VPAATP V4 Chapter 196

Jin Hongzhong’s Act

In the end, Zhou Zhiping had no idea how it happened. Even after secretly testing Yang Mei’s blood, he didn’t find any abnormalities, so he could only give up! He could only say that it was not something a human could solve.

For several days, Jin Hongzhong had come to look for me multiple times. But seeing that Yang Mei had just undergone surgery and I had to look after her, he was too embarrassed to put forward his request. But looking at his appearance of suppressing his worries in his heart was indeed similar to watching a comedy.

Now that Yang Mei was recovering really well and could get out of the bed and walk, Jin Hongzhong came to visit me like a raging fire. When Yang Mei went to the bathroom, he took the opportunity to finally put forward his request to me with a distressed face, “Martial Uncle Ancestor, please be benevolent and help us. The time for Feiyan Gate’s matter of life and death is already at hand now!”

“Oh, what does that have to do with me?” I intentionally said with a smile, “Isn’t it better if you just disband the Gate for good?”

“Disband? If it would have solved the crisis, I would have already disbanded the Feiyan Gate! But the Raytheon Gang will absolutely not give up with that. Once the Feiyan Gate disbanded, it would be very easy for them to deal with us!” Jin Hongzhong said, “When the time comes, wouldn’t it be very easy for them to take over the Asian market? Don’t tell me that you have no problem with a foreign group doing gang business and all that in our China?” {TL: So they can go to other countries but the others can’t come to their own?}

Nothing else he said was worth it, but the last thing Jin Hongzhong said was something I approved of as well! Even if Feiyan Gate was dissolved, there would be other theft gangs waiting to take over the Asian market! The Raytheon Gang was a possibility! It seems that they were similar to Guo Qing’s gang. If there was no Guo Qing, though the underworld will still exist, people like Wang Qing and Li Qing will come out and make a mess, turning the situation upside down! I had already figured this out and was no longer disgusted by what Jin Hongzhong did!

Seeing that I seemed to be moved, Jin Hongzhong quickly continued and said, “Right now, the market is under our control and we can make sure that those precious cultural relics won’t be sold to foreigners but only to our own collectors. However, if the Raytheon Gang stepped in, everything will change. After all, they have their own interests and they aren’t natives!”

“Though you are telling the truth, give me a reason to help you!” I said with a smile.

After listening to my words, Jin Hongzhong stood directly in front of me. Just when I was thinking what this guy was up to, with a “thump”, he fell to his knees with his forehead kissing the ground and said in a loud and clear voice, “Disciple Jin Hongzhong respectfully requests Martial Uncle Ancestors to take the matters in his hand and help this little faction of ours fights the imperial and powerful enemy!”

Fruck! This fellow wants to play the status card and wants me to act! However, this reason was more than enough!

Just when I wanted to get Jin Hongzhong to stand up, Yang Mei returned from the bathroom and saw him kneeling before me. These days, Yang Mei could tell that this old man was very eager whenever he came to me, it was just that she didn’t know what he wanted from me or what our relationship was. Whenever she saw him trying to say something but then stop, she had wanted to say a few words for him so I will let him say what he wanted!

But now that she saw him kneeling in front of me like this, she thought that he must have asked something of me but I hadn’t complied. This made a flood of sympathy rise in her heart as she came forward to help Jin Hongzhong stand up and said to me, “Liu Lei, how can you make this grandfather kneel on the ground! He is already of such a ripe age, yet he is willing to give up his honor to ask for your help. If you can help him, then why aren’t you helping him already!”

“I…” I hadn’t thought that Yang Mei would come out so suddenly, so I didn’t know what to do for a while.

Jin Hongzhong, on the other hand, thought that he had suddenly found a glimmer of hope. His eyes shone as he said loudly, “I beg you!”

“Ah, well, elder sir, please get up and say what you have to say, I will take responsibility that you will be helped!” Before the changes that came to her life, Yang Mei would have certainly not taken responsibility for something that she didn’t even know about. But after knowing about my ability, she was sure that there was nothing that I couldn’t do. Moreover, she was also my wife now. Although we hadn’t had truly tied the knot already, we had still kissed, hugged, and slept on the same bed. We treated each other as real husband and wife.

“Thank you, Martial Uncle Ancestor and Martial Aunt Grandmother…” Jin Hongzhong was very happy after listening to Yang Mei and thanked her.

“What?” Yang Mei didn’t understand what Jin Hongzhong meant. When she saw him trying to kowtow before her, she was scared and immediately helped him up, “Old sir, what do you mean, why are you reducing my lifespan! Say what you have to say after getting up…”

Jin Hongzhong finally stood up but didn’t forget to give me a look that clearly said: See, the Martial Aunt Grandmother told me to get up and she has already agreed to my request!

I had already planned to help Jin Hongzhong, so I didn’t care much about it. It was just that Yang Mei had a hard time trying to wrap her head around Jin Hongzhong’s identity!

I am a person who had experienced death and rebirth, so I naturally had changed opinions about people and things. But having an old man calling Yang Mei Martial Aunt Grandmother or something like that felt too awkward! Moreover, why did this Martial Aunt Grandmother name feel so irritable? It sounded as if I was some sort of grandfather!

“Old sir, what difficulty do you actually have?” Seeing that Jin Hongzhong had stood up, Yang Mei asked.

“Martial Aunt Grandmother, it will be alright if you called me Little Zhong!” Jin Hongzhong said respectfully.

“Little Zhong?” Yang Mei was bewildered, “Then what are you going to call me?”

“Obviously, Martial Aunt Grandmother!” Jin Hongzhong said in a serious tone, “In front of you, Little Zhong is just a junior so he will obviously be called as such!”

“Martial Aunt Grandmother!?!” After hearing him, Yang Mei was obviously surprised and said, “What Martial Aunt Grandmother? Why does it have to be that?”

“You see, Mr. Liu is my Martial Uncle Ancestor, so that makes you Martial Aunt Grandmother!” Jin Hongzhong answered.

“What? You mean that he is your uncle?” Yang Mei couldn’t make sense of the situation at hand, she felt as if the world was getting messed up!

“Yes. I was just asking for help from Martial Uncle to work together and deal with a strong enemy of our faction!” Jin Hongzhong said.

“Strong enemy?” Yang Mei had just made a bit sense of the matter that this Jin Hongzhong turned out to be my grandson, and now, she felt her head spin again! She had thought that as an old man, he just had some trivial matter he needed help with and I just needed to say a word and it will be done. She had never thought that there was some sort of a powerful enemy as well!

“Yeah!” In any case, Yang Mei wasn’t an outsider and knew a lot of my secrets, so I just told Yang Mei about the matter and how it started.

“So that’s how it is. Can you really take the pearl?” Yang Mei asked.

“Yeah, if I did it myself, there won’t be any problems,” I nodded.

“Then why aren’t you helping them. It can be said that the Feiyan Gate is your faction as well,” Yang Mei said.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to help!” I shook my head, “But afterward, you must promise that the Feiyan Gate will be at my disposal!”