared from the room.

With Jiao Yazi’s help, I easily found a set of Heart Law that could increase the potential of a human body! However, no matter what, there was no way for someone to reach the same level as me. After all, not just anyone could get the same fortuitous encounter and experience that I had!

But even then, practicing the Heart Law will still make an ordinary person very strong. Although the person won’t be able to reach my level, it will be enough to keep their bodies young forever.

Since Zhao YanYan was aware of my body’s special condition, though she didn’t say anything, her heart always felt lost over it! Even though she was in her early twenties right now, as the years go by, after 20-30 years, she will start to gradually grow old. At that time, though I won’t say anything, Zhao YanYan still won’t feel good in her heart.

After I told her about the Heart Law, Zhao YanYan was very happy. After all, which woman doesn’t want to stay young and beautiful forever! However, Jiao Yazi actually looked at me with a complex look, saying in an unclear way, “Does she also need something like this?”

“Doesn’t she need it? What do you mean?” I asked strangely.

“Hasn’t my master told you about it?” Jiao Yazi felt very strange.

“What did he tell me?” I asked.

“About her matter… Hmm… It would be better if you inquire my master about it when you meet him personally. If I tell you about it, you might not understand!” Jiao Yazi said.

I felt strange, but I didn’t care as I knew there was nothing bad.

I taught this Heart Law to Yang Mei and all of my wives, making everyone very happy.

I had to accept that although Jiao Yazi was lower in rank compared to me, his knowledge was far greater than mine. The Heart Law soon gave results, especially for Yang Mei. As her body was very weak before, the effects were quite apparent after she used the Heart Law.

When I took Yang Mei to Zhou Zhiping’s hospital again, Zhou Zhiping was shocked! First, he hadn’t expected that Yang Mei was still alive; but that wasn’t even the main issue. The most important thing was that Yang Mei no longer appeared to be ill. She looked so alive and well, not like any patient!

Zhou Zhiping was a very rigorous scholar. If he had doubts, he will certainly ask questions! Yang Mei’s current situation defied everything he had read about medicine! Zhou Zhiping didn’t believe in miracles, he believed that everything had a scientific basis. But now, how could someone with a late-stage heart failure just get cured out of nowhere?

Without waiting for Yang Mei to go to the registration counter, he directly brought her to the CT scan room and then the ECG room for a thorough inspection!

The result of the inspection surprised him! Although the structure of Yang Mei’s heart had not changed, her heart had a lot more power than before as if it had been enhanced. There were no more signs of failure, instead, her heart was even healthier than an average person. It was as healthy as it could get!

“How is this possible?” Zhou Zhiping was looking at the report of the inspection with surprise.

“What happened Professor Zhou? Is there any issue?” I didn’t want to expose any secret of mine, so I just decided to play the fool.

“What happened to her heart, how could it restore its power? This doesn’t conform to the rules of medicine. A heart can’t repair itself!” Zhou Zhiping said, “When I checked her the last time, her heart had a lot of issues. With the situation at that time, it would be hard for her to survive for a month, let alone after a month!”

“It might be because of my good mood!” Yang Mei looked at me with a sweet smile. Under the moistening of love, women often become a lot happier.

“But…” Zhou Zhiping didn’t believe that it was because of a change in mood that her illness was treated, “You… what kind of fortuitous encounter did you have over this month?”

“Fortuitous encounter? I probably didn’t have…” Before Yang Mei could complete her words, I cut her off. I knew that Zhou Zhiping was the kind of person that would go to the root of the matter. If we didn’t tell him something, he will keep on pestering us continuously. So it was better to simply make up an excuse.

“Speaking of fortuitous encounters, I don’t know if a matter will count!” I intentionally said with a hesitant expression.

“What matter? Tell me quickly!” As expected, Zhou Zhiping immediately became interested.